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 Historical Society Presidents
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1857 John Geddes, temporary chairman at December 17 meeting.
1858 Munnis Kenny of Webster township
1873 Alpheus Felch (General Edward Clark, president of Ann Arbor Pioneer and Historical Society called county pioneers together August 16,1873, to organize a county pioneer society.
1874 Alpheus Felch, Ann Arbor
1875 General Edward Clark, Ann Arbor
1876 J. Q. A. Sessions
1877-78 Judge A.D. Crane, Dexter
1879 Charles H. Wines
1880 Ezra D. Lay
1881 The Rev. Thomas Holmes, Chelsea
1882 David DePue
1883 Florus S. Finley of Ypsilanti
1884 Henry D. Platt
1885 James W. Wing
1886 P. D. Williams
1887 W. P. Groves, Northfield township
1886 Conrad Krapf
1889 E. A. Nordman, Lima township
1890 Charles S. Gregory (annual meeting changed from Sept. to June)
1891 The Rev. Thomas Holmes, Chelsea
1892 S. R. Crittenden, Pittsfield township
1893 Erastus Sampson, Ypsilanti
1894 Isaac Terry, Webster township
1895 The Rev. Thomas Holmes, Chelsea
1896 Harrison W. Bassett, Saline
1897 Albert Graves, Ypsilanti
1898 Judge W.D. Harriman
1899 (No meeting. Had planned to meet in Ann Arbor at fairgrounds in new cabin that was to be erected in 1898. Plans conflicted with big July 4 celebration in Ypsi.)
1900 R. B. Copeland, Dexter
1901 Oren C. Burkhart, Chelsea
1902 F. A. Graves, Ypsilanti
1903 R. W. Hunt, Saline
1904 Frank Fletcher, Ypsilanti
1905 William Campbell
1906 W. H. Sweet, Ypsilanti
1907 W. D. Harriman, Ann Arbor
1908 William Campbell, Ypsilanti
1909 Harrison Bassett, Saline
1910 A. J. Waters, Manchester
1911 Jay Everett, Chelsea
1912 W. H. Sweet, Ypsilanti
1913 Delos Townsend, Saline
1914 W. K. Childs, Ann Arbor
1915 John Waters, Chelsea
1916 W. H. Sweet, Ypsilanti
1917 J. W. Hull, Saline
1918 Byron A. Finney, Ann Arbor
1919 George H. Winslow, (Dexter?)
1920-21 M. S. White (Murray White), Ann Arbor
1922 O. C. Burkhart, Chelsea
1923 Junius E. Beal, Ann Arbor (50th annual meeting at Ypsi centennial)
1924 Judge H. Wirt Newkirk, Ann Arbor
1925 Only meeting at Stone School centennial. No more meetings until 1929 when rival Washtenaw Historical Society formed and two groups merged.)
1929-33 Dr. Carl Guthe, Ann Arbor. (The 1930 was called first annual meeting.)
1934 Levi D. Wines, 6/1-11/26/34, resigned because of illness; Judge Wirt Newkirk, 12/17/34-3/2/35, resigned.
1935 Dr. Louis P. Hall
1936-37 Miss Ellen Botsford Bach
1938 Mrs. Paul Kempf (nee Edith Staebler)
1939-41 Prof. Lewis G. Vander Velde
1942-44 Prof. Emil Lorch
1945-46 Ernest J. Allmendinger
1947-48 Mrs. Raymond E . Spokes (nee Elizabeth Burton) (Katherine Groomes began as Secretary)
1949-50 Herbert Hicks
1951-52 George Wahr Sallade
1953-54 Howell Taylor
1955-56 Mrs. I. William Groomes (nee Katherine Steeb) Lela Duff began to edit Impressions
1957 Dr. C. Howard Ross
1958 William E. Brown, Jr.
1959-60 Prof. Louis E. Ayres
1961 Prof. Russell E. Bidlack
1962-63 Herbert Bartlett
1964 William S. Ewing (curator mss. Clements, elected in fall)
1965-67 Prof. Orlan W. Boston
1968-70 Herbert Hicks
1971-72 Dr. C. Howard Ross
1973-74 Hazel Proctor
1975-77 Thomas F. Lacy
1978-79 Prof. Leigh C. Anderson (resigned 9/79) David Pollock elected by Board to fill out term.
1980 Dr. John C. Dann
1981-82 Mary Steffek Blaske (Mrs. Thomas)
1982-84 Patricia Palmer Austin (Mrs. William)
1984-85 Wystan A. Stevens
1985-87 Galen R. Wilson
1987-88 Patricia Palmer Austin
1988-89 Patrick Owen
1989-91 Karen Koykka O'Neal
1991-93 Pauline V. Walters
1993-95 Patricia Palmer Austin
1995-99 Susan Cee Wineberg
1999-04 Pauline V. Walters
2004-06 Judith M. Chrisman
2006-09 Richard L. Galant
2009 - Leslie L. Loomans
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