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Loan Boxes
What Is It?

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 WCHS Educational Loan Boxes
WCHS Loan Boxes

Loan Boxes

What Is It/ The Washtenaw County Historical Society is pleased to offer two educational hands-on displays for teaching local history. Both boxes are self-guided and designed particularly for elementary and middle schoolchildren. They consist of artifacts from our collection that can be touched, books, photographs, and project ideas for the classroom. They can be used by picking one topic per day, dividing the class into groups to work on separate topics and report to the whole class, or by setting up a “museum” for children to visit. A teacher’s guide provides additional information and suggestions of other topics and activities.

Life Before Electricity

This hands-on display looks at what life was like in 19th and early 20th century Washtenaw County before the advent of electricity. The box covers four categories—lighting the home, heating the home, cooking and refrigeration. Artifacts, books, photographs, and other educational materials for the teacher and students for this lesson are included in the box.

Hats to Spats

This box explores the development of clothing both in general and in Washtenaw County through artifacts, photographs, and books. The box covers seven categories—hats, footwear, women’s undergarments, men’s accessories, women’s shirtwaists, youth clothing and manufacture and distribution of clothing. It also includes photographs and reproductions of historic media.

Teachers interested in obtaining a Loan Box, please call (662-9092) or e-mail (wchs-500@ameritech.net) the Museum on Main Street. Boxes may be rented for $15 each plus a $50 refundable deposit.

The loan boxes were developed by Ann Reynolds with a grant from the Ann Arbor Community Foundation.

This page last updated October 24, 2012.

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