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We now offer items from the museum gift shop for purchase on-line or by mail. Most items are available for purchase by mail for $6.00 postage and handling. Those marked with an asterisk (*) need $10.00 postage and handling. All proceeds from sales go toward support of our Museum.

Order by mail:

Washtenaw County Historical Society
Post Office Box 3336
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3336

Please make out the check to Washtenaw County Historical Society.

To save postage and handling, please call ahead, 734-662-9092, to make arrangements to pick up your items at the Museum on Main Street.

The Museum Shop has many other interesting items not shown here available for purchase including post cards, note cards, tiny hand-made bells, ornaments, and books pertaining to the current exhibit. Contact us for more information.

Detroit Observatory Ann Arbor Headlight Ann Arbor Changing Scene
A CREATION OF HIS OWN: TAPPAN'S DETROIT OBSERVATORY, by Patricia Whitesell. A history of the Detroit Observatory in Ann Arbor, MI. Published in 1998. Paperback. 236 pages. $25.

ANN ARBOR HEADLIGHT: SOUVENIR EDITION-1896, reprint of a magazine published by Michigan Central Railroad with photos and information about Ann Arbor at the end of the 19th Century. Paperback. 42 pages. $3.

ANN ARBOR: THE CHANGING SCENE, by Adam Christman. Personal memories of Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan, Burns Park and gardening circa 1920-1950. Originally published in the Ann Arbor News between late 1978 and March 1981. Reprinted by the Ann Arbor Historical Foundation in 1983. Paperback, illustrated. 151 pages. $9.

Ann Arbor in the 19th Century Ann Arbor in the 20th Century Ann Arbor Observed
ANN ARBOR IN THE 19TH CENTURY, by Grace Shackman. A pictorial history of Ann Arbor, MI. 2001. Paperback. 128 pages. $20. ANN ARBOR IN THE 20TH CENTURY, by Grace Shackman. A pictorial history of Ann Arbor, MI. 2002. Paperback. 128 pages. $20. ANN ARBOR OBSERVED, by Grace Shackman. Compilation of Ann Arbor Observer articles. 271 pages. $20.

Ann Arbor's First Lady Jewish Ann Arbor Another Ann Arbor
ANN ARBOR'S FIRST LADY: Events in the Life of Ann L. Allen, by Russell Bidlack. History of early settler, Ann Allen. Soft cover. 118 pages. $7.50. JEWISH ANN ARBOR, by Richard and Ruth Adler. 128 pages. $20. ANOTHER ANN ARBOR, by Carol Gibson and Lola M. Jones.The black community in the Ann Arbor area is presented through photographs that present their history and follows their progress from 1857 through the late 1990s. This book preserves a little known but integral part of Ann Arbors history. 128 pages. $20.

1880 Birdseye Map of Ann Arbor Celebrating Our History Brookwater Farm
BIRDSEYE MAP OF ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - 1880. 24 by 30 inches, rolled and in a mailing tube. $10. CELEBRATING OUR HISTORY: 160 YEARS OF THE ANN ARBOR NEWS, a photo album of the people and places within the Ann Arbor News circulation area. Family photos were loaned for the project. Paperback. 128 pages. $10. NEW!HISTORIC ANN ARBOR - AN ARCHITECTURAL GUIDE The book is a guide to Ann Arbor's historic architecture styles from Federal to Mid-Century Modern, and features profiles of 375 of Ann Arbor's most significant historic buildings. Susan Wineberg and Patrick McCauley. Soft cover. 460 pages. $35.

Classic Argo DVD Classic Argo DVD Vol 2 Argomania DVD
NEW! CLASSIC ARGUS FILMS, by Argus Camera.Two classics, "Fine Cameras and how they are made"and "Argus Eyes for Victory." DVD. $10. NEW! CLASSIC ARGUS FILMS -- Volume 2, by Argus Camera.Three classics, "Yellowstone Adventure", "Colonial Williamsburg" and an Argus TV commercial. DVD. $10. NEW! ARGOMANIA-A LOOK AT ARGUS CAMERAS AND THE COMPANY THAT MADE THEM, by Henry J. Gambino. Searchable DVD. $25
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Argomania Ann Arbor Railroad Windows of St. Andrews
ARGOMANIA-A LOOK AT ARGUS CAMERAS AND THE COMPANY THAT MADE THEM, by Henry J. Gambino. 222 pages. $40. THE ANN ARBOR RAILROAD, by D. C. Jesse Burkhardt. 128 pages. $20. THE WINDOWS OF ST. ANDREWS, by H. M. Hildebrandt. 48 pages. $25.
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Lost Ann Arbor Wicked Ann Arbor Images of Saline
LOST ANN ARBOR, by Susan Cee Wineberg. This book is a tribute to long-lost treasures and the 19th century way of life that accompanied these buildings. This is a visual journey through Ann Arbor's forgotten public landscape, discovering its incredible architectural heritage through archival photographs. 128 pages. $20. WICKED ANN ARBOR, by James Thomas Mann. Soft cover. 126 pages. $20. RIVERWALKS - Ann Arbor: Walking loops along the Huron River, by Brenda Bentley. 120 pages. $25.

View of a Universe Tile: Museum on Main Street Celtic Germans
VIEW OF A UNIVERSE: A LOVE STORY OF ANN ARBOR AT MIDDLE AGE, by Milo Ryan. A delightful personal account of an Irish-American family in Ann Arbor before World War I. Published by the Ann Arbor Historic District Commission in 1985. Illustrated by William Shurtliff. Paperback. 211 pages. $10. TILE: MUSEUM ON MAIN STREET. 6 x 6 inch tile. $10. CELTIC GERMANS: THE RISE AND FALL OF ANN ARBOR'S SWABIANS, by George F. Wieland. Soft cover. 406 pages. $15.
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Electric Trolleys of Washtenaw County Images of Saline Less Than Immortal
ELECTRIC TROLLEYS OF WASHTENAW COUNTY, by H. Mark Hildebrandt and Martha A. Churchill. Soft cover. 127 pages. $20. SALINE: IMAGES OF SALINE, MICHIGAN, by Susan Kosky. 128 pages. $20. LESS THAN IMMORTAL: THE RISE AND FALL OF FRANK PORTER GLAZIER OF CHELSEA, MICHIGAN, by Dr. Louis William Doll. 160 pages. $25.

Ypsilanti in the 20th Century Ypsilanti History in Pictures Our Heritage: Down By the Depot in Ypsilanti
YPSILANTI: IN THE 20TH CENTURY, by James Thomas Mann. Pictorial history of Ypsilanti, MI. Soft cover. 128 pages. $20. YPSILANTI: A HISTORY IN PICTURES, by James Thomas Mann. Pictorial history of Ypsilanti, MI. Soft cover. 128 pages. $20. OUR HERITAGE: DOWN BY THE DEPOT IN YPSILANTI - VOLUME ONE, by Tom Dodd and James Thomas Mann. Stories collected by the authors, some written by them, some simply recorded as others told them and still others lifted from ancient local newspapers. Published by the Depot Town Association, Inc. 1999. 174 pages. $25
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Third Marked Tree

Brookwater Farm Burr Oak Farm
THE THIRD MARKED TREE, Paths Through the Wilderness John Williams of Webster Township and His Descendants, by James Baldwin Parker and Osbert Oliver Williams. Hard cover. 314 pages. $20. BROOKWATER FARM OF WEBSTER TOWNSHIP The Story of the Boyden, Alexander, Mumford and Zeeb Families of Webster Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan by James Baldwin Parker and Jeannette Mumford Straub. Hard cover. 370 pages. $20. BURR OAKS FARM The Kleinschmidt Family of Webster Township and Washtenaw County, Michigan Featuring Paul & Alvin Kleinschmidt's Memories with Those of their Sister, May Mast, by James Baldwin Parker. Hard cover. 338 pages. $20.
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Webster: A Time, A Place, A People Brookwater Farm Down the Myrtle Path
WEBSTER: A Time, A Place, A People, by Grace Shackman. (About Webster Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.) 274 pages. Soft cover, $17. Hard cover, $22. NEW!VOICES OF THE PAST: THE SAGA OF GORDON HALL Judge Samuel W. Dexter's historic mansion near Dexter, in Webster Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Its creation, partial destruction and renovations between 1841 and 2011, with future plans; including biographical accounts of the Dexter family. James Baldwin Parker. Hard cover. 406 pages. $20. DOWN THE MYRTLE PATH The history of Town Hall School, by Hannah Geddes Wright. Soft Cover. 114 pages. $16.

Geddes Family of Washtenaw County Barefoot Boy - A Year in the Life of a 1930s Farm Boy Images of America, Milan, Michigan
THE FAMILY OF GEDDES TO THE 2ST CENTURY, WASHTENAW COUNTY BRANCH, 2nd Edition by Hannah Geddes Wright. Soft cover. 132 pages. $25. Barefoot Boy - A Year in the Life of a 1930s Farm Boy, by Ray Schaier. Recollections of growing up on a farm near Ann Arbor during the Depression. Soft cover. 99 pages. $13. IMAGES OF AMERICA - MILAN, by Martha Churchill. Pictorial history of Milan, Michigan. Soft cover. 128 pages. $20.
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Underground Railroad in Michigan WWII Front Line Nurse Northfield Harvest
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD IN MICHIGAN, by Carol Mull. Hard cover. 223 pages. $40. *** Autographed by the Author! *** WORLD WAR II FRONT LINE NURSE, by Mildred A. MacGregor. Personal memories of Lt. Mildred A. Radawiec, Army Nurse Corp. Soft cover. 454 pages. $27. NORTHFIELD HARVEST, A PICTORIAL HISTORY, edited by Wystan Stevens. Covers Northfield Township and Whitmore Lake area. Published in 1999. Soft cover. 394 pages. $25.
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Wicked Washtenaw Indians of Washtenaw County  
WICKED WASHTENAW COUNTY - STRANGE TALES OF THE GRISLY AND UNEXPLAINED, by James Thomas Mann. Soft cover. 126 pages. $20. THE INDIANS of WASHTENAW COUNTY, MICHIGAN, by W. B. Hinsdale. Printed by Geo. Wahr Publishing, 1927. Reprinted by Washtenaw County Historical Society, 2003. Paperback. 68 pages. $7.  
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