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 Impressions Subject Index
Washtenaw Impressions Index, 1943-1985

Washtenaw Impressions Table of Contents

This list was prepared from an index at the Museum on Main Street. The original index authors are unknown. Beginning in 1984, articles appearing in Impressions are indexed in the Periodical Source Index or PERSI. Check with your local library about accessing PERSI through HeritageQuest  (currently available at all participating Michigan public libraries)

A complete set of Impressions is available at the Ann Arbor District Library (www.aadl.org) and the Washtenaw County Historical Society (www.washtenawhistory.org)    The index was edited for the Internet by Jan E. Tripp and Carol Wargelin, 2009-10.

Vol. 1, No. 1    1943

Early Days in Washtenaw County
by R. Clyde Ford

Vol. 1, No. 2    1943

Early Transportation in Washtenaw County by Road
by Roger L. Morrison

Vol. 1, No. 3    1943

The Evolution of Political Party Organization in Michigan
by James K. Pollock
Notes on the History of Early Washtenaw County Churches
by Harvey C. Colburn

Vol. 1, No. 4    1943

Development in Rural Education in Washtenaw County
by Julius Haab
Tour of Historical Museums in the East and Middle West
by George W. Stark

Vol. 2, No. 1    1944

The Historic American Buildings Survey and Some of the Buildings Studied in Michigan, including Gordon Hall at Dexter, Michigan
by Emil Lorch

Vol. 2, No. 2    1944

The History of Paper Making in Washtenaw County
by Daniel L. Quirk, Jr.

Vol. 2, No. 3    1944

The Washtenaw Historical Society
by Carl E. Guthe
The Detroit Historical Society and Museum
by Robert H. Larson

Vol. 2, No. 4    1944

Some Remarks on the Fur Trade in Michigan in Early Historic Times
by Emerson F. Greenman
Furs—from Trapper to Wearer
by Osias Zwerdling
Merchandising in Ann Arbor in the 1890s
by E. F. Mills
Early Fur Trade, Additional Remarks On
by E. Clever Bald

Vol. 2, No. 5    1944

Early Merchandising in Ypsilanti, Michigan: Remarks Accompanying One Lantern Slide
by Louis S. White
Mack and Mack Furniture Store
by Atwood R. McAndrew
Comstock’s Dry Goods
by Donald F. Comstock
H. H. Scovill’s Lumber Company
by H. A. Bisbee
The King and Lamb Grocery Store
by Charles K. Lamb

Vol. 2, No. 6    1944

History of the Drug Business in Ann Arbor
by E. E. Calkins
With remarks contributed by Oscar Eberbach, Arthur E. Mummery, Leslie A. Wikel, and Charles H. Stocking

Vol. 3, No. 1    l945

Source Materials and Some Problems of the Local Historian, with Special Reference to Washtenaw County
by Louis W. Doll
Books, their Production and Distribution in Ann Arbor
by George Wahr Sallade

Vol. 3, No. 2    l945

State and Local War History
by Howard H. Peckham
War Records of University of Michigan Alumni from Washtenaw County
by Mrs. Lunette Hadley

Vol. 3, No. 3    1945

Michigan Printing to 1850
by Colton Storm

Vol. 3, No. 4    l945

The Development of Newspapers in Washtenaw County:
Ann Arbor News
by R.. Ray Baker
Chelsea Standard
by Archie W. Wilkinson
Manchester Enterprise
by Mrs. F. L. Lowery
Milan Leader
by Mrs., Lucile De Ryke
Washtenaw Post-Tribune
by William T. Brownson
Ypsilanti Daily Press
by J. Milton Barnes

Vol. 3, No. 5    1945

History of Saline and the Saline Library Association
by Mrs. L. A. Catey
Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Curtis, Saline, Michigan
by Howell Taylor
Report on Card File of Washtenaw Pioneers
by Mrs. A. S. Hazzard

Vol. 4, No. 1     December 1945

Washtenaw County and the Bar
by George J. Burke

Vol. 4, No. 2    April l946

A Symposium on the History of Four Religious Faiths in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County:
The History of the Jewish Community of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County
by Rabbi Jehudah M. Cohen
The History of the Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County
by Ernest Christian Stellhorn
The History of the Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County
by William Philip Lemon
The History of St. Thomas Parish, Ann Arbor
by the Rt. Rev. Warren Peek

Vol. 4, No. 3    September 1946

Washtenaw's Contribution to Biology
by Alexander Grant Ruthven

Vol. 5, No. 1     December l946

Looking for Ancestors
by Arthur W. Smith

Vol. 5, No. 2    April 1947

History of Public Utilities in Ann Arbor:
Detroit Edison Company
by Robert R. Brown
Michigan Consolidated Gas Company
by Charles R. Henderson
Michigan Bell Telephone Company
by Frank L. Curtis
Ann Arbor Water Department
by Harrison H. Caswell

Vol. 5, No. 3    May l947

Some Early Contributions of the University of Michigan to American Education
by James B. Edmonson

Supplement     June 1947

Report on Local History Conference, May 16, l947
by Mrs. Jane T. Lemish
Ohio’s Historical Societies
by Erwin C. Zepp

Vol. 6, No. 1     April 1948

Adventures in Historical Research
by F. Clever Bald
Sanitary Problems in the Ann Arbor Area
by Ezra Shoecraft

Vol. 6, No. 2    May 1948

Libraries in Washtenaw County
by Frances A. Hannum

Vol. 6, No. 3    June l948

Early Criminal Cases in Washtenaw County
by George J. Burke, Jr.

Vol. 7, No. 1    April l949

Uses of Washtenaw County Streams with Particular Reference to Water Power
by Louis E. Ayres

Vol. 8, No. 1    November 1949

The Proposed Washtenaw County Building
by Ralph S. Gerganoff

Vol. 8, No. 2    January 1950

Pioneer Women of Washtenaw County
by Florence W. Hazzard
Original Survey of Washtenaw County
by William J. Armstrong

Vol. 8, No. 3    August 1950

The Washtenaw Historical Society
by F. Clever Bald
Cover illustration
by Carleton Watson Angell

Vol. 8, No. 4    January 1951

Early Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1835–1900
by M. Alma Josenhans

Vol. 9, No. 1    February 1951

The History of the Washtenaw County Probate and Juvenile Court
by Judge Jay H. Payne

Vol. 9, No. 2    June 1951

Ann Arbor Schools, 1824–1897
by Anna L. Clinton

Vol. 9, No. 3    March 1952

Early Transportation and Shipping in Lake Erie Region
by Karl F. Zeisler
The Monroe County Historical Society
by Mrs. H. W. Funk

Vol. 9, No. 4    May 1952

Historic Sketch of the First Baptist Church in Ann Arbor
by Andrew Ten Brook
History of the First Baptist Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan
by Mrs. Helen Beman

Vol. 9, No. 5    July 1952

Early Railroads in Michigan
by Cleland B. Wyllie
Railroads and Railroading
by James B. Edmonson

Vol. 10, No. 1  February 1953

German Indian Missions in Michigan
by W. W. Florer
Personal exhibits at the January 28, 1953 Meeting
History of Chelsea
by Miss Nina Belle Wurster

Vol. 10, No. 2  May 1953

Campus Trails and Trials of Fifty Years Ago
by Arthur Pound, AB. (Mich.'07), L.H.D., Litt.D. Former State Historian of New York

Vol. 10, No.3   June 1953

Annual Meeting and Annual Reports of the Washtenaw Historical Society for 1952–1953

Vol. 10, No. 4 June 1953

Historical Sketch of Ypsilanti Congregational Church 1881–1931
by Jane Pease D'Ooge
With Addendum
by Clara Janet Allison
And footnote commentaries
by Harvey Cade Colburn

Vol. 11, No. 1 December 1953

Memories of Dexter
by Mrs. Mary Steinbach
Development of Dexter Village
by John H. Morrison
Halloween of 50 Years ago in Ann Arbor
by Detective George Simmons, Ann Arbor Police Department

Vol. 11, No.2 June 1954

The University Musical Society
by Charles A. Sink, President

Vol. 1, No. 3 June 1954

The Welch Tourist
by Miss Nina Belle Wurster

Vol. 12, No. 1 November 1954

Backgrounds of Michigan Indian History and Folk Lore
by Emerson Frank Greenman, Curator, Division of the Great Lakes Museum of Anthropology, and Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Vol. 12, No. 2 March 1955

Washtenaw Railroads Fantasies and Facts
by Louis S. White, Ypsilanti

Vol. 12, No, 3

Introducing to our members our new 1955 Officers

Vol. X12, No. 4 June 1955

The Great Trail That Became the Chicago Road
by William J. Armstrong, Research Engineer for Atwell-Hicks, Inc.

Vol. 12, No. 5 December 1955

Life of Dr. Tom Lovell
by C. Howard Ross, M.D.
From Washtenaw County to China in 1847
by F. Clever Bald

Vol. 12, No. 6 May l956

The First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor, Its First Fifty Years
by Francis L. D. Goodrich
Summary of the Year‘s Programs, 1955–6

Vol. 13, No. 1 July 1956

History of Saline
by Bessie Collins
People and Places I Remember in Old—Time Saline
by Mrs. L. A. Catey

Vol. 13, No. 2 July 1957

President‘s Annual Letter
Editor's Apology
Brief Summaries of Programs Given Before the Society, October to June, 1956–7
Some Aspects of Michigan Postal History, 1787–1854
by Thomas W. Blinn
A Visit to the Bell Telephone Company
Stephen Foster and His Music
by Ransom S. Hawley
by Ellen Pendorf
An Evening of Reminiscence Eber White School Plays Host
Friedrich Schmid, Pioneer Missionary to the Germans in Michigan
by Rev. T. W. Menzel
Mills along the Huron, 1850–1925, with a Log of One of the Millers
by Agner Spokes Harris
Officers for 1957–58

Vol. 13, No. 3 November 1957

The Saginaw Forest—Some Historical Highlights
by Professor Leigh J. Young
Memories of Fielding H. Yost
by Ernest J. Allmendinger and J. Fred Lawton

Vol. 13, No. 4 January 1958

Revolutions in Medicine
by C. Howard Ross, MD.

Vol. 13, No. 5 February 1958

Abraham Lincoln in Drama
by Bruce L. Nary Instructor in the Speech Department, University of Michigan

Vol. 13, No. 6 February 1958

An Ignoramus Look at England
by C. Howard Ross, M.D. and Preston W. Slosson, Professor of History, University of Michigan

Vol. 14, No. 1 March 1958

The Development of the Automobile
by Professor Walter E. Lay of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Michigan

Vol. 14, No. 2 August 1959

Gleanings from the History of Eastern Michigan College
by E. R. Isbell
As I Remember It—Recollections of the “Bank Holiday"
by Rudolph E. Reichert

Vol. 14, No. 3 June 1960

Modus Operandi of a City Historian
by Louis L. White
Pioneering in Forestry at Michigan
by Leigh J. Young
Ann Arbor‘s Best Seller— Dr. Chase’s Recipe Book
by Lela Duff
by Katherine Groomes

Vol. 14, No. 4 May 1961

Josenhans Home Farm, 1866–1929
by M. Alma Josenhans
"Remember, Friends, As You Pass By"
by Harold A. Jones
John Allen's Letters from California
by Russell E. Bidlack

Vol. 14, No, 5 October 1962

The Ladies' Library of Ann Arbor
by Mary Ellen Fink
Hiram Wright, Botanic Physician of Saline
by W. J .Bonk
Troubled Times for the University—Body Snatching in Michigan
by Donald F. Huelke
Postal Markings of Washtenaw County
by Robert H. Schoen
Township No. 31 North, Range No. 3 West Meridian Michigan Subdivided by Austin Burt 1850—1850 Instructions
Talk by Herb Hicks, President of Atwell Hicks to the Washtenaw Historical Society January 15, 1963

Vol. 14, No. 6 April 1963

Victorian America
by Louis W. Doll
The Dixboro Ghost
by Russell E. Bidlack
The Skeleton in the Wall
by Russell E. Bidlack

Vol. 15, No.1 July 1964

Granny’s Herbs and Early Michigan Witches
by Dr. C. Howard Ross
The Background and Early Life of Fred Manville Taylor
by Dr. Z. Clark Dickinson
Old St. Mary’s Parish, Sylvan Township
by Ellis R. Martin
Transportation in Saline
by Bessie Carven Collins

Vol. 15, No. 2 July 1965

Some Studies of Manchester
by L. D. Watkins (1893) and Jane Palmer et al (1964)
The Settlement of the Germans in Washtenaw County
by Emerson E. Hutzel
The Settlement of the Irish in Washtenaw County
by Judge Francis O'Brien
Ann Arbor a Hundred Years Ago
by Russell Bidlack
Record of other programs

Vol. 15, No. 3 October 1966

The Huron River; Description, Uses, Problems, and Possible Solutions
by Wm. Stapp
Embryology of a Medical Center
by John R. G, Gosling, M.D.
Planning for Natural Areas
by Douglas J. Fulton
More Studies of Manchester
by Jane Palmer and Annette English

Vol. 15, No. 4 Sept, 1967

The Business of Historical Societies
by Roscoe O. Bonisteel
Michigan‘s Forests Over Ten Thousand Years
by Stephen H. Spurr
Commemoration of Michigan's Convention of Assent Held in Washtenaw’s First Courthouse, Ann Arbor, 1836
Historical Summary of the Event
by Herbert H. Bartlett
The Need for a Historical Museum
by Arthur Gallagher
List of Additional Programs and Meetings of the 1966–67 Season
Message from Our Secretary

Vol. 15, No. 5 December 1968

Historical Material in Our Possession
by Harry M, Cole
Historic Ann Arbor Architecture in Perspective
by Kingsley Marzlof
Looking Backward – the Status of Women in University Life
by Mrs. J. Leslie French

Vol. 15, No. 5 December 1968

Historical Material in Our Possession
by Harry M, Cole
Historic Ann Arbor Architecture in Perspective
by Kingsley Marzlof
Looking Backward–The Status of Women in University Life
by Mrs. J. Leslie French
The Current History of Ann Arbor with Emphasis on the 1960s
by Mayor Wendell E. Hulcher
Other Programs Presented between September, 1967, and September, 1968
A New Look at Dexter: A Review of a Recent Book
by Edwin H. Freeman and Students
A Tribute to Miss Geneva Smithe
by Katherine S. Groomes
Looking Backward—A Farewell Letter
by Katherine S. Groomes
The Society's Expression of Appreciation to Mrs. Groomes

Vol. 15, No. 6 September 1970

The American Frontier in an Ann Arbor Attic
Three Addresses on the Morgan-Parker Papers
by Robert M. Warner, Mary Jo Pugh, and Michael J Keebler, May 1969
An Ann Arborite in the California Gold Rush A summary by our Secretary of a talk given by Russell E. Bidlack in March 1969
Michigan at the Crossroads
            I           From Quatorze to Ashdower
            II          Michigan's Backwoods Physiologist William Beaumont
by Dr. C. Howard Ross, September 25, 1969
University of Michigan's Astronomy Department and Observatory
by Hazel M. Losh, October 30, 1969
Chief Judge Woodward and the Naming of Ypsilanti Village
by Paul E. Hubbell, February 27, 1969

Becomes Washtenaw Historical County News

May 1973

Ann Arbor in Fiction—A Novel Approach to Local History
Speaker, Wystan Stevens, Curator of Kempf House, May 24, 1973
Next Meeting, June 23, 1973
            Bus Tour of old Churches of Washtenaw County
            Dinner and Business Meeting
August 16, 1973—Our 100th Anniversary— A Time for Reflection

September 1973

Looking Ahead
September 27, 1973 Nineteen-Seventy-Four, the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of Ann Arbor. Speaker, Douglas Crary, Chairman, Ann Arbor Sesquicentennial Commission
October 25, 1973 Antique Cars. Speaker to be announced
November 15, 1973 Michigan Artists. Speaker, Michael Church
December Christmas Party

October 1973

Antique Cars
Speaker, Charles DeGallen, Member Classic Car Club of America, October 25, 1973
Meet Your Officers

November 1973

Early Michigan Artists
Speaker, Michael Church November 15, 1973

December 1973

Christmas Party, December 13, 1973

January 1974

Coming Meetings of the Society
January 24, Frank Wilhelm will speak about Judge Dexter
February 28, the Snowed out Christmas Party will be Reinstated As a Valentine Party
March 28, Foster Fletcher of Ypsilanti will Speak on the History of Ypsilanti

February 1974

February 28, Valentine Party

March 1974

March 28, Foster Fletcher of Ypsilanti will speak on the history of Ypsilanti

April 1974

"Railroading in Ann Arbor,"
Speaker, Cleland B. Wyllie, Railroad Historian, April 25, 1974

May 1974

May 23, the History of Ypsilanti Speaker, Foster Fletcher

Becomes Washtenaw Impressions

September 1974

WHS Members are invited to State Conference
Ride Anybody?
Notice of Special Meeting
Fall Membership Drive Underway
Genealogy Section Schedules October Meeting
Four WHS Members Named to County Historic District Commission
Muncy and Proctor Renovate Barn
Washtenaw Historical Society: 120 years of searching for a home

October 1974

Presidents Column
W.H.S. Genealogy Section Names Delegates to the Michigan Genealogical Council
November Meeting
Alice Ziegler Named Editor of the Washtenaw Impressions
Practice of Medicine in the Revolutionary War
by C. Howard Ross M.D.
Stuart Thayer to Bring Circus History to October 24 Meeting
Enough for One Bed Copied from the: American Eagle
The Best and Cheapest Paper in the Union. Volume VI, No. 8 August 1855

November 1974

Presidents Corner
Christmas Party December 19
Genealogy Section Meets
Muncys to Speak at Sunday Meeting
Corrected Copies
Circus in U.S. Began As One-Ring Show in 1793
by Stuart Thayer
Local Historic Print Table Mats Now on Sale

December 1974

President's Corner
Genealogy Meeting Set
Gifts to Society Recall Coming of Germans, Local Milling Company,
Add to Museum Fund
Development of School System Slow in State
by Ralph and Lydia Muncy
Upcoming 1975 Meetings (Tentatively Scheduled)
A Special Request
Christmas Meeting December 19
New Members Welcome
Little Mary Going to School (From Sanders Pictorial Primer, 1858)

January 1975

President's Corner
Ann Arbor's First Piano, Brought by Ox Team in 1827, Restored, Played As a Special Surprise
Volunteer Help Needed
Benedict Arnold’s March Retraced by Speaker
Impossible Dream
Milan Elects Officers

February 1975

President's Corner
Candle Making, Easter Egg Demonstrations Set
Census records, Cemetery Rubbings to be Topics
March Meeting Topic
Jump on Your Merry Oldsmobile' and Come to February Meeting
In Memoriam
Arnold's March to Quebec Still Rugged Trek
Pioneer Society Met All Day in 1875, Heard Papers Later Used in Chapman's County History
by Nan Hodges
New Vice President, Board Member Named

March 1975

Vice President's Corner
Mayor Copeland's Mark on Ann Arbor Will be Topic at March Meeting
Auto Changed Romance, Banditry, Almost Everything
by David L. Lewis
Calendar of Local Events
Need A Ride?

April 1975

President's Corner
Foursome to Discuss Finding, Restoring of Clark-Chapin Piano at Sunday Meeting
WCHS Loses One of Its Most Faithful Members with Recent Passing of Katherine Steeb Groomes
Dating Pre-1900 Photographs Will be Topic
Railroad Viaducts Memorial to Mayor Copeland
Local Columnist in “Michigan Farmer” Advised l840s Gardeners on Planting, Coping With Bugs
by Nan Hodges
Museum Fund Growing, Welcomes Memorial Gifts
Annual Regional Conference May 3 in Okemos
Calendar of Local Events

May 1975

Presidents Corner
Annual Tour Will Visit Five Centennial Farms, End With Chicken Dinner 'N’ All the Trimmings
Vote on Revised Constitution, “Candid Camera” Show Planned at WCHS Annul Meeting June 12
Lucy's Piano Restored to Former Glory
Ann Arbor High's Sweetest Graduation Ever
Flower Pots Needed for WCHS Plant Sale Project
A Special Thanks
Katherine Groomes' Melodeon (A Type of Organ), Unusual Seed Wreath Added to WCHS Collection
Genealogical Section Plans to Meet through Summer
Pickled Beef for Summer
Couple Finds Art, Puritan Philosophy in Hobby of Making Gravestone Rubbings in New England
Some of Trout's Favorite Epitaphs
Calendar of Local Events

September 1975

Presidents Corner
University Donates Space at Willow Run Airport;
WCHS Artifacts Moved, Now Being Catalogued
Nineteenth Century Tool Collection Given to WCHS
1975 Tour Visits Five Centennial Farms
Less Music in Front
WCHS Gains $325 in Groomes Memorial Plant Sale Thanks to Lydia Muncy’s Green Thumb
Thomas F. Lacy Elected President of Society Constitution, By-Laws Revised at Annual Meeting
Detroit Observatory to be October Topic
Judge Campbell Shows Early Washtenaw Scenes
New WCHS President Hails From Spokane; Collects Rare Decoys As Hobby
Historian Identities Portraits of Judges
Tracing German Ancestors Troup’s October Topic
County Calendar
Ypsilanti Society Given State Award for Museum

October 1975

Washtenaw County Historical Commission Survey of Old Buildings
Starts in Southeast Townships
Genealogy Section Begins Publishing Materials for Researchers: Re-elects Ralph Muncy Chairman
Sunday, October 19, the Date Old Observatory, is Place for WCHS Meeting, Tour
Badge, Indian Artifacts Added to WCHS Collection
It’s A Movie Location, Site of “Dig” Cobblestone Farm
Thank You, Mrs. Cole
“The Other George” to be WCHS November Topic
Genealogy Group to Meet Oct, 26 at Lima Town Hall
Information Sought About Local Women in History
Ypsi Museum Featuring State Governors Exhibit
County Calendar

November 1975

President’s Corner
WCHS Sets $3 Joint Fee
WCHS Membership Invited to December Open House
Certificates Arc Now Available for Families Who Came to Michigan
100 Years Ago or More
Oral History is Topic for Genealogy Section
Dr. Ross Will Approach American Bicentennial from Different Viewpoint
WCHS Takes Trip Into Past at U-M Observatory
County Calendar
Mrs. Gillihan Heads New Salem Historical Society
Preview of 1976 Meetings

December 1975

Presidents Corner...Of Tin Ceilings and Amish Barns
WCHS Has 21 New Members
January Topic Announced
Wilson-Wahr House to be Site of WCHS Christmas Party Sunday, December 21
Cookies Anyone?
"Good Old King" in England, "Bad Old King" Here
County Calendar

January 1976

President’s Corner A-A-A-H Ann Arbor, A Wonderful Town
Do Your Antique “Finds” Need Refinishing? Learn How to Do It at Meeting
Milan Chooses Officers
Wystan Stevens to Speak
Unknown Architect’s Work Now Hailed Wilson-Wahr House
Daughter to Talk about Noted Quaker Genealogist
HSM Plans Spring Tour
Clarifies Remarks
Judge Wilson, Reputed Builder of Wilson-Wahr House Was Probate Judge, State Senator in l830s, 1840s
Chelsea Elects Officers
Drivers Had to Stop
Nothing is Impossible
New Name for Tin Lizzie
County Calendar

February 1976

Presidents Corner
Prof A. A. Gordus Will Talk about Chemistry of Hair Wreaths, Mummies Hair, Antique Coins
Liberty Bell, Climbing Family Tree, Finding Revolutionary Ancestors to be Meeting Topics
In Stricter Days, Quakers Who “mou” Were Usually “dis”
How to Restore Antique Furniture from Scratch
County Calendar
Great Lakes Largest Sailing Ship Recalled
William Wade Hinshaw’s Musical Career, Other Activities Spanned Continent, Touched Ann Arbor
WCHS Membership Hits 603; Volunteer Typists Needed

March 1976

President’s Corner
County Historic District Plans Updating Project
All Aboard!
“Up and Downtown” Will be Wystan Stevens' Topic at March Meeting
Zonta Offers Donations in Turn for Sale Help
Old Coins, Art, Hair Yield Secrets
Not Much Future in It
Sunday Meeting Planned
Liberty Bell Started Out Proclaiming Local News to Philadelphians, Later Pealed for Independence
Southeast Region Meeting to be May 22 in Dexter
Willow Run Bomber Plan Study Launched at WCC: Interviews Being Sought With Persons Involved
Western Washtenaw Towns Plan Gala Bicentennial
Climbing Your Family Tree? Helpful Talk Planned 28th
Centennial Certificate Applications Over 12,000, 1850 Census Index Underway
HSM Adds Advisory Council, Mrs. Lefstad is Member
Burton Collection, Others Plan Conference April 9–10
County Calendar
Plants Needed for Next Fall's Sale
HSM Publishes 1744 Map, Directory of Societies ~

April 1976

President’s Corner
WCHS Destination Gandy Dancer Sunday, April 25; Sam Breck Conductor of Great Lakes Depots Tour
HSM Southeast Region Conference May 22 in Dexter; a Session at Webster Church, Museum Tour Planned
Meetings to Focus on Revolutionary Ancestors, Maps
Old Buildings Restored for New Uses
How Ann Arbor Got a Strange New Tree—The Catalpa
Prof Russell Bidlack (Bidlake) Gives Tips to Boost Family Tree Climbers on their Way
Bicentennial Topic Planned
County Calendar

May 1976

President’s Corer
WCHS Annual tour Saturday, June 19, Will Visit Historic Sites in Milan Guided
by Chief Hale
1850 Census Index Coming
County’s Revolutionary Soldiers Topic of Talk
WCHS Sees Old Depots, New Guises
Many Bicentennial Events Planned Here
Madeleine Smith, “Mrs. DAR” Locally, Suggests Search for Revolutionary Ancestors Can be Fun
Dexter Conference Topic Restorations
Genealogy Group Plans Summer Activities
County Calendar
See You Next Fall

September 1976

President’s Corner ...Stalking Wild Rice, Other Goodies in Waterloo
Former Director to Show Long Island Park Museum at September Meeting
WCHS Officers, Directors Elected; Miss Eberbach Resigns After Long Service
Washtenaw’s Revolutionary Heroes
Crooked Tree, Ford’s Mill Recalled
WCHS Funds Grow $218.64 from Memorial Plant Sale Thanks to Many Helpers
County Calendar
Dr. W. F. Bender Chairman of Genealogy Section
Prof. Lewis to Discuss Ford's Village Industries
Genealogy Topic Asks “What's Your Problem?”

October 1976

Bach, Botsford Family Possessions Given to WCHS
by Doris Anna Bach of Kalamazoo, a Descendant
Genealogy Section Offers Speakers to Local Groups
Prof. Lewis Will Give Slide Tour of Ford Mills at October WCHS Meeting
Barn Paintings identified
A Better Idea
Pre-1865 Village Restored...On Long Island
The Way It Was in October, 1876
County Calendar
Volunteer Help Wanted
New markers Dedicated for John, Sarah Terhune
Stuart Thayer to Talk at November Meeting

November 1976

County Calendar
WCHS Seeking Barton Power House for Museum
Using Card Catalogue to be Genealogy Topic
County in 1876, Three Oldest Business Topics for November 18 Meeting
Guess What?
Down by the Old Mill Stream...Ford's Village Industries
A Touch of Class

December 1976

President’s Corner
Covered Bridges to be January Meeting Topic
County Calendar
WCHS Christmas Party to be Sunday, December 19 at City’s Kempf House
Here’s A Gift Idea
County’s Oldest Businesses Honored
Washtenaw of 100 Years Ago: U-M Fenced to Keep Out Cows, ’Old’ Court House Not Yet Built, Michigan Central Riders
Ogled Ypsilanti Underwear Girl
Help with Genealogy As near As Your Phone
U-M Exhibit Features New England Folk Art
Special Meeting Postponed

January 1977

President's Corner
Special Meeting Postponed
Local Engineer Who ‘Collects’ Covered Bridges to Present Slides
At January 27 WCHS Meeting
Antique Glass Slides Used in Local Lutheran School, Projector, Baby Crib, Doll Buggy Given to WCHS
U-M Book Conservator Will Speak at Meeting
“600 Years in 60 Minutes” Will be February Topic
Ann Arbor’s Little Greek “Temple” Kempf House
WCHS Collection Has One Revolutionary War Memento, a Mortar and Pestle Used by “Physicker”
Musical Kempfs Taught Many Ann Arborites but Not This Young Lady
Kempfs Recall Christmas ‘Garden’ Under the Tree
County Calendar
Chelsea Elects Officers; Mrs. Petsch is President
Milan Chooses Officers

February 1977

Presidents Corner
Speaker to Trace Major Events of Past 600 Years, Their Effects on One Family, Total Social Climate
Historical Happenings around the County
Wystan Stevens to Speak
Kissin’ Bridges Now Fishin’ Bridges
Michigan’s Old Covered Bridges
Washtenaw Has Four Steel Truss Bridges
Section Launches Study of Genealogy, February 27
Dexter Museum Plans Public Viewing Hours

March 1977

Historical Happenings around the County
Room to Spare
Doct. Denton
Dave Pollock to Talk
Wystan Stevens to “Pilot” Pictorial Trip Down Huron at March WCHS Meeting
Group Outgrows Homes, to Meet at WCC in March
Giant Steps through History with Ralph Muncy
Zonta Sale Help Needed

April 1977

President’s Corner
Genealogy Group to Host State Meeting Sept. 9–11
Ann Arbor Co. A Flags Restored, to be Displayed
Extra! Read All about It! Ex-journalist to Discuss Old Newspaper Collection
Judge Campbell to Discuss Research in Court Records
Thayer to Discuss Circus, Cobblestone Contractor
Huron River – the Old Mill Stream
The Case of The Ill-Gotten Elm or There’s A Little Larceny in the Best of Us
Cherry Bureau-Desk comes Full Circle in 100 Years

May 1977

President’s Corner
WCHS Annual Meeting, Election to be June 2
WCHS Receives Gifts
WCHS Annual Tour June 11 to Visit Chelsea, Home of Controversial Industrialist Frank Glazier
Behind The Scenes Peek At 1902 Ringling Circus, Story of Cobblestone Contractor In Store For May
Genealogy Section Schedules Summer Activities, Making Plans to Host State Conference September, 9–11
300 Years of Newspapers
Historical Happenings
Hazel Proctor Designs Exhibit, To Donate Fee
Last Issue until Fall
Correct Copies Available

September 1977

President’s Letter
Society Leases Barton Powerhouse, Built In 1912, For Museum if All Details Can be Worked Out
Greek Revival In Adobe? Si!—Work of Stephen Mills
Topic is “Land Surveys”
Vermonters, Kerosene Stoves Played a Part Historic Chelsea
Hostlers, Polers, Lanternmen All Part of Circus
WCHS Elects Officers, Examines State of Society
Historical Happenings
Book on Local Historic Buildings to be Published
Manchester Historical Society Being Organized
Local Women Publish State Genealogy Guide
Love a Mystery'? Come Hear About the Bermuda Triangle
A Ford in Your Future—At October WCHS Meeting
Migrations to and from Michigan Theme of State Genealogy Seminar at EMU Center September 9–11
Annual Green Plant Sale September 6–7 Plants, Help Needed

October 1977

President’s Column
Hear Ye! Chelsea Named For Connecticut Town
Reiff Heads New WCHS Finance Committee
Prof. Slosson to Speak
Retired Clergyman Who Knew Henry Ford to Talk at October 27 Meeting
Historic Building Book May be Ordered Now
Genealogists Plan to Read a Cemetery
People, Ships, Planes Vanish—Bermuda Triangle Mysteries
Lydia Muncy Chairman of Genealogy Group
Dexter Society Elects Fusilier President
Salem Historical Society Headed by Elsie Manson
Historical Happenings
Norman Blackie Heads Saline Area Society

November 1977

Historical Happenings
Angela Welch Named Membership Chairman
Preston W. Slosson Will Speak November 17; “How to Get Elected President” is Topic
Alloa Anderson's Cooky Book Available Now for Christmas Baking
Harold Jones to Speak About Cemetery Project
Grants Committee Needs Volunteers Can You Help?
Christmas Party December 18
The Henry Ford I Knew
by Dr. Frank Fitt
President’s Corner… on Exploring a Neglected Area of Historical Research; This Tour Takes Temperate Touch to Get All the Way Back to Joe's
Tough on Hogs
Even Unto Death

December l977

Bustle Gowns Puzzle Curator; Were They Postbellum Theater Costumes, He Wonders
Historical Happenings
Heard Any ‘Roorbacks?’ Dirty Tricks Not New
State President to Talk to Genealogy Group Here
Speaker Presents Gifts
WCHS Christmas Meeting at Ypsilanti Historical Museum Sunday the18th
Cookies Needed, Please—Cooky Book Notice
How to Become President
by Preston W. Slosson
Paleontologist to Talk

January 1978

Historical Happenings
Historic Homes Class
Chelsea Elects Officers, Gwen Schrader President
“Chicago Road” is Topic
New Members Sought
Genealogy Group Becomes “GSWC,” Plans Meetings
Michigan in Ice Age When Mastodons Roamed to be January Topic
Lois Foyle Named to WCHS Board, Appeals for Plants
Showplace to Eight Apartments to Museum; Story of Ypsi House
Research Further Identities WCHS Benefactors Whose Legacies Live on in Society Collections
Milan Re-elects Officers
Success of Book Prompts Gifts
Then What Did He Say?
Alloa Anderson Exhibits Christmas Handiwork

February 1978

Planning, Idea Meeting for Plant Sale Slated
Calling All Members! Time to Pay 1978 Dues
Maple Syrup Outing Planned in March
Great Sauk Trail, Old Chicago Road Will be Herb Bartlett’s Topic at February WCHS Meeting
St. Andrew’s Cobblestone Connection to be Focus of Public Program Featuring History, Dance, Film
Great Blizzard of ‘88 Recalled
The Milkman Cometh
J. Sterling Morton, Founder of Arbor Day Expelled by U-M, Became Agriculture Secretary
Historical Happenings
Ypsilanti Elects Officers
Can You Date This?
Lansing Man to Speak

March–April 1978

President’s Column
Annual Meeting in May; Stuart Thayer to Speak
Going for a Walk? Here's a Handy Guide
Population Problem
Michigan in Ice Age to be April 27 Topic Dr. G. R. Smith to Talk
Archivist Will Speak
Highway Well Located But Hardly Super! The Old Chicago Road
Ah.H.H Maple Syrup Sutherlands Make It Right in Their Own Yard
Saline Seeks Pictures
Combined Issue
Historical Happenings
Jefferson, Dr. Rush Preferred Maple Sugar to Slave-Made Cane Sugar

May l978

President’s Column
Topic is “Palatines”
Annual WCHS Tour Saturday June 10 Will Take Us to “Salty” Community on Old Chicago Road
Planning Plant Sale
To Have Art Fair Booth
Man Who Knows Most of Items in WCHS Collections to Talk
Local Landscape; Fossil Zoo Ice Age Heritage
Historical Happenings
New Genealogy Aid
Marquette Didn't Do It
See You in September

September 1978

Presidents Corner
Museum Gains Momentum; Barton Powerhouse Expected to be Weather Tight This Fall
City Started As a Salt Lick; Saline Story
Blackie Re-elected
by Saline Society
Leigh Anderson Elected President for 1978–79
Irene Lawliss Passes
Dexter Re-elects Slate of Officers
Precious Relics Shunted About During Long Search for Museum
Virginia Lewis Heads Salem Society
Re: October Meeting
Green Thumbs, Green Plants, Greenbacks; Katherine Groomes Sale Yields $277
Chapin Piano Toys by Thousands, Summer Home All Bear Leigh Anderson Touch
GLFS Donates Space for Art Fair Use; WCHS Nets $1,010
New Members Added
Wystan in New Haunts for Show September 28 “Local Tombstone Art”
Alma College Provost Ronald Kapp to Speak
Historical Happenings

October 1978

Historical Happenings
Genealogy Library Now Open to Public; Meeting Planned
Book Collector to Tell of His Adventures at October Meeting
Postal History is Topic
Forest Hills walking Tour Set October 29
Tombstone Tour Turns Up: Publisher Buried Under Book, Woman Who Died February 31, and Stone Depicting Deceased's Death under Runaway Wagon
Sign in Fairview Cemetery Photographed by Eck Stanger 1936
Genealogy Workshop Planned in Ypsilanti
And He Was Acquitted

November 1978

President’s Corner
Erotic Endpapers
“We’ll be Home for Christmas” to be Theme of December WCHC Meeting at Powerhouse
Speaker to Discuss Early Postal History before Stamps, Zip
WCHS Dues Raised
Topic is Correspondence
Book Collecting—A Pernicious Disease
by Dr. John C. Dann
Historical Happenings
Farley Gifts Received

December 1978

President's Corner
Join WCHS Now for 1979, be Part of the Action
Helpers Needed to Ready Barton Powerhouse for Sneak Preview Party
Sunday December 17
Ethnic Christmas Events Slated at Kempf House
Topic to be Announced
Postal Covers Tell OE Early Annarbour, Thrifty Postmasters, Clerk Who Carved Place in Postal History
Historical Happenings
U-M Three Helpers Move WCHS Relics
Commercial Memberships Established by Society
Howard Parr Elected
by Manchester Society
Lois Moore Heads Chelsea Society

January 1979

President’s Corner
1865 Detroit Tribune Tells of Assassination
WCHS to Launch $750,000 Museum Fund Drive: John Corey of GLFS Named General Chairman
WCHS Meeting at Bentley Library January 25; Director, Archivist Plan Ann Arbor Program
All About Pagan Cookies, Other Treats Christmas in the Kitchen
Thanks to All WCHS Christmas Party Helpers
Drafty Barton Dam Powerhouse Transformed Into Short-Order Museum for Christmas
Milan Chooses Officers
Museum Expert Speaks
P.O. Box 8006. That's Us
Girl Scouts Adopt Us
Genealogists to Hear St, Thomas Priest
Topic is “Old West Side”
Historical Happenings

February 1979

Presidents Corner
Have You Renewed Your Membership?
Martin Lee to Tell How City’s Old West Side Got to be Historic District at WCHS Meeting
Namesake of First WHS President in County
Home Show Auction, Gate to Benefit Museum Fund
Museum Project Moving, Administrator Named
Local History Booming at Bentley
Cobblestone Farm Will Observe Founders Day
Historical Happenings
Wystan Stevens to Show “Tombstone Treasury”
Herbert Cornish Heads Ypsilanti Society

March 1979

President’s Corner
Booth Helpers to Get Free Passes, Parking
Cemetery Directory Published by GSWC
Dr, and Mrs. Ross Made Honorary WCHS Members
Home Show to Help WCHS Three Ways
Speaker to Discuss Canadian Research
Treasure Mart Founder Demaris Cash to Speak at March 22 Meeting
Tour Leaders Needed
German Settlements to be April Topic
Preserves "Front Porch" Way of Life OWS Deters “Condo’s"
For More Information See “West Side” Book
Historical Happenings
Membership Dues
Can You Dare These?

April 1979

President’s Corner
Digging for Roots? Workshops May Help
Home Show Auction, Gate, Booth Net $1,766
GSWC to Hear Miss Pugh
An Art Scholar Looks at Washtenaw Germans: Sawyer Talk April 24
Spring Open House Set
She Turned Adversity, Junk to Treasure Muscular Dystrophy Not Withstanding
City's “Living Past” Highlighted in May
Historical Happenings
Headlines Dated
May WCHS Meeting

May 1979

WCHS Seeking $750,000 to Build Museum
Plaques to Honor Donors Who Will Help Preserve County's Heritage, Several Ways of Giving Open
He Studies German Taste in Architecture from Texas to Washtenaw
President’s Corner
It You Think Ann Arbor Potholes Are Bad You Should've Been in These Parts in 1830s
Polly Bender to Talk on “Migration Trails”
Cobblestone Antique Market September 9
“Early 19th Century Antiques” is Topic
Historical Happenings
West Side Homes Tour Planned September 16
Photographs of Local Civil War Soldier's Letter to Aunt in Ann Arbor
Given to WCHS
Local House Cleanings Yield Gifts for WCHS
Art Train A-Coming
Recent Bridegroom is Sixth Generation on Pittsfield Farm
Panel to Advise How to Date Older Home at May 24 Meeting
Annual WCHS Tour to Feature Dexter Landmarks, Catered Chicken Dinner at Barton Powerhouse
What is It?
Last Issue until Fall, Thanks due All Helpers

September 1979

Art Fair Activities Raise $2,100 for WCHS
Fall Festival Planned at Cobblestone Farm
WCHS Officers, Anderson, Dann to Head Society in 1979–80
“What is it Answer?” Answer
War Stories of 1776 Told by Common Soldier to be September Topic
WCHS Funds Grow $236 from Annual Plant Sale
Old Homes Give Away Their Age If You Know Where to Look—Michigan Basement Same As Wisconsin Basement
Harvard Man Founded Dexter
Dexter Officers Named
Historical Happenings
Girl Scouts Help at Tour, Art Fair
GSWC Elects Officers

October 1979

Drive on “Back Burner,” Chairman, President Submit Resignations
Saline Selects Officers
Historical Happenings
“Old House Game”—A Research Workshop Planned November 16
WCHS Board Elects Pollock President
Prof. Wells to Recall When Robert Frost Was an Ann Arborite
Historic Homes tour Set Sunday, October 28
Common Soldiers of 1776–82 Tell It As it Was: The Heroics, The Inglorious; Joking With Washington; Ft. Griswold "Massacre;" Debunk General Putnam's Ride
German Bride's Chest, 218 Years Old, Given to WCHS by Mrs. Cash: Brought Here in 1850s
GSWC Finds another Revolutionary Soldier
Plan Sharing Session

November–December 1979

Historical Happenings
Ford Museum Curator to Talk About Old Photos November 29 at New Salvation Army Building
WCHS Christmas Meeting at Clements Library, Society's Holiday Ornaments to be in Exhibit
For Genealogists “Ay there’s the Rub”
Country Christmas Set at Cobblestone Farm
Next Issue in January
Old Courthouse Clock Inspired Poet Robert Frost in Ann Arbor
Kempf Named to Board, Other Terms Clarified

January 1980

Collections Committee to Inventory Artifacts, Information Sought
Start the Year Right—Join Historical Society
Nothing to Fear from “Snakes in the Brass” Topic of January 31 Meeting at Stearns
Mrs. Freeman Publishes History of Dixboro
Van or Truck Needed
Donations Needed for Benefit Auction the More, the Better
Tintype? Daguerreotype? Which is It? Photo Curator Gives Clues
Preserving Grass Roots in History is Aim of Township Records
Survey Now Underway
Historical Happenings
Parr Heads Society
Christmas Used to be Banned in Boston December 25 Just another Day
Revolutionary War Buffs, Genealogists Might be interested in Some of These Publications
"Slandering TR"
Milan Re-e1ects Hale
News from Chattanooga
Lois Moore Re-e1ected
Thanks, December Helpers
Book Conservator to Talk
This Was Funny in 1917: Gasoline Riots in New York
Better Swear Off
Warren, Susan Steele Win Riddle Contest
Thrifty Employer

February 1980

Historical Happenings
New word for Today
President Angell's Mission, Rest of “U-M China Collection” to be Explored at WCHS Meeting
Time is Going, Going…WCHS Auction March 14, Lots of Donations Needed—Old, New, Used, Baked
Ypsi Elects Officers
The Serpent That Went to Church
WCHS Booth Needs Helpers March 14–16
Dues Coming In: Please Send Yours

March 1980

Historical Happenings
Florence Haas Donates Turn-of-Century Books
“Genetics and Genealogy” GSWC Topic March 24
“Yes, Henry, Sometimes History is Bunk” is Don Proctor’s Topic
Auction Raises $1,784 for WCHS Museum Fund
U-M’s Angell Negotiated China Treaties
Your County Historical Society Support Sought
April Topic Set
Here’s A Fun Job

April 1980

WCHS Defers Barton Powerhouse Project until Study, Ann Arbor—Barton Arrangements Final
Home Show Helpers Thanked, Auction Raised $1,871; When Spring Cleaning, Think of Next Auction!
First U-M Presidents Library to be Topic at Bentley Library
WCHS 1980 Tour Will Visit Jackson Museum
Research Takes Speaker to Castle in France
Founder of A Leading U.S. Museum Flunked History Quiz, Called It Bunk
Argus Camera, Viewer, Mayor's Coat Given WCHS
WCHS Board Opposes Kempf House Changes
House tour Planned
Dr. Dana A Celebrity with His New Book
Salem Elects Lyke
Downtown Walking Tours Scheduled May 11, 17

May 1980

“Bogey” Stevens to Put WCHS on “Candid Camera” at Annual Meeting
WCHS Needs Helpers at July Art Fair, for Other Projects
Last Issue Until Fall, Thanks to All Helpers
WCHS Will Do A Little Time in Jackson June 14 Seeing Sights, Then Shun-Pike to Grass Lake
OWS House Tour Set
Cobblestone Annual Meeting Planned
First U-M President into Heavy Reading, No Frivolous Novels in His Library
GSWC Activities Set for May, June, July
Saline Wildlife—1888
Historical Happenings
Frontier Uncultured? Not According to This
Washtenaw Historical Society Presents its 1980–81 Programs

September 1980

History Pro's Elected to WCHS Offices—Dr. John Dann, Mary Blake, Brad Taylor
Art Fair Activities Yield $2,445 for WCHS
Tom Jones Heads HSM
Michigan Folk Music to be September Topic
Surprise Luncheon Honors Bartlett, 90
l880s Dress Given WCHS
Saw Almost Everything But Inside of Prison WCHS Jackson Tour
Two Loyal Members Pass—Dr. Ross, Paul Kempf
Fall Festival 28th
Thanks GLFS
Thanks for Goodies
Historical Happenings
To Meet at Map Room

October 1980

Tour Backstage at Michigan Theatre, Hear Organ Friday, October 24; Jazz Program November 20
Ann Arbor Historic Homes tour Sunday October 26 Features Several Buildings in Old Fourth Ward
Cookbooks, “Wizard,” Antiques on Agenda
Saline Names Mrs. Byrne
Important: Impressions Will Not be Sent After November if Dues Not Unpaid
Mrs. Koch Donates Books
Fiddling All Around Michigan from Voyageurs to Henry Ford
Historic District for Parker Mill, School?
Anderson Heads GSWC
F. X. Blouin to Speak on Ethnic Ancestors
1980–81 Committees Named by President
U-M Costume Specialist to Survey Collection
Historical Happenings

November–December 1980

WCHS Directors Adopt Policy for Collections
Gifts from Near, Far: Sign, Cookbook, Deed, Mirror, Frame Given
Country Christmas Set
 “Jazz in Michigan” will be “Revisited” by WUOM's Schumacher
WCHS Plans Christmas Party at Clements Sunday, December 7
Jan Longone to Speak
Ann Arbor’s Last Movie Palace the Magnificent Michigan
GSWC Meeting Planned
Unpaid Dues? Sorry, No More Impressions
Non-driving Members Need Ride to Meetings
Cookies Please
Historical Happenings
Manchester Officers

January 1981

EMU Professor Helbig Seeks Manabozho Lore
Barton Bottles Given
New Archivist Named
Hunt Up Old Photos for February Copying
Historical Happenings
Photographer to Speak
Welcome, Loyal Members
Gastronomy Adventure Cooked Up for January
Astounding Bargain
Thanks for Party Help
Who in Jazz is Lord Calvert? A Jazzman by any Other Name…
Builders Show
Christmas Celebration in America More Commercial than Religious from Way Back, Clements Library Exhibit Shows

February 1981

WCHS Has Photographer, Will Copy Old Photos at February 26 Meeting
New Historical Group Off to running Start
Presto! WCHS Can Turn Your Junk into Someone's Treasure at Benefit
Auction Saturday March 14
Muehlig Hall Tree, Other Items given by Thayer
Please Don’t Forget WCHS Needs Your Junk!
Need Home Show Helpers, C'mon, It’s Fun and Free
Michigan’s Big Three of Food Kellogg’s, Ford and Dr. Chase
Was 1881 Housewife Always in A Pickle?
GSWC Speakers Named
Milan Elects Tom King
Ann McCarthy Re-elected
WCHDC Elects Glissman, Plans Several Projects
Can You Loan A Van?
Farming March Topic
Historical Happenings

March 1981

Chapman History of County, Now 100 Years Old, Views Washtenaw through Victorian Spectacles
To New Members
Life on A l800s Farm As Henry Ford Knew It to be March 26 Topic
Auction Yields $2,505, Thanks to All You Helpers
Photo Copies Will Enrich Collection
GSWC to Hear Dr. Dann
April Speaker
Historical Happenings
“What is it?” Winners

April 1981

Northfield Township Society Organized
Cobblestone Farm Plans “Sheep to Shawl” Contest
Waterloo, Jackson Books Added to Collection
Gerald R. Ford Library Public Open House May 3
Will You Help With Art Fair Activities?
Take Yellow Brick Road Somewhere Over Rainbow to April WCHS Meeting
June 13 Tour to Visit South of (Ohio) Border
1876 Farm Ran on Real Horsepower but Henry Ford Changed All That
Preserving Neighborhoods Topic of EMU Programs
WCHS Supports AAHDC Plans for Kempf House
GSWC Speakers Named
Plan Antiques Appraisal
Historical Happenings
No Plant Sale Planned

May 1981

Bring Books, Antiques to May 28 WCHS Meeting for Expert Appraisal
WCHS Election May 28
To Teach Local History
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
WCHS June 13 Bus Tour to Visit “Fallen Timbers,” Restored Fort Meigs, 1828 Columbian House Inn
Old rocking Chair Given
Depot to be Restored
See You in September
The Wizard Was—Would You Believe—McKinley? Oz As Allegory
GSWC Plans Two Events
Cecil Warner Elected
Picture of School Lost
Festival September 27
Historical Happenings
Salem Elects Mrs. Lyke
House Tour September 20

September 1981

Thanks to GLFS and A Lot of Volunteers; WCHS Again Makes Good at Art Fair
Take Horse and Wagon Ride at OWS House Tour
Pioneer Day Planned
Mary Blaske Elected President of WCHS
It's Pie in the Face and the Hindenburg at WCHS Movie Night
DHS Elects Ann Nuttle
Fall Festival Features 1836 Log Cabin, Balloon
The Days When Miami Was an Ohio Indian; Detroit, Upper Canada; Toledo, Michigan Tour Recalls
May Heirlooms Appraisal Draws Record Crowd; WCHS Plans to Repeat It This Year
Chess Set, Carved in Civil War Trenches in 1865 Given to WCHS by O.W. Boston, Tells Unusual Story
l800s Meals Inspired Flights of Blarney
Alvin Joslin Heads GSWC
"Go to the Head"
Haglers to Talk About Their Restored House
Historical Happenings
Wendy Blackie Elected

October–November 1981

U-M Celebrates a Century of Naval Architecture—WCHS Has a Rare Opportunity to See Naval Tank
Greenhills House Tour Features Six Homes
Howard Parr Re-elected by Manchester Society
GSWC to Visit Dexter Museum
Haglers to Tell about Restoring House They Saved From Destruction
WCHS Nets $2,700 from July Art Fair
Newsreel, Sing-Along, Keystone Cops, Bathing Beauties
Old Movie Show Has It All
Historical Happenings: of Michiganders in Gold Rush, Apple Bobbing, Etc,
Silent Film Society May be Organized
Dr. Boughner Elected
Next Issue IN December

December 1981

Hazel Proctor, WCHS Past President, Museum Chairman Takes Job in Lincoln, Nebraska
Country Christmas Set at Cobblestone Farm
Former WC HS Director Linda Eberbach Passes
Cobblestone Dancers, Fiddler, Pianists to Make Party Merry
1982 Dues Payable Now, Please Send Today
Photocopying Session Set for January 28
$1 House No Bargain but Still Rewarding Haglers Find
Ann Arbor Universalists Converted “Pillar” of another Church and Their Star Burned Brightly Here on Christmas Eve, 1837
Autograph Book Given
Fred Bishop, 90, Remembers Not-so-Gay 90s, Day He Shook William Jennings Bryan’s Hand
Like Golden Silents? This Society for You
Multi-ethnic Holiday Party Set for December 11
WCHS Nets $3,263
Historical Happenings: of Wassail, Wicker Cradles, and Blacksmith Shops

January 1982

Judge Campbell to Show Slides at WCHDS Meeting, WCHS, Others Invited
David Pollock to Teach Michigan History Class
Chelsea Society Elects Jean Storey President
Historical Happenings
“Blacklisting of Ray Fisher” January Topic; Don Proctor to Speak
Silent Film Society Started in January
They Reel the Way George and Martha Used to—Cobblestone Farm Dancers
Scholar Sought Swabian Speakers in Germany, Didn’t Find Any Until He Got Back to Washtenaw—Sprechen Sie Swabian?
Contra Dancing Revived in Southeast Michigan
Michigan before White Man to be GSWC Topic
Reports of His Death Greatly Exaggerated
Miss Steketee Resigns
Pioneer John Williams; Was He or Wasn’t He A Pillar of Church?
Jim Parker Re-elected by Webster Society

February 1982

WCHS Wants You! 1982 Dues Due
Indian Program Set 28th
Judge Campbell Show Postponed to March 10
Cannonballs His forte, Not Baseballs, They Say
Bring Pictures of Washtenaw People, Scenes, Events to Second WCHS Photo Night February 25
Schneider Blacksmith Shop to be Museum,
Activities Center of Manchester Society
“When Detroit Was Young” to be March 27 Topic
Blacklisting Clouds Outstanding Career Baseball’s Ray Fisher
They Played Baseball at Valley Forge, 1778
City Puts Cobblestone in Historic District
Ypsi Elects Howard
Historical Happenings
Don’t Forget WCHS, Mark Your Calendar
Home Show April 2–4, WCHS Offered Booth

March 1982

Gift Reminds That Ann Arbor Once 35MM Camera Capital, Home of Arborphone, Kadette Radios
1981 Contest Winners: Will You Join Us?
Film Shows Old Detroit When “Motown Sound” Was Clippity-Clop-Clop
WCHS Plans “What is it?” Contest at Home Show April 2–4, Help Needed
Get a Corner on Your Photos for Posterity, Photographer Advises
“Silent” Society to Show Ojibway Indian Film
The Good Old Days?
East Side Ypsilanti Walking Tour Planned
Polish, German Research Will be GSWC Topics
Local News March 1882
Nominating Committee Reports 1982 Slate
Milan Elects King
Historical Happenings; of Tin Painting, Lodges, Quilts, Vintage Cooking
No Meeting in April, See You on May 27
April 1982 No Issue Published, Per Editor

May 1982

Experts Will Appraise Antiques Free May 27
WCHS Tables Further Powerhouse Planning
Sea Captain John Dix dropped Anchor at Dixboro in 1824, WCHS to Tour Homes There Saturday, June 26
WCHS Election, Annual Meeting Planned May 27
Antique Wicker Baby Carriage Given WCHS
Technique Makes Old Detroit Pictures “Move;” They Call It “Iconography”
Milan Society Uncovers Mural in Hack House
Step into Past May 23 at Cobblestone Festival
Irish Roots Talk, Picnic Election Set by GSWC
Salem Officers Elected
Planning to Restore Old Superior Town Hall
New Local Chapter of Military Order of Purple Heart Named for Revolutionary Vet John Terhune
WCHS Welcomes 63 Sharp New Members From show
WCHS Thanks April Home Show Helpers
Historical Happenings: of Summer Plans, Arrowheads, German, Irish Heritage
WCHS Picnic Anyone?

September 1982

President’s Message Four Sunday Meetings Planned for WCHS’s 125th Anniversary, Please Join Us
Art Fair Parking Nets WCHS $933
“Hardtack and Coffee,” Civil War Program Planned September 12
German Roots? GSWC Plans Workshop for You
Massachusetts Sea Captain Founded Dixboro
Co-presidents Chosen
Graduate Student Seeks Room in Historic House
West Side House Tour Planned September 19
Can You Date This?
Patricia K. Austin Elected President of WCHS;
Pewter Plate Presented to Retiring President
WCHS Receives Varied Gifts, Thanks Donors
Dexter Woman Heads County Genealogists
Cobblestone Plans fall Festival September 26
Appraisers Evaluate Everything from Dishes to Clocks to Broadaxes
Black Genealogy Topic of GSWC Meeting 26th
Historical Happenings Re; Art Train, 1833 Home, Lake House,
Waterloo, Webster Festival

November 1982

WCHS to Celebrate 125 Years As Washtenaw's Memory
Mrs. Sherzer Heads WCHS Membership Drive
Quotation Dated
Thanks, Jane
Farm Plans Open House
Muncys to Show Slides
WCHS Brochure Invites High School Members
“Silent” Program Set
Life Beset by War, Spies, Draft, High Prices the Way It Was in 1863
Historical Happenings: of Toys, Sleighs, Buildings and a 150th Birthday
Officers Chosen
Circle February 13
Society Picks Swainson
"Makes Him Nervous"

January 1983

Letter from WCHS President Re: Barton Powerhouse
No Regular Issue Published

February 1983

President’s Message; WCHS AT Crossroads; Come Vote February 13
1847 Deed Home from New York, Plate Given
Kempf House Closed for Refurbishing
Did U-M Really Begin in 1877 “Amaizig” Answer February 13
Don't Forget Dues
Jim Parker Re-elected
Ann Allen, First Lady of Ann Arbor
Augusta Stone Church
WCHS’s 125th Anniversary Party Banner Occasion
Past-president Dies, Resolution Adopted
Buttons for Sale
He Should See Us Know
Oldest Local Historical Society in Michigan, Washtenaw's, Since 1857, Has Had Its Ups and Downs, Published History, But Still No Museum
Judge Dexter, Computers to be Genealogy Topics
Hazel Proctor Invites Friends to Write
Historical Happenings, of Sesquicentennials, Box Socials, Sheep, Crafts
Chelsea Picks Bower
Milan Re-elects King
Members Invited to Board Meetings
Ypsi Names Officers

March l983

Missing or Not Published

April 1983

WCHS Withdraws From Barton Powerhouse Project, Votes to Investigate Restoration of Log Cabin
Webster Tour Planned Saturday, June 11
How to Join WCHS
Richard C. Frank Will Talk April 10 about Historic Preservation
GSWC Workshop May 21
U-M Began As Primary School in Detroit—A Case of First Things First
Nominating Committee Announces 1983–84 Slate, Election to be Held at Annual Meeting May 19
”Hairloom” Repaired
Will History Troop Fail for Lack of Leaders?
Herb Bartlett, WCHS Past President, Dies
Kentucky Talk Set
It's True-Verity is Here!

May 1983

Old West Side Church to Host WCHS Meeting Thursday, May 19
WCHS to Honor Groups on Their Anniversaries
Bus Tour June 11 Will Explore County's Daniel Webster Connection in Township Named for Him
Lela Duff Who Chronicled Ann Arbor History As Author and Editor of Impressions Dies at 91
It's Now a Matter of Dollars and Sense Historic Preservation,
Cobblestone Plans Grand Opening Sunday, May 22
Genealogists to Learn How to Put It Together
Our Man Too Young to Remember the Big Fire of 1911
Doused With Help of Naval Tank Water
Cobblestone Will Admit WCHS Members Free
Judge Cooley's l869 Bank Stock Certificate Recalls Former Ann Arbor Savings Bank Days
Thanks to Helpers
Historic Happenings: About Candles. Video Recorders, Fire Halls,
Co-ops, Picnics Et al.
Walking Tours Set

September 1983

President’s Message Please Mark Calendar, Plan lo Attend WCHS Events
Century of Fashion Display Features WCHS Collection
Pastor to Talk about 150-Year-Old Church at September 11 Meeting
West German Band Plans Tri-centennial Concert September 28 at Hill
A Bit of New England Here in Washtenaw Webster Township, Founded 1833
Salvation, Education, Damnation, Mortification: That’s Webster Corners
Ethelyn Morton Given Honorary Life Membership; Patricia Austin Re-elected President of WCHS
German Migrant’s Paper Home from California
Dexter Elects Officers
RLDS Congregation Welcomes WCHS to Old West Side Church Which Dates to Gaslight Era
WCHS Meetings Set
Loose Goose Did Not Deter True Love
British Isles Workshop Set Here October 28–29
Historical Happenings: of Corn Huskers, A Fire Barn, “Sesquis” and “Arsenic and Old Lace”
Committees Appointed by President Austin
GSWC to Hear Potters
County’s German Churches Include Some You May Not Have Suspected—Or A German /= A Lutheran
Cobblestone to Host Two Fall Festivals
Barton Artifacts Cleaned, Moved to Willow Run: Storage Area Tidied, Collection Put in Order
OWS House Tour Set Sunday, September 18
Art Fair Parking Pays, WCHS Earns Tidy $1,005
Duff Gift to Help Microfilm Newspaper

October–November 1983

Hugh Gaston Will Talk at WCHS Fall Potluck
Certificate Project Off and Running
WCHS to Dedicate Plaques Honoring Founding Families
In Time for City’s 160th Birthday
“Century of Fashion” Show Set October 30
German Heritage Ball Fetes 300 Years in U.S.
Typesetter Passes
The First German Protestant Church in Michigan? There Are Several—Take Your Pick
RE: Kempf House Open House, Phone Numbers
Genealogy Meetings
Plan New Museum
Mrs. Morton Honored
Membership Dies Due
Country Christmas Set
Historical Happenings: of Toys, Dickens, Germans, Civil War Items
German Thrillers Will be shown November 2

January–February l984

Poetic Dedication of Plaques to Allen, Rumsey Held November 3 at Forest Hill Cemetery
Jan Longone to Speak About Early Cookbooks at February Meeting
Photo Program Planned
Readers, Come Join Us!
Show Brought Back Romantic Bustle, Hobble Skirt, “A Century of Fashion”
"So be it”
Wystan Digs Up Oddities in Local Cemeteries
Local Souvenirs Help Spread Goodwill on Trip to China, Russia; They All Recognized U-M's Most Famous Football Player in Shanghai!
They Bustled Around Made Fashion Show Go
WCHDC Officers Named
Cobblestone Plans Ball, Talks, Lessons
Ypsi Names Officers
Tour Planned to Romeo, Octagon House on 11th
Ypsi's Prospect Park Once Village Cemetery
Ten Certificates Given for Anniversaries
Flivver Sausage Now
Brad Taylor resigns
Webster Church Will Fete Sesquicentennial

March 1984

Argus Camera, Special Spade, Tea Cups, Pot, Dresses, City Directories
Given to WCHS
Historical Happenings
Second Exhibit Debuts
Automotive Historian Will Speak in April
Your Photographs Can Make History. Bring Them to March Meeting
Duff Gift Will Help With Local History
Braun Appointed
Jan Longone Brings It to World's Attention American Cookbook History
Notorious Sweet Tooth
Here’s Mark Twain's Idea—What's America Cooking?
Chelsea Picks Hepburn
Webster Officers Named
GSWC Will Hear Burton Librarian

April 1984

Revised WCHS Bylaws to be Voted April 8
Ypsi Walking Tour Scheduled May 13
Kempf House Sets Ann’s Arbor Day
Ford School Teacher to Speak May 23
Professor May Will Discuss Early Auto Industry in Michigan
Explore Ann Arbor Geology, History
Planning June Tour
Beware of “Magnetic” Albums, Clear Plastic to Preserve Photos
His Dad Arrested Hers for Speeding—Over 10 MPH
Some Photo Preservation Rules
Wedding Dress Given
Southern Genealogy to be April 29 Topic
Chelsea Officers
Historical Happenings
Certificates Given
Dr. Warner to Speak at Conference
150 Years of Fashion, Dramatic Program Set

May 1984

Cobblestone Farm Summer Events
Teddy Bear Party Set June 2 at Kempf House
Columnist Will Speak on Medical Genealogy
Park to Get Marker
WCHS 1984 Bus Tour Saturday, June 16, Will Visit Cranbrook Art Academy for a Day with the Muses
Ivan Parker to Discuss “The Henry Ford Schools As I Knew Them” at WCHS Annual meeting May 23
Wystan Stevens Heads Slate of WCHS Nominees
From the Glass House to the Inner City—Ford Country
Historical Happenings: of Sesquicentennials, Model T’s, Doll Houses, Books, Grand Opening

September 1984

Members Vote to Sponsor Local History Book, Elect Slate Headed by Historian Wystan Stevens
Art Fair Parking Nets $886 for WCHS
Century of Fashion Show Set October 28
Fall Meeting Preview: Note Dates, Locations
U-M Nursing History September 16 Topic
Ann Arbor Postcard Tour Set October 14
Dixboro School Made State Historic Site
Horse and Buggy Type with V-8 Extras—Henry Ford's Schools
Cranbrook: A Place of Beauty
by Design WCHS Tour
Historical Happenings: of a Prize Float, Elections, Bustles, Balloon
History of Webster Church Published
Miss Gangwere Leaves

October–November 1984

Log House Question to be Presented to Members
Towler, Darwin Named WCHS Directors
Books, Papers Given
Show Features Women’s Roles of Yesteryear
How to Join Society
Postcard Tour of Arbor Set October 14, Led by Wystan Stevens
Society to Visit Old-time “Store” Sunday, November 4
News Gets Better
Early U-M Student Nurses' Days Long on Patient Care, Short on Education
Swainson Re-elected
Historical Happenings
How to Do Family History is topic
Thanks, Wystan

February 1985

Souvenir Bell, Lincoln tile, 1909 Wedding Gown, Shirt, Gavel, 19th Century Newspapers Acquired
WCHS Votes Donation to Help Fix Log House
Return Trip
Traveling Exhibits Available to Schools
Stay Tuned: Radioland of l920s–30s Coming February 10
GSWC Topics Told
Sundays? Evenings? Which Shall It Be?
Trolley Riders OOhed at Seven-Story “Skyscraper” Ann Arbor, 1900–1920
Colorful Frank Glazier Built Local “Skyscraper”
Interurban Train Crashed Into Bank
Memorial Given

March–April 1985

Ann Arbor in Tune with Radio Rage: City Home of Arborphones, Midget Kadettes, Wedemeyers
Don't Forget 1985 Dues, WCHS Wants You Aboard
Please Note: March Meeting Thursday
WCHS to Tour Forts on Detroit River
“Medical Humbug: the Michigan Connection” Professor's Topic
Professor Angus Will Talk about One-Room Schools April 14
Early Radio Brought World into Home Collector “Hooked” at 8
The Tube Challenge
First “Charge Card”
Preservation Week Full of Events
Genealogy Speakers Listed
Maple Sugar, Spinning, Dolls, Kid Art on Tap at Cobblestone Farm
Historical Happenings around the County
Kempf House Open

May 1985

WCHS Bus tour Saturday, June8, Will Feature Fort Malden, Windsor Museum, Detroit Skyline
Society Loses Loyal Life Member—Ethelyn Morton Passes at 86
Chelsea Kitchen Band to Present Fun Show for Annual Meeting
Can’t Climb Stairs? Legion Has Ramp
And We Thought We Were Organized Now!
Podunk, Pumpkin College et al One-Room Schools; Not So Long Gone After All
Bored Pupils Started “Cross-age Tutoring”
1881 Teacher Contract for Five Month Term
Don’t Forget 1985 Dues, WCHS Wants You Aboard

September 1985

WCHS Elects Galen Wilson President, Votes to Produce Historical Calendar
Calendars Feature Buildings County-Wide
Ruth Bordin to write New County History
WCHS to tour Tuomy House, State Society Offices September 8
Chelsea Invites WCHS to Antique Gardens Program September 9
Needlework Exhibit Set
Welcomed to Sites of Not-so-Friendly Past, WCHS “Invades” Canada
Saulk Trail Ended at Amherstburg
City Founders Envisioned State Capitol on Angell Hall Site, Disliked Federalists, Anson Brown Horning in on Their Domain
Obscure “Patriot War” Was Pretty Exciting in These Parts Back in I837–38, Letters Show
Thanks, Booth Helpers
Open House to Show Kempf Remodeling
Child Crafts Planned at Fall Festival
“Cook It like It Was” Book on Sale at Milan
Marking Anniversary? Certificates Offered
19th Century Tool Chest, Tin Sitz Bath, Linens, Papers Given, Clippings Recall l887 Murder
For Three l9th Century Manchester Brothers, One A “U-M Law,” C-I-R-C-U-S Spelled Glamour
Art Fair Parking Nets Society $1,173 Thanks GLFS, Helpers
“What is it?” Game Available to Schools
Note Cards Feature 19th Century Ships
Clements Launches New History Magazine
Co-presidents Head Northfield Society
$285 Given to Ethelyn Morton Memorial Fund
1985–86 Schedule WCHS Meetings
Bill Darwin Resigns

October l985

Calendars on Sale Get Yours Now!
Kuehnle Named Curator
Membership Chairman Named, Towler Resigns
Should WCHS Explore Museum Possibilities Now?
Long Range Planning Committee Wants Your Input
Dean Bidlack to Talk About Elisha, Mary Ann Rumsey, Ann Arbor’s Lesser Known Co-founders
Kempf House Open
“What is It?” Game Available to Schools
World Headquarters in Ypsi Depot Town
Historical Society of Michigan at Home in Ann Arbor
City Limits, Traffic Do Not Deter Wildlife (The Four-Footed Kind)
First U-M Game on TV Gets Assist by Tuomy
Manchester Names Parr
1985–86 Schedule WCHS Meetings
Governor Cass, Schoolcraft Started HSM in 1828
Archivist to Speak
Old Fashioned Garden: It Was Lilac over Yew and Bare Foundations
Jerusalem Not As Far Away As You Thought, County Historic Commission Marks Sight
Manchester Preserving History Live and in Color
Dexter Officers Named
Historical Happenings Involve Quilt Drawing, Corn, Dinners, One-Room School
Town Hall, Buttons

November–December 1985

President’s Corner
WCHS to Discuss Goals, Priorities, Hear Music from Pioneer Ann Arbor at November 14 Potluck
Kempf House Plans Caroling Party
WCHS 1980 Calendars Great Christmas Gifts
WCHS Christmas Party Sunday, December 8
Cookies Needed, Please
Short, Troubled Lives of Elisha and Mary Ann Rumsey
County Historic Commission Activities Outlined
1985–86 Schedule WCHS Meetings
Historical Happenings Involve Book Premiere, Tokens, Dolls, Christmas Festivities, Luminaria
“What is it?” Available to Schools

February 1986

Missing or Not Published

March 1986

129-Year-Old Society Without a Home Approves Committee to Study Space Needs, Possibilities
Rural Architecture in County March Topic
New Committee Named
WCHS 1986 Calendars on Sale at $4
Meeting Date Changed, Map Curator to Speak
Short, Troubled Lives Of Elisha And Mary Ann Rumsey - The Rest Of The Story
Tantalus, Other Gifts Received By WCHS
Membership Rising, Come On Aboard
Erie Canal GSWC Subject
Mrs. Smyth Re-Elected
Christmas Past Recalled Fondly
New Book Revisits Ann Arbor In 'Teens
Certificate Presented
New Member's Kin First Permanent German Family Here
Milan Picks Baumann
Rare Musical Treat
Co-Presidents Elected
Historical Happenings Involve:  Depot, Weathervanes, Indians, German Diary Makes Front Page
WCHS Gives Memorial For Foster Fletcher

April 1986

Vote On Bylaws Change, Slide Show Planned At Annual Meeting
WCHS Tour To Monroe, 200 Years of History
Kempf House Open
'Mapping The Great Lakes' Program To Show Arduous Exploration That Led To Today's Maps WCHS Gifts Recall Civil War, World War I, J-Hop, U-M's Biggest Dance of Year from 1872-1960
Oops, Wrong Century
Around Washtenaw:  Older Homes Reflect 'Greek Mania', New England
LRP Committee Named
Dulcet Dulcimers Will Grace Cobblestone's Spring Festival May 3
George S. May Author Of New State History
Augusta, Lyndon Sesquicentennial Townships In 1986, Manchester 150 With Michigan In 1987
Roll of Members Grows
Traveling Exhibit Making Rounds; Free To County Schools
Salem Elects Officers At 100-Year-Old Church
Early Michigan Roots?  Certificate May Be In Your Future
French-Canadian Roots GSWC Topic April 27
Historical Happenings
Help!  Collections Chairman Issues SOS
Pittsfield Organizes Historical Society

May 1986

River Raisin Battlefield, 1789 Trading Post, Custer Memorabilia On Monroe Tour Agenda
Help Needed To Park Cars At Art Fair
Judge Campbell Will Show Old Washtenaw Scenes At Meeting
Pollock Heads County Celebration Of State 1987 Sesquicentennial
Imaginative Early Map Makers Added Mountains Here, Islands There
Historical Happenings
Society Welcomes Several Members
Eat At Knapps?  Save Points for Screen

September 1986

President's Corner:  Former Board Members Will Be Missed
Galen Wilson Re-Elected President; New County History Targeted For Fall 1987 Publication
Doris Milliman New Ypsi City Historian
September 14 Meeting Features Autos, Autos and More Rare Autos
Trunk, Clothes Given
Art Fair Parking Nets $1,241 for WCHS
Too Many British First Urban Flight from Detroit in 1780s  
Gandy Dancer, Lyndon Township Given Certificates by WCHS
Meeting Dates Set
Judge's Slide Shows That Once Upon A Time There Were No Golden Arches
Roll of New Members
5,450 Knapp's Points Needed For Screen
Historical Happenings Involve:  Baby Dresses Blacksmithing, Pig Roast, More
'What Is It?' Game Available To Schools

October.-November 1986

President's Corner:  Hall Tree Gleams Now
Monroe 'Detective' Will Tell WCHS October 23 How He Found Second Oldest Building in Michigan
'Frost-Bitten Convention' To Be Commemorated December 15 At Ford Presidential Library
Nearly 1,000 Points Now Saved For Screen
November 13 Program To Be Announced
The Auto Grew On Us   Americans Love Personal Transportation 
From Horseless Carriage to Gull-Wing:  Rare Luxury Cars Star In Domino's Collection
Duesenberg Motor Co. 1920-1937
Duplicate Histories For Sale at Ypsilanti
Holiday Antique Show Set At Cobblestone
Marilou Warner Heads Kempf House Board
Ypsilanti Elects L.G. Howard
WCHS'S Allmendinger Organ At Kempf House
Kempf House Hours Set
Mrs. Pieper WCHS Collections Chairman
'What Is It?' Game Available To Schools
Historical Happenings Involve:  Dinners, Harmonium Music, Holiday Plans
Monroe Plans War Of 1812 Museum
Genealogists To Hear About D.C. Research

December 1986

Log Cabin Will Be Dedicated December 7
WCHS Hosts Reception
Wilson Talks To DAR
1,827 Points Now Saved For Screen
Ann Arbor 'Frost-Bitten Convention' Paved Way For Statehood; To Be Commemorated December 15
Chelsea Officers
Unlikely But True:  1789 Trading Post Survives To This Day
NTHS Officers Named
Elaine Ference New WCHS Vice-President
'What Is It?' Game Available To Schools
New Book by Detroit Free Press Photographer Celebrates Life In Small Town Michigan
Kempf House To Be Mini-Meadowbrook
Grant Aids Production Of Toledo War Play
Schlenker's, Hospital Given Certificates
Historical Happenings Involve:  Carols, Cookies, Calendars, Coffee House, More
March Program Set
Shook Him Out
Mrs. Austin Chairs Historic Commission
Cover Sheet of Washtenaw County Historical Society 1986 Calendar

February 1987

Not Published

March 1987

Washtenaw County's Orange Risdon Produced First Large Scale Map Of Southeast Michigan Important Notice!!!  From Your President
Ohio Gave Michigan Hard Time in 1830s; Hear About It March 8
WCHS Now Has 46% Of Points for Screen
Mill Restoration To Be April Topic
'Frost-Bitten Convention,' 1836 Rocky Road To Statehood Paved In Ann Arbor
Membership Dues Info Here, Join Today
Kids to Get Taste of Log House Living
WCHS Participates In Clements Sale
Birthday Ball Marks Michigan's 150th
Genealogists to Hear About Plat Maps
Historical Happenings Involve:  Pioneer Crafts, 150 Years of Fashion, State 'Sesqui', Girl Scouts' 75th
Dean Warner Heads Celebration '87

April 1987

Toledo War Play Set June 3-6 At Mendelssohn
Jacobsens Will Talk About Restoring 1827 Saline Mill
Book Sale Nets $5,700
WCHS Now Has 57% Of Points For Screen
WCHS Annual Meeting Set At Church May 21
Toledo War:  Just What You'd Expect from Jacksonians
WCHS Welcomes 402 Members For 1987
North Lake Church Given Certificate
Garden Party Set May 2 At Kempf House
Washtenaw County Historical Society Membership
GSWC To Hear About Ypsilanti Museum
WCHS Loans Yoke, Axe Pitchfork To Exhibit
Gifts Recall Earlier Days In Ann Arbor
Janette Osler 100 Years Young
'What Is It?' Game Available To Schools
Historical Happenings Involve:  Stone Masonry, House Tour, Folk Singer, 'Eggeury', Amish, Old Mills

May 1987

'Aliens and Scoundrels,' Toledo War Comedy Set For Rollicking Performance June 3-6
'What Is It?' Game Available To Schools
lver Schmidt to Talk about Antiquing Here, Abroad May 21
Member List Grows
Family Builds Nostalgic Lifestyle Around Mill
New County History Progressing
Keep Points Coming, WCHS Now Has 64%
Saline Society Plans To Reorganize
Cobblestone Plans Vaudeville, Fair
Genealogists To Hear About LDS Library
Kempf House Open, Awards To Be Given
'Aliens And Scoundrels' Ticket Information for WCHS Play
Thanks, Helpers
How To Join WCHS
Historical Happenings Of Train Rides, Picnics, History Day, Auction, Heritage Festival

September 1987

Patricia Austin, Esther Warzynski to Head WCHS
WCHS Given Lingerie, Dresses, Linens, Photos Of Times Of Tiny Waists, Gentlemen In Spats
Old West Side House Tour September 20
Coleman Jewett Will Talk About Noted Local, State Blacks
Need Only 372 More Points for Screen
'Necessary Precaution'
It All Started With Featherbeds
Couple Wed In 1879 In Cobblestone Log House Still Lived There On 1929 Golden Anniversary
Alice Pastalan Heads Dexter Society
AAHDC Gets Grant To Make Videotapes
African Violet Display Set For September 27
'Bet He Couldn't Spell It
New Members
How To Join WCHS
October Speaker Told
WCHS Gains $1,528; Thanks Comerica, Parking Volunteers
Certificates Given To Manchester, Weber's
Cobblestone Events
Scenes from 'Aliens & Scoundrels'
WCHS Toledo War Play Artistic Success
Historical Happenings Involve:  Bicycles, Barndance, Cemeteries, Crafts, Fall Festival
WCHS Meetings 1987-88
'What Is It?’ Game Available To Schools

October 1987

All Those Knapp's Points Add Up To New Screen
Village Of Willis Celebrates Centennial, Augusta Township, Its Sesquicentennial
Willow Run Bomber Plant November Topic
Preservation Alliance Meets At Kempf House
How To Join WCHS
Plymouth Author Will Talk About Local, State Indian History
Quality Bakery's 48 Star Flag Given To WCHS
Ann Arbor Black History:  Bittersweet But With Plenty Of Cause For Pride
Old House Decorating Is Cobblestone Topic
Speaker To Address Genealogical Problems
Collector's Topic Blue & White China
Howard Heads YHS
Historical Happenings Involve:  Paint-Scraping, Soldiers, Folk Songs, Crafts

November 1987

School Fetes 150 Years And Then Some, Identity Persists Through Four Buildings, Two Systems
Country Christmas, Antique Show Set
A3PA Planning Clinics
Willow Run Bomber Plant To Be Ms. Reps' Topic November 15
 'What It?’ Available To Schools
New Screen to Be Used
Southeast Michigan:  Where Tonquish, Potowatomis Used To Roam
Dr. Hinsdale's Michigan Archeology Atlas Maps Indian Sites, Notes Finds In Local Mounds
Dr. Hinsdale Changed Career In Mid-Life
'Couldn’t Catch Up’
Genealogists To Share Family Traditions
See You Next Year
Kempf House Plans Caroling, Open House
Historical Happenings Involve:  Christmas, Antiques And a Tenant Wanted

February 1988

New Illustrated History of Washtenaw County, Sponsored By WCHS, Expected Off Press in June
Hair Wreath Spruced Up, Ready To Travel
'Old House' Subjects:  Gardens, Plumbing
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools
Speaker to Discuss Turn-Of-Century City, May Festival History
March Topic Barns
WWII Memories:  The Bomber Plant - Miracle at Willow Run
Ahead Of His Time
WWII Newsreel Version:  'Willow Village - Model Community In Arsenal Of Democracy'
Spam, Ration Books WWII Reminders
Women's Hall of Fame First In Nation
Surprise for Editor
Historical Happenings Involve:  Dexter Craft Fair, Shadow Social, Valentines
GSWC To Hear About Military Records
How To Join Us

March 1988

Hill Auditorium, 'Carnegie Hall Of Midwest,' 75 Years Old This Year And Still Going Strong
Dues Paid For 1988?  Check Address Label
Professor Dandekar Plans Slide Show Of Michigan Barns
Marwil April Speaker
And the Melody Lingers On:  Trombonist Played In 26 May Festivals
She Sang In First Children's Chorus
How To Join WCHS
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools
New Gowns A Must For May Festival
'Rural Perquisites'

April 1988

Fiegel, Braun Family Items Given WCHS
Lumberjack Feats, Spring Fest On Tap
Author Jonathan Marwil To Talk On 'Ann Arbor History Through Images As Well As Words'
Carol Freeman, Dixboro Historian, Will Talk at WCHS Potluck Annual Meeting May 4
Kempf Garden Party, Victorian Tea May 1
To Tour Fort Wayne
Down On the Farm:  Pole Sheds, Automatic Feeders Replace Red Barns
Boiled Wolf Anyone?  Trials Of Life In Michigan Territory, 1832
Washtenaw County Historical Society Membership
How To Join WCHS
Milan Elects Hale
Salem Re-Elects Slate
Old House Clinics:  Paint Colors, Porches
GSWC To Hear About Lutheran Roots
Chelsea 1988 Officers
Wanted:  Probate Judges
Historical Happenings Involve:  Museum Panel, Kitchen Band, Victorian Decor, Maps, Old School Days

May 1988

WCHS Honors 100 Year Old Wild Men's Shop
County History Out
WCHS to Visit Detroit's Historic Fort Wayne, Guardian Building; Ride On People Mover
$2,000 Gift Received From Bernard Harkins
Kempf House Open
The Case Against Captions:  History Through Images As Well As Words
Cobblestone Dates Set
Old House Clinics Set
Hair Picture 'Gross' But She Likes It
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools
New Members
'Genealogy World' Seminar Topic
Hill Auditorium Not On Site Of Log House
Historical Happenings Involve:  Quilts, House Tours, Trains, Farm Houses

September 1988

Missing or Not Published

October 1988

New Washtenaw County Illustrated History By Ruth Bordin Available In Book Stores
WCHS 1988-89 Schedule
WCHS Audience To Try Its Own 'What Is It’ Game October 6
Schwabens, School Get 100-Year Certificates
Walled Fort With Moat Not So Far Away
Fort City Confused
Dixboro - Village With A Sea Captain And A Ghost In Its Past
Kempf House Now State, National Landmark
Saline Elects Elmore
Old House Clinics Set
MHS Re-Elects Parr
Jack Miller Heads YHS
Dulcimer Washtub Bass Make 'Joyous Noise' At Annual Meeting
How To Join WCHS
Patrick Owen Heads WCHS Slate in 1988-89
Miss Wild Gave $1,000
Fall Festival Set
Historical Happenings Involve:  Depot, Campaign Buttons, 150-Year Old Library, Centennial Farms
Ronald Kapp to Speak
Table Saw Donated

November 1988

Membership Renewals Due:  Note Change
Local Group's Focus Architectural History
Certificates Offered
Country Christmas Set
Ramon Hernandez Will Talk About Humor, Drama, Of Six Presidential Inaugurations November 20
GSWC Will Share Family Traditions
Decorating Old House For Holidays Is Topic
CFA Elects Six
'What Is It' Game Available to Schools
WCHS Vice-President Has Special Interest In Fenton Museum
All In Fun:  "What Is It?" Games Test Members' Mettle
History Repeats Itself
Reminiscences Of An Early Washtenaw Settler:  Wolves, Indians In Bridgewater Scary To Boy Historical Happenings Involve:  Depot, Bazaar, Presidency, Door, Church, Christmas, Welch Hall
Kempf House Sets Caroling, Open House

January 1989

Dues Letters Coming, Don't Forget To Renew
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools
GSWC Speakers Named For January, February
National History Contest Open To Youth
Historical Happenings
Artist Interprets Local History in Watercolors
Past President Left Off List By Mistake
Washington, Adams, Monroe, Harrison, Pierce, Grant:  Early Inaugurals Short Of Protocol, Long On Humor, Drama, Tragedy
Renegade Indian, Unrepaid Loans, Death Of Oxen Added To Pioneer Mills's Trials In Bridgewater
Certificates Offered
CF Officers Named
'For Tin Weddings'

February 1989

He Had To Marry To Claim Inheritance:  Girls From All Over After Eligible Ann Arborite
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools
Lyra Chorus Members To Talk February 19
No March Meeting
History Conference Set April 7-8 At WSU
'Ye Infant Prodigy'
Artist Paints Local Scenes With A Difference
Historical Happenings Involve:  Valentines, Crafts, Libraries, Barns
How To Join WCHS
Chelsea Officers
Certificates Offered

March 1989

Missing or Not Published

April 1989

Ann Arbor Lyra Male Chorus:  Their Songs Drew Together Town And Gown
Conserving Historic Papers Will Be James Craven's Topic
Certificates Offered
News Briefs: 
WCHS Tour To Visit New State Museum
Salem Church Given 100-Year Certificate
Annual Potluck Set At Dixboro Church
Plastering, Hardware - Old House Topics
Kempfs:  Not Just Provincial Music Teachers
"What Is It" Game Available To Schools
Historical Happenings

May 1989

It Happens To The Best Of Us:  A Few Errors In An Otherwise Admirable New County History 'Couldn't Catch Up'
Annual Potluck Set May 17 at Dixboro
WCHS Tour Will Visit New State Museum
Volunteers Needed
Disaster At The Economics Building:  How Do You Salvage Wet Books?
Certificates Done By Way Of Chicago
Editor Leaves Town, Paper Gets New Look; Thanks, Helpers
Old House Clinics Continue Monthly
GSWC To Hear About 45 Generation Tree
Victorian Open House Planned On Parkway
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools
How To Join WCHS
Certificates Offered
Nan Hodges Honored
Antique Doll Display
Historical Happenings Involve:  Train Rides, Quilts, Harpsichords, Windmills, Picnics, Barn Dances
Class Will Visit Historic Landscapes
On Wrong Corner
Parasol Among Gifts

September 1989

President's Corner
Certificates Offered
WCHS To Visit Webster Blacksmith Shop Sunday, September 10
Karen O'Neal Heads WCHS For 1989-90
Parking Nets $695; Thanks To Volunteers
WCHS Will Vote On Bylaws Change
New State Museum:  Michigan's Story Dramatically Told
Chief Ogemaw:  White Wave Melts Us Away
Would You Believe 130 Kinds Of Apples?
'The Real McCoy' From Ypsilanti
Pitt Lengthened Its Name 150 Years Ago
Tom Selleck's Tux, Rock Musician's Loincloth, 1988 Miss America's Gown Were All Part Of 'Michigan Dresses Up' Exhibit At State Museum
Couple Gives WCHS Bed That Escaped San Francisco Fire
Hammer Dulcimer And Banjo Player Entertains Annual Meeting With Folk Tunes, Ballads Historic Happenings Involve:  1775 Sailor, Dodge House, Barn Dance, Saline Founder, Fall Festival
Curator Will Speak
'What Is It' Game Available To Schools

October 1989

President's Corner County Historical Society May Have Found a Home
WCHS Has Own Phone
GSWC To Hear Marwil
Certificates Offered
Russell Bidlack Will Tell About Forgotten VIP Of 1844 In Ann Arbor
Four Directors Named
Change Approved
At Webster Corners:  1875 Blacksmith/Wheelwright Shop Rescued
Two Webster Pastors Men of Note:  Estabrook in State Education, Tyler In Who's Who 1900-01
Lillian Brown Honored
Washtenaw County Historical Society Membership, 1989-90
Historic Mirror to Be Given WCHS
'What Is It' Game Available to Schools
Historic Happenings Involve:  Store Fronts, Postcards, Schools, Fans

November-December 1989

President's Corner:  Museum Countdown:  Oil Tanks Out, UM Holds Off
Road Name History Told In Booklet
New Director Named
Lighthouse History Of Great Lakes November 19 Topic
Christmas Social At Clements Library
Andrew Ten Brook:  Forgotten Figure In Ann Arbor History
Washtenaw County Historical Society Membership, 1989-90
Historic Happenings Involve:  Barns, Orange Risdon, Christmas Doings
'What Is It?' Game Offered Schools, Groups
How To Join WCHS
'High Art'

February 1990

President's Corner:  Museum Project Progressing Favorably
Plan Quilting Demo
First Ladies' Gowns To Be Modeled In Show
Certificates Offered
WCHS Will Visit Old U-M Observatory February 18
Making Maple Syrup To Be March Topic
Member Omitted
Lighthouse 'Keepers' Now Seek To Preserve Lights
Life At Gull Rock
GSWC To Hear About Heritage Tour
Mrs. Pastalan Elected
Andrew Ten Brook:  Forgotten Figure In Ann Arbor History
Historic Happenings Involve:  Crafts, Gardens, Quilts, Black History & EMU'S Oldest Building
Chelsea Picks Mrs. Clark
Frieze Couch, Art Works Given WCHS
What Is It? Game Available To Schools

March 1990

President's Corner:  Museum Mission To Cover All Of County From Indians To 20th Century
Could You Loan Us Toy Banks, Other $ Items?
Webster Elects Officers
First Ladies Gowns To Be Modeled April 7
How Sweet It Is!  Maple Syrup Making March 18 Topic
Arboretum Director To Speak April 22
Green Blood Or Orange GSWC Topic March 18
Tappan's 1854 Observatory:  Thrust U-M To Forefront Of Higher Education
Andrew Ten Brook:  Forgotten Figure In Ann Arbor History
Bach, Botsford Heir Boosts Museum Project
How To Join WCHS
Historic Happenings Involve:  Crafts, Kodaks, Post Office, 1830 Home, More
What Is It? Game Offered Local Schools, Groups

April 1990

President's Corner:  House Move Awaits DNR OKAY, Lifting Of Frost Laws
Centennial Farm Tour Scheduled June 9
Scrapbook Given
How To Join WCHS
Professor H.M. Morton Will Give Slide Talk On Nichols Arboretum
'Mr. Bones' Will Play At Annual WCHS Meeting
How Sweet It Is!  Sutherlands Tap Into Maple Syrup For Fun
Europeans Had Real Honeymoons
Sweet Story:  Woksis Discovers Maple Syrup
For Armchair Sugaring Lease A Maple Tree
Andrew Ten Brook:  Forgotten Figure In Ann Arbor History
Historic Happenings Involve:  Tent Theatre, Old Church, Governor, Fans
Maypole Dance Set At Kempf House May 6
What Is It? Game Offered Schools, Groups

May 1990

President's Corner:  Great News!  Wall Street House Move In Sight
WCHS Bus Tour June 9 Will Feature Western Washtenaw Centennial Farms, Chicken Luncheon
How To Join WCHS
Annual WCHS Meeting Wednesday, May 16 Features 'Mr. Bones'
Old House Clinics Set
What Is It? Game Offered Schools, Groups
Arboretum Renaissance:  Restoration Of Old Varieties, Labels Underway
Mrs. Townsend Gives Dolls, Other Items
Enter Dad's Mustache In Kempf Contest
Cornell First To Teach American History
Certificates Offered
Western Reserve Genealogy Topic
Historic Happenings Involve:  Cowboys, Quilts, Baseball Cards, Flea Market, Oxen, Barns, 1895 House Restoration, Michigan Week

September 1990

From The President:  House Moved, Basement Under Construction, Hope To Have Stable On Foundation By October
WCHS To Tour Parker Mill September 23
Art Fair Parking Nets WCHS $1,711
Centennial Farms Part Of Washtenaw Heritage
Cider, Penny A Gallon
Dozens Of Cousins
We Get Questions, Do Readers Have Answers?
Ford Heritage Trail Open October 14
Flouring Mill Opened
Chapman's County History Reprinted
Historic Happenings Involve:  Video, Baskets, Farm Tour, Barn Dance, Pig Roast, Craft, Quilt Show
Display Case Needed
Rural Schools Will Be October Topic
Dollhouse, Clothes, 'Bones' Donated
Karen O'Neal Heads 1990-91 Slate
WCHS Needs Help:  Four Ways To Get Involved
For The Nice Things People Do For Us, Thanks!

October 1990

From The President:  Repairs Underway On House, WCHS Exhibit At City Hall, Boy Scout Cleaning Bricks For Reuse
Willow Run Bombers November WCHS Topic
Ohio Speaker Named
Plan Old House Clinic
One-Room Schools Panel, Set For October 21
County Parks Restoration:  Parker Mill Can Again Grind Grist
Stones:  Difference Is In The Grooves
Parker Mill Example Of Early Automation
Clifford Piano Company?
Certificates Offered
WCHS Recognizes Two Church Anniversaries
Kempf House Plans Brown Bag Luncheon Lectures
Help Decorate A Tree For Fun, WCHS Profit
"What Is It?" Game Offered Schools And Groups
WCHS Seeking Grant
Historic Happenings Involve:  Indian History, Phonographs, Toy Tractors, Free Press Columnist, Mr. Ypsilanti
Thanks For History-Making Contributions

Nov.-Dec. 1990
From The President:  House Stable On Its Foundation, Office Open, Towsley Support Boosts WCHS Fund Campaign
How To Join WCHS
WCHS Members Invited To Stuff Ballot Box
Certificate Offered
Dollhouse On Display
WWII B-24 Bomber Made At Willow Run Will Be November WCHS Topic
Holiday Meeting Set
One-Room Schools Being Restored:  Lest We Forget The Roots Of Education
'Fractional' Facts
Lincoln School First Of Kind In 1924
EMU To Restore School But Not Outhouse
Future Teachers Need To Study Rural School
Please Check Mailing Label, It's Dues Time
St. Joseph Church, Dexter, 150 Years Old, Great Lakes Bancorp, Milan's Hack House 100
Kempf House Features German Family Holiday
Lighthearted Topic
New Light On The Age Of WCHS's Museum Building
Historical Happenings Involve:  Witch's Hat Depot, Salt, Antiques, Lots of Christmas Inspired Activities
Thanks For History-Making Contributions
Mailing Help Needed
See You In February

February 1991

From The President:  Fund Raising Off To a Great Start-­-$188,000 in toward $400,000 Goal:    Work Party Set March 2
Alsace-Lorraine Topic
Ann Arbor's Kit Homes WCHS'S February Topic
Dollhouse Displayed In Store Windows
What Is It? Game Offered Schools, Groups
B-24 Liberator - A Whale Of A Bomber
When Christmas Tree Tinsel Went to War
Video Tells Willow Run Story From Ford Farm To Wartime Production Miracle Of A Bomber An Hour Around The Clock
How To Join WCHS
Toys - American Art Form, Good Investment
Holiday Gift Shop Set Up At Kerrytown
WCHS Tee Shirts, Cards, Ornaments On Sale
Christmas Tree, Though Uniquely Decorated, Did Not Win But Netted $139 for WCHS
Trunks, Violin Given
'German Ancestors' Quilts At Kempf House
Wanted:  Info About 1894 Singing Society
Past-President Weds
Historic Happenings Involve:  Arts & Craft Fair, Black History, Valentines
Civic Groups:  WCHS Has Museum Speakers
Thanks for History-Making Contributions
Certificate Offered

March 1991

From The President:  Things to Look Forward To -- St. Patrick's Tour, 'The’ Ann's Bible, Garden Walk To Benefit WCHS
'Said To Be True Story'
Faith And Begorra!  To St. Patrick's Church WCHS Will Go March 17
Anyone For A Sunday Kit House Tour?
Mail Order Kit Homes, More and More Examples Identified Locally
How To Join WCHS
Interior Secretary Issues 'Ten Commandments' For Rehabilitation Of Historic Structures
Quilts, Jewelry, Kit Homes On Tap At Kempf
When Laura Marz Cooked Up A Storm Or The Story of a Pot Holder for Museum On Main
Certificates Offered
Historic Happenings Involve:  Arts & Crafts Fair, Greek Revival, Depot
Antiquarian Book Show
Thanks For History-Making Contributions
State Archivist Will Speak To Genealogists

April 1991

From the President:  Work Party Big Help; Entry Steps Being Built
Donation Information
WCHS, Garden Club Combine Forces For 1991 June Tour
Nineteenth Century Medicine In Ann Arbor WCHS Topic April 21
Irish Settled There First:  Northfield Had Catholic Church Before Ann Arbor
What Is It? Game Offered Schools, Groups
Ann Allen's Huguenot Bible Given WCHS
Great-Granddaughter Sends Testament
WCHS-ers Take Part in History Conference
Wanted:  Storage Space, Drivers/Vans/Trucks
Historic Happenings Involve:  Appraisals Of Antiques, 4-H, Show And Tell, Beaded Bags
Please Check Mailing Label For Dues Status
Problem Solving Talk
O'Neals To Host Annual Potluck At Macon Mill
Bank History Buffs:  Can You Explain This?
Thanks For History-Making Contributions

May 1991

New President Takes Up Reins, Lists WCHS Summer Activities
Past President Thanks All Who Helped, Will Devote Self to Museum
Garden Walk June 8 Benefits WCHS Museum On Main; Luncheon Talk by Scott Kunst Completes Event
Nineteenth Century Medicine:  Patient May Have Been Better Off If Doctor Didn't Come
Carved Cane Contains Distinguished Names
Tappan Career Almost Doomed By Homeopathy
Anatomy Assistant Gets Dubious Honor
Well, Well, Ann Arbor Tap Water Failed Test
U.S. Started Raising Own Opium Poppies
Historic Happenings Involve:  Fife, May Mast, Mozart, Livery Barn, German Ancestors, Docents
Disaster Is Topic
1871:  Eastern Schools Suppressed Hazing
Book-Signing Party At Cobblestone May 22
Brown Bag Topic:  German Tradition
Old House Clinics Set
Cobblestone Hours 
Museum Preservation Project of Year
Kemnitz Donates Courthouse Painting
Thanks for History-Making Contributions
Pauline Walters New WCHS President for 1991-92
Certificates Offered

September 1991

Museum on Main Street Moving Right Along
From the President:  WCHS Museum Fund Raising Project Halfway Toward $400,000 Goal; Open House Planned Soon
WCHS To Visit Stadium Press Box September 22, To Hear Howard King
Garden Walk Yields $7,000 For WCHS Museum Landscaping Project
Fashions In Flowers:  A Trip Down Historic Garden Paths
'Adding On' In Bay View
Lost And Found
Historical Happenings Involve:  Fall Festival, Barn Dance, Craft Show, Worden
Volunteer Needed
Topic:  Problem Solving
Ford's 'Dynamic Kernels' Mill At Macon Features Poncelet Wheel That Led To Modern Turbines
Conference At Marshall
Thanks Museum Fund Building Donors to Date
WCHS 1991-92 Calendar
WCHS Art Fair Parking Project Earns $1,660
Washtenaw County Historical Society Board of Directors

October 1991

Blue Tarp At 500 North Main Signals Roof Work; Not So Obvious Museum Planning Equally Vital
November Meeting Set
Donation Information
From The President:  Museum On Main Street Open House October 20
Michigan Stadium:  Magnificent Memorial To Coach Yost
WCHS Helps Avert Crisis at Florida State Game
Embarrassing Moment
Kip Taylor Who Made First Touchdown in Stadium Remembers Legendary Fielding H. Yost
Certificate Offered
Turnabout's Fair Play
Eat At Knapp's?  Save Points For VCR Please
Tree To Be Planted
What Is It? Game Offered Schools, Groups
Kempf Topics:  Lace, City's First Jews
How To Join WCHS
Historic Happenings Involve:  Antique Appraisals, Trees, Stephen Mills, Auto License Plates GSWC To Hear Vendors

November 1991

Hernandez, Shackman Will Discuss History Of Public Library
WCHS To Trim A Tree At Englanders, Needs Your $ Votes to Win
500 North Main:  From Gas Station To Museum
From The President:  Successful Open House And Time To Renew
Kelloggs From Cayuga County
Membership Renewal Time
Next 'Impressions' In January
Traveling 'What Is It? Games On Go Lately
19 Percent of Points Already In For VCR
Local Scene Leaps Out Of U.S Publication
History Happenings Involve Beaded Jackets, Indians, Antiques, Christmas, Noah's Ark

January 1992

WCHS Looks Forward To Opening Museum In 1992 But More Funds Necessary to Operate Facility
Many Good Friends Bring Museum Project A Long Way Since 1989 Phone Call Set It In Motion
County Greek Revival Homes To Be Featured In January 19 Program
Readers Collect 30% Of Points For VCR
Certificates Offered
In Ann Arbor:  Public Library Evolved From Private, Public Strands
Nellie Loving First Public Librarian In Ann Arbor In 1883
Remnants Of Burns Park Log Cabin Preserve Pioneer Names
Fiegel's Clothing Firm 100 Years Old
GSWC Topic African-American Roots
Historic Happenings Involve:  Bill Of Rights, Quilting, Genealogy
WCHS Kerrytown Gift Shop Grosses $521
Donation Information
Thanks, We Couldn't Have Done It Without You

February 1992

President's Corner:  Looking Ahead To Fund Raising Gala, Opening Office At Museum; Need Director of Volunteers
Karen's Kolumn:  Dean Fund To Furnish Street Trees, Carpenters Brace Sagging Back Roof, Ready It For Shingles
Sam Breck Talk About Railroad Depots Will Be In Chelsea Depot
Needed:  An Investor
Greek Revival Architecture:  Classical Ideals In Michigan Translation
Ypsi's Oldest House May Be Demolished
Historian Publishing Book On Frank Glazier
And The Winner Was . . .
More Pioneer Names From Burns Park Log Cabin
To Meet at Hospital
Topic:  Photography
Readers Turn In 36% Of Points For VCR
Three Board Members To Talk On Radio
Historical Happenings Involve:  Depots, Crafts, Bottles, Lincoln, Anniversaries, Valentines

March 1992

President's Corner:  Fund Raising Gala, 'County Goes Country' To Be Held At Bob Lyons' Old-Time Country Store
Karen's Kolumn:  'MOMS' Wearing New Cedar Shingle Roof; Thoughts Turn To Fences, History By Televideo, Exhibits
History Of St. Joseph Hospital To Be Told Sunday, March 15
Readers Collect 43% Of Points For VCR
Dues Paid For 1992?  Check Address Label
Railroad Depot Once Gateway To The World
Is It A Railroad Depot Or A Station?
Argus Meeting April 26
WCHS 'Money' Exhibit At Great Lakes Bancorp
Kempf House Doings
1912 Political Letter Recalls Tragic Incident, The Sad Demise Of An Ann Arbor Congressman
More Pioneer Names From Burns Park Log Cabin
History Happenings Involve:  20th Anniversary, Crafts, Underground Railroad
How To Join WCHS
Certificate Offered

April 1992

Come To Gala April 24th at Bob Lyon's Country Store
President's-Past-President's Corner:  Annual Meeting May 13 At Macon Creek Mill; Book Signing, June Bus Trip, Garden Walk Coming
VCR Point Drive Now Stands At 49 Percent
Certificate Offered
Now Catherine McAuley Health Service:  Growth, Change Keynote St. Joseph Hospital Story
Former Chief Of Staff' Born At St. Joseph's
Working At St. Joe A Family Affair
First Medical Staff At St. Joe Listed
List of Pioneers Names On Logs
Author To Sign Book About Turn of Century Rise And Fall Of Frank P. Glazier Of Chelsea
Bustle A Lifesaver
Financial Overview Of Museum On Main Street Project
Donation Information
April Program Change:  WCHS To Attend Barn Dedication April 26
To Tour Archives
History Happenings Involve:  Walking Trail, Dulcimers, Adobe House, Yankee Air Force
Lunch Lectures Set

May-June 1992

President’s Corner:  Successful Gala Nets $7,500 For WCHS Museum; Drawing Of House, Computer Given Society
Karen's Kolumn:  Thanks To Gala Helpers, Fingerle; Lyons Gives Pre-1913 Local Glass Slide Portraits To WCHS
WCHS Indian Village Bus Tour Set June 13
Old Tools Exhibited
Cobblestone Farm Visitors Center:  Long-Awaited Barn Dedicated April 26
History Happenings Around County
Old Store Caters To Nostalgia With 'Swamproot,' Plug Tobacco, Sarsaparilla, High Button Shoes
Sign WCHS Quilt For Place In History
What Can Happen If You Don't Floss
WCHS Collects 56% Of Points For VCR
WCHS Officers
Garden Walk June 6
Cobblestone Events

September 1992

President's Corner:  Art Fair Booth, Exhibits Occupy Society; WCHS Book Benefit Set October 2-4 At Borders
Karen's Kolumn:  Exterior Restoration Expected To Proceed Fast After Variances Granted; WCHS Seeks Volunteers
Tiger Stadium Is Topic For September 20 Meeting
Quick!  Have You Any Meijer's Certificates?
VCR Points 75% In, Need Rest By October 31
Before Grosse Pointes Developed:  Detroit's Leaders Lived In Indian Village
Thanks For Your Help
Kitchen Calamity:  VIPs For Dinner And The Tapioca Got Scorched
History Happenings Involve:  Quilts, Crafts, 125th Anniversary, Yankee Air Force, Barn Dance, Fall Festival Area Indians
An 1881 County History
Need A Speaker?
President Needs Clerical Help
WCHS Board 1992-93
Certificate Presented
New Dues Schedule

October 1992

President's Corner
Karen's Column
Tour Of The Sharon Mill Winery Oct. 18th
Directions To The Sharon Mill
Ann Arborites Have A Plan, How To Renovate Tiger Stadium
He Flustered Pitcher, Stole Base Backwards
Diamond Had Four Names
Tiger Video:  "Shared Treasures”
"What Is It?" Game Offered Schools And Groups
Historical Society Of Michigan
The John Maynard House
How To Join WCHS
VCR Points
Kempf House Plans Wednesday Brown Bag Lunch Series
Certificates Offered
John Maynard House Open House
Genealogical Society Of Washtenaw County
A Note From Thelma & Esther
Results Of Meijer Coupons

November-December 1992

WCHS To Hear About Thanksgiving's Dutch Connection November 15
WCHS December Meeting At Clements Library; Bring Pictures to Copy
WCHS Museum House, Rescued From Demolition Now Being Restored To Show Washtenaw History
President's Column:  To Give Washtenaw's Past A Future, Please Join WCHS, Support Fund Drive To Finish Museum
House Moved To North Main, Restoration Proceeding
Old Ford Mill A Winery, Henry Would Never Approve
Karen's Column:  WCC To Print Pre-1913 Glass Negatives; Money Tool, Cookbook Displays Preview Museum To Be
New Historic Buildings Book Coming December 1
OWS Arts, Crafts Tour
Cast $ Vote for WCHS Tree At Englander's
Pauline, Karen, Susan Do October Impressions

February 1993

Marzolf, Stevens Will Revisit 1893 Scenes In February 21 Talk
Super Volunteer Chair Needed To Run WCHS Museum On Main Street
Victorian Songs, Vaudeville Entertainment Set For Museum Benefit At Kerrytown Concert House
President's Column:  Happy Happenings: 3rd Prize InTree Trimming, Landscaping 90% In, Moving Toward Opening Day
Dutch Footnotes To American History
De La Noye, Who Came In 1621, An FDR Connection
Need Old Stamps
Clements Library Decked Out In Antique Toys A Festive Setting For WCHS December Meeting
Photographs Priceless Artifacts, Need TLC For Posterity
How To Join, Donate
Picture Of House. Two Family Albums Given
Freedom Churches Mark Major Anniversaries
MOMS Already 'Cooking' With Old Cookbook Display At County Administration Building, 220 N. Main
History Happenings Involve:  Antique Music, Mastodons, Black History, Valentines
Huron Riverfest Set
Karen's Column:  Thanks To Special People For In Kind Gifts, Several Volunteer Opportunities Available
WCHS Aiming For TV-VCR From Knapp's Points
Barn Rehab Meeting Planned For February 20

March 1993

Karen's Column:  Old Picture Of House Confirms Window Details; Society Seeking Funds For Heating, Cooling
Historic Landscapes, U-M Arboretum To Be Slide Show Topic
Have You Renewed Your Membership For 1993?  Do You Want To Join?
Local Landmarks:  Oh What A Difference A Century Makes
Young Entrepreneur Capitalizes On Wreck
European Visitors Find The Name Is Familiar
Dr. Chase 1858 Recipe:  Cider Without Apples
Brown Bag Lectures Set
To Roots By Computer
New Business Owner Seeks Mementos Of Old
Certificates Offered
TV-VCR Drive At 60%
Life Of 19th Century Farm Wife:  A Round Of Washing, Sewing, Baking, Churning, Quilting
Traveling Exhibit, Game Offered Schools, Groups
'Bet He Couldn't Spell It'
History Happenings Involve:  Pioneer Crafts, Corunna, Nature, Easter Bonnets
Stained Glass Census Under Way In Michigan
President's Column:  Mark Your Calendars--Three Opportunities Coming To Enjoy Activities, Help Society, Maybe Four?

April 1993

Karen's Column:  Queen Victoria Would Have Been Right At Home In Kerrytown Parlor; Affair Nets Almost $2500
President's Column:  Preview Of Coming Attractions:  Annual Meeting, Annual Bus Tour To Capitol, Art Fair Parking
Grace Shackman To Give Old West Side Show At April WCHS Meeting
TV-VCR Drive At 63%
How To Join
Landscape Study Leads Down Surprising Paths
Tealdi Most Famous For Arb Peony Garden
History Happenings Involve:  Yesterday's Flowers, Appraisals, Women's State History, Mill Race Village, Beyer Hospital 75th

May 1993

President's Column:  Dates To Remember:  May 19 Potluck, June 19 Bus Tour To Lansing, Art Fair Parking July 21-24
Karen's Column:  WCHS Benefits From Help Of Historic Renovation Specialists; Now Must Apply For Code Variances
Annual Meeting Set At Cobblestone Farm Barn
Restored Capitol, Depot, Mansion On Bus Tour To Lansing June 19
TV-VCR Drive At 66%
Ann Arbor's Old West Side:  Community With A German Heritage
Traveling Exhibit Game Offered Schools, Groups
1904 Hit And Run Threw Editor From Bicycle
Riverfest Events Set
How To Join, Donate
Early 20th Century Rentschler Glass Negatives Printed At WCC; To Be Displayed At May 19 Meeting
Garden Walk June 19 To Benefit New Center
Committee Names Nominees For 1993-94
One-Room School Focus Of May 14 Conference

September 1993

Patricia Austin To Head WCHS In 1993-94; Susan Wineberg Vice-President; Board Members Named
Great Lakes Bancorp, Volunteers Help WCHS Earn $1,762 At Art Fair, Spread Word About Museum
TV-VCR At 76%; Keep Sending Slips
All Aboard For Ann Arbor Railroad Program Sunday, September 26
Hearing On Nomination Of Museum As Individual Historic District
Michigan's Restored Capitol:  Looks Like 1879, Performs For 21st Century
Appearances Deceiving
Trials And Successes Of Replicating Senate Carpet:  Truth Emerges From Chicken Coop
Senate Room Restored To Proper Colors
State Marker Dedicated At 1830s Conant House
Museum Applies For National Register
Fall Festival Sept. 25
Quick!  Have You Any Meijer's $50 Coupons
WCHS Gifts Recall Farmer's And Mechanic's Bank, Sheriff Peterson, 1893 Ann Arbor Street Scene
Certificates Offered
Committee Seeking Information, Helpers
How To Join
Lawn Edger Needed
Thanks To Merchants, Contractor, Kiwanis
Traveling Exhibit Game Offered To Schools, Groups

October 1993

Karen's Column:  Volunteers Paint Fence, Tend Garden At Museum, Carpenter Working To Finish Exterior Details
Two Washtenaw Churches--Ypsilanti Presbyterian, Sharon Methodist Dedicate Historical Markers
TV-VCR At 79%
WCHS To Meet In Old St. Joe Hospital For Nursing History
1890s Photos, Tools, Decorating Tools Given
Saga Of The Ann Arbor Railroad And How It Grew
Local Railroad Built By Hook Or By Crook
Ann Arbor To Toledo 4-1/2 Hour Trip In 1878
Torn Up Branch Line Angers South Lyon
Ann Arbor Line Avoids All But One Major City
Historic Preservation November Program Topic
History Happenings Involve Jiffy Mix Inventor, High Wheel Bikes, Rider House, WCHS Museum
Donated Coupons Make Nine Sets Worth $450
'What Is It' Games Visit Five Schools

November 1993

Karen's Column:  Western Kiwanians Painted And Painted And Painted MoMS Fence, Deserve Tom Sawyer Award
Luncheon, Fashion Show To Benefit WCHS Museum
Historic Preservation Talk By Janet Kreger Planned November 21
Time To Renew WCHS Membership, Society Needs Your Support
Early 20th Century Hospital Care Homey
Scarf On Birdhouse Meant Doctor Is In
Thanks To Dr. Cowie Goiters Now Uncommon
Starched Uniforms Stiff As A Board
How to Elevate Patient
Long Career Of First Nurse In Michigan Women's Hall Of Fame Began In Ann Arbor, Ended In UP
History Happenings:  Involve Holidays, Outhouses, WWII
Next Meeting February 20
Ypsi's 'Real McCoy' Will Be Honored With Marker
WCHS Needs Volunteers For Christmas Sales
TV-VCR Drive At 85%

February 1994

Karen's Column:  Handsome Signs Now Identify Museum On Main; January Exhibit At Library Showcases WCHS
Remember WWII, USO's, Big Bands, Jitterbugging?  'Stage Door Canteen Fifty Years Later' For You
Forest Hill Cemetery Entrance Inspires WCHS February Program
Fashion Luncheon Nets $758 For WCHS Museum
Architecture In Michigan Worth Preserving?  You Bet!
Twelve Ann Arbor Girls Start Sorority In 1898
How To Join WCHS
Civil War Remembered
Ypsilanti Group Hopes To Restore Statue
Railroad Dips Into Bag Of Dirty Tricks To Abandon Line Public Wants
Museum Shop Holiday Sales Total $566
Historic Happenings Involve Old Time Romance, Phones, Barns, Players, Black History Month
TV-VCR Drive Nearing Goal Of 33,283 Points
Play Furniture, Bed Warmer Given WCHS
Huron River Mills March 20 Topic

March 1994

Museum Exterior Pretty Much Ship Shape; Now Interior Needs Expensive Mechanical Systems For A WWII Nostalgia Trip Come To 'Stage Door Canteen 50 Years Later' At Cobblestone Barn
WCHS Ypsilanti Meeting To Hear Prof. McLennan Talk About Huron Mills
Ann Arbor's Forest Hill Cemetery:  Leading Gothic Revival Architect Did Entrance
Washtenaw County Had First Agricultural Fair In State Of Michigan In Ann Arbor In 1848
Call You Date This?
Kempf Brown Bag Lectures Announced
Cubs, Classes Enjoy "What Is It?'' Game
Genealogy By Computer
Certificates Offered
How To Join
History Happenings
TV-VCR Drive At 100% Thanks To Our Readers. Knapp's Restaurants

April 1994

Speaker To Bring Back 'Lost Ann Arbor' At Least On Film . . .
Annual Meeting May 18
Here's The Answer
Exhibit To Feature Recent Donations
Cobblestone Farmhouse Celebrates 150 Years
Huron River Powered Lots Of Mills
Gifts Run Gamut From Civil War To 1990s
Sorority House Tour Set Sunday, April 10
How To Join
Stage Door Canteen 50 Years Later A 'Fab' Party

May 1994

Ypsi's Real McCoy Will Be Honored With Marker
Artifacts To Donate?  Call Collections Chair
Annual WCHS Bus Tour To Visit, Dine At Lavish Lawrence Fisher Mansion In Detroit June 11
Annual Meeting May 18 At Cobblestone Farm Barn Features Potluck, By Laws, 'What Is It?" Game
WCHS Nominees Listed
Lost Ann Arbor Revisited Through Camera Lens
Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank’s Last Deposit
Boarding House Keeper Never Ran Out Of Spuds
Certificates Offered
Stained Glass Census Volunteers Wanted
How To Join
Genealogists To Hear About Migration Routes
History Happenings Involve Drug Store, Phone Exchange, Carillon, Worden, Yard Sale, Picnic
Kempf House Lecture Garden Party Planned
Karen's Column:  If You've Been Plant Sitting Wall Street Flora Now's The Time To Replant Original Plants By House
Four Gardens Featured On Walk June 18
'What Is It'?' Game Offered Schools. Groups

September 1994

Karen's Column:  State Board Approves Our National Register Application, Forwards It To Washington D.C.
Canteen Party Earns A Nifty $3,462.01
Speaker To Discuss History Of Washtenaw Jewish Community
Please Save Knapp's Points For Next Goal
Cost $2 Million In 1926; No Expense Spared On Detroit Mansion
New Owner Digs Up Dogs' Silver Caskets
Prohibition No Problem
Of Fisher's 'Loves' Wife Ranks Ninth
Our Kellogg Family Has Cape Cod, Mayflower Connections
Patricia Austin Heads WCHS Slate For 1994-95; Members Approve Revised, Expanded By-Laws
Wine, Cheese Party, Fashion Luncheon Planned This Fall
Certificates Offered
Fall Festival Set

October 1994

Karen's Column:  It's Official--Museum House Now On National Register Of Historic Places; More About Kelloggs
WCHS Has 36% Of Points For Acid Free Boxes
Settlement Of Superior Township October Topic
Can You Help Prepare A Time Capsule?
Artifacts To Donate?  Call Collections Chair
From Small Beginnings:  Washtenaw Jewish Community Now Serves All Facets Of Judaism
Bylaws Proposed Changes:  Washtenaw County Historical Society
Early Jewish Business And Professionals Listed
History Happenings
Elizabeth Dusseau Boosts Capital Fund Drive With $25,000 Toward Finishing Museum
'Stuff It' Party-Goers Stuff Selves At Potluck, Then Stuff 5,000 Brochure Mailing In A Hurry
Wine, Cheese Party, Fashion Luncheon Planned This Fall
Dr. Doll Has Full Story On Cornwell Mill Dam

November 1994

Karen's Column:  Building Permit Applied For; Team Effort By Contractors To Install Mechanical Systems
Ann Arbor Railroad Program, Part II, Set For November 13
WCHS Has 42.5% Of Points For Acid Free Boxes
Coming Programs Listed
Superior Township:  Early Settler Thought It Deserved That Name
It’s All In Where You Are Going To!
Washtenaw Impressions Launched 51 Years Ago, Alice Ziegler Completes 20 Years As Editor
It Was News In 1894
Artifacts To Donate?  Call Nancy McKinney
How To Join
'What Is It?' Game Offered To Schools, Groups
Certificates Offered
Argus Projectors, Crazy Quilt, Dr. Chase Book, Old Axe, 4-H Ribbon Among Gifts To WCHS
History Happenings Involve Christmas Sings, Trees, Walk, Open House, Even 'Belschnickels' Gifts, Pledges To WCHS Capital Fund Drive Reach $33,035 To Date, President Announces
Christmas Sing Set Sunday, November 27
Can You Help Prepare A Time Capsule?
Unsolved Mystery
Membership Dues Due?

February 1995

Miss Doris Anna Bach Signs WCHS Signature Quilt
Karen's Column:  WCHS Grant Proposal Seeking Museum Funds; Building Board Grants All Variances Needed
Black History Exhibit
A.P. Marshall To Talk On Ypsi Black History, Underground Railroad
WCHS Spring Fund Raiser To Be Barn Dance April 7
Ann Arbor Railroad, Part II:  Ashley Lost Railroad But It Keeps Rolling
On To Lake Michigan By Hook Or By Crook
Railroad Hauled Just About Everything
White Stripe 'Kitty' Causes Panic Stop
Barn Restoration To Be March 19 Topic
Artifacts To Donate?
19th Century Ann Arbor Jewish Families Moved On
History Happenings
Christmas Social Fun, Benefits WCBS By $217
Certificates Offered
Museum Shop Clears $362 In Holiday Sales
How To Join
1885 Wedding Dress Donated To WCHS
WCHS Has 77% Of Points For Acid-Free Boxes

March 1995

Kick Up Your Heels And Do-Si-Do April 7 To Benefit WCHS's Museum On Main Street
Karen's Column:  Washtenaw Was On Underground Railroad, Helped Slaves To Freedom But Documenting Hard To Find
Barn Restorer To Talk, Show Slides About His Work Sunday, March 19
WCHS Has 92% Of Points For Acid Free Boxes
April Topic:  Downtown
A.P. Marshall Tells About:  Some Blacks To Be Remembered In Ypsilanti
Station Managers On Underground
Ypsilanti Black Civil War Volunteers, 1863-65
Certificates Offered
Ann Arbor C. Of C., Board Of Realtors, U-M Coop Housing, Two Churches Mark Anniversaries
'What Is It?' Game Offered To Schools, Groups
Artifacts To Donate?
Ann Arbor Made Piano Given WCHS By Milan Donor
How To Join
Brown Bag Lectures Set
History Happenings
Topic:  Using Libraries For Family Research

April 1995

Karen's Column:  Contractor Installing Heating And Cooling Duct Work In Museum House--A Welcome Step Forward
Pupils, Adults Puzzle Over 'What Is It?' Games
WCHS Annual Meeting Set May 31 At Dixboro
Artifacts To Donate?
Evolution Of Downtown Ann Arbor Will Be Grace Shackman's Topic
Certificates Offered
WCHS Goes Over Goal For Knapp's Points Thanks To Readers
Ted Micka Restores Barns, Even Basket Cases
Mill Built In 1823 By Judge Kellogg Still Operating
Things Were Looking Up When Mill Was Built
Happenings Involve Quilts. Deli, One-Room School, Depot Museum, Women's Month Exhibit WCHS Signature Quilt Bears Some Famous Names But We'd Like To Know More; Can You Help?
Brown Bag Lectures Set
'What Is It?' Game Offered Schools, Groups
How To Join

May 1995

Gary Kuehnle To Talk About WCHS Collection At Annual Potluck
Annual Bus Tour To Visit Rural Sharon Township, Lunch At 1876 Sharon United Methodist Church
Karen's Column:  Museum House Surprise--Wallpaper Hung Backward; Need Volunteers To Remove Paper, Clean Up Yard
Main Street. Ann Arbor:  From Shoes, Hardware To Gourmet Dining, Art Galleries
Bloody Corners
F. D. R. -Truman Exhibit From Kelley Collection
Art Fair Parking
How To Join
WCHS Bylaws Board Approved Changes
Nominees For 1995-96
Mug, Magnet For Sale To Help Museum
Please Collect Knapp's Points This Summer
History Happenings
Garden Walk June 10
Readers Asked To Nominate Local Persons Active In Women's Suffrage Movement For Honor Roll
Barn Dance Fun Benefits WCHS To Tune Of $2,371 Thanks To Deborah Hildebrandt And Committee
John Allen’s Father Fiddled At First Dance Hereabouts

September 1995

WCHS Thanks Special Helpers In Past Year
GLB Helps WCHS Earn $1,655 At Art Fair
Pat Austin, Not Nancy Drew, Solved A Mystery
Dr. Hildebrandt To Tell WCHS About lnterurbans
Susan Wineberg To Head WCHS In 1995-96
October 15 Speaker
Sharon Township Bus Tour:  Gives Glimpses Of 19th Century Washtenaw
When Dancers Were Stuck In The Mud
Vintage Poutin' House
Race Went To The Swift in Naming Township
Manchester Bank Shared Wealth With Sharon
Gary Kuehnle Shows Sampling Of WCHS Collection
Effective Correspondence GSWC Topic September 24
Webster Fall Festival Set September 23
Please Keep Collecting Knapp's Points For WCHS
Certificates Offered
'What Is It?' Game Offered Schools, Groups
Artifacts To Donate?
How To Join

October 1995

Ella Grenier Kept 'MoMS' Garden Beautiful All Summer Through Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry Weather
Bentley Genealogist To Talk October 15
19th Century Jewish History Nov. Topic
Position Available; Grant Will Fund It
Street Cars, Interurbans Used To Be The Way To Go
Blind Curve Spells Disaster
History Happenings Around The County
June Tour Afterglow
Please Keep Collecting Knapp's Points For WCHS
How To Join
Dobbs, Squires Elected To Endowment Committee
Artifacts To Donate?
Appointees Named

November 1995

Karen's Column:  Old-Fashioned Roses, Lilacs Replanted Around WCHS Museum On Main Street
Portable Museum Shop Needs Volunteer Clerks
Senior Group Enjoys 'What Is It’ Game
November Speaker Will Talk About Little Known Part Of Local History
Knapp's Points Growing, Please Keep Collecting
Historic Bridges February 18 Topic
Have Genealogy Bug? --Here's How To Treat It
Ladies, It's Not Nice To Fool Uncle Sam
Better Late Than Never
How To Join
Artifacts To Donate?
History Happenings Around The County

February 1996

Karen's Column:  Sprinkler System Complete, Telephone System Installed, Calls Forwarded To President
Laura McNab Named Education Coordinator:  Volunteer Speakers On Historical Topics Sought
Professor Hyde To Talk About Historic Bridges
Spring Fund Raiser Set May 3 To Feature Fun
WCHS Has 48% Of Knapp's Points Toward New Goal
Stepping Stone A Clue To Lost History
Text Of Marker
"What Is It?' Game Offered To Schools, Groups
How To Join
Certificates Offered
Artifacts To Donate
Around The County
Four-Year-Old's Jaunt Hair Raising For Mom
Two Blunders Noted In Washington Painting

March 1996

Karen's Column:  Electricians Offer Gift Worth Waiting For; Kiwanians Volunteer To Do More Painting
Catered May Day Dinner, Vaudeville And Other Old Time Leisure Pastimes Theme Of Fund Raiser
Story Of Michigan's Early Plant Nursery To Be Told March 17
Speakers Needed
A New Word In Bridge History:  Preservation
Only Three Original Covered Bridges Left
Canton, Ohio Firm Made Our 1876 Foster Bridge
Railroad Whistle Causes Fast Exit
Panic Stop Saves Bridge
Historic Preservation Conference Here
Certificates Offered
WCHDC Works To Protect Things Historic
Bell Road Bridge Spans Huron River At Dover
How To Join
Around The County
April Topic Told
Artifacts To Donate?

April 1996

Karen's Column:  Of Candles, Lanterns And Electrical Work; Of Brainstorming Session Saturday April 27
WCHS Asked To Do Time Capsule For Building
Mrs. Steneck's Topic:  Lives Of U-M Faculty Wives In Mid-1800s
WCHS Has 65% Of Knapp's Points Toward New Goal
Annual Meeting May 15
Certificates Offered
Two-Part Program:  Of Jefferson's Garden; Of Utopia On The Wabash
Rappites From Swabia Like Local Germans
Around The County
Mary E. Foster Made A Name For Herself In 19th Century Ann Arbor; Award Commemorates It
Fund Raiser Cancelled
'What Is It?' Game Offered To Schools, Groups
Slate Of Nominees For 1996-97
Brown Bag Lecture Set

May 1996

Karen's Column:  Brainstorming Session Generates Lots Of Ideas
'What Is It?' Game Offered Schools, Groups
Annual Potluck May 15 Will Fete John Allen's 200th Birthday
WCHS Has 69% Of Knapp's Points Toward New Goal
WCHS Finery Of Past On Display In May
At Home In Ann Arbor -- 19th Century Style
Miss Clark Took Her Cherries As They Came
Dancers Trip Not So Light Fantastic
WCHS Annual Bus Tour June 8, Will Visit Several Historic Sites Along the Maumee River In Ohio
It Might Have Been
Artifacts To Donate?
Around the County
Certificates Offered
How To Join

September 1996

Karen's Column:  MoMS Serene On Outside This Summer But Lots Of Plumbing Activity On The Inside
Museum Shop Needs Volunteer Director
Certificates Offered
Coordinator Hired To Develop Loan Boxes
'What Is It?' Game Offered Schools, Groups
Steinway Art-Case Pianos September Topic
"Tea And Trains" Fund Raiser At Gandy Dancer Planned November 9
WCHS Has 80% Of Knapp's Points Toward Goal
Timely Topic
John Allen:  Personal Misfortunes Led To Founding Of Ann Arbor
Be A Fan Of The Museum
MoMS On State Register
Around The County
Fund Raising Committee At Work This Summer
Bus Tour Visits:  Maumee River Valley---Corridor Of History
The Queen's Subjects
Chiefs Stamping Ground
Artifacts To Donate?
Seeking Sponsorship
1996-97 Officers, Directors Listed
How To Join

October 1996

Karen's Column:  Ella Greinier Given Golden Trowel Award; Life Before Electricity Loan Box Ready
Formal Tea At Gandy Dancer November 9, Slide Tour Of Railroad Depots To Benefit WCHS
Seeking Sponsorship
Campaign Memorabilia Collectors To Share Adventures October 20
November 17 Meeting Set
WCHS Has 89% Of Knapp's Points Toward Goal
Snow Plowing Needed, Parking Available
Martha Cook Steinway -- Not Your Ordinary Grand Piano
By Their Tool Boxes He Would Know Them
Did U-M Dormitory Get Piano Because Of Other Woman
WCHS, Ypsilanti Historical Societies Will Jointly Put On Holiday Exhibit At Briarwood
Artifacts To Donate?
Certificates Offered
How To Join
'What Is It?' Game Offered Schools, Groups
Around The County
Sales Coordinator Needed For Holidays

November 1996

Karen's Column:  MoMS News:  Rough Plumbing Finished, Fraleigh To Plow Sidewalks, Applying For Federal Funds
WCHS, Ypsilanti Historical Society Will Stock 'Stores' On History Lane At Briarwood Mall
Peggy Haines To Give Tips On Using County Records For Research
Next Meeting February 23
WCHS Has 96% Of Knapp's Points Toward Goal
Several Donors Will Co-Sponsor Newsletter
Fans Donate $5,180 To Museum On Main Street
Collections Of Recall Campaigns Of Yester-Year:  Cass For President, We Want Willkie, Dewey Defeats Truman
Old Typewriter Gets Him Political Jobs
Find Comes From Unexpected Source
Political Memorabilia Includes Fly Swatters
Unwanted Observer
Fish Bites Man
How To Join
'Before Electricity' Loan Box, ‘What Is It?’ Games Offered By WCHS
New Director Named
Around The County
Artifacts To Donate?

February 1997

Karen's Column:  Museum Electrical Work Begun; History Lane Exhibit Put Interesting Artifacts On View
Dr. Bidlack Will Tell Story Of Ann Allen For Whom City Named
Knapp's Goal Topped, On Our Way to New Goal
Appraisal Of Antiques Event Set April 12
March 16 Topic Set
County Clerk/Register Of Deeds Tells:  How To Find Your Way Among Grantors, Grantees Land Measure
He's One And The Same
Arlene Schmid Honored
1823 Kellogg Mill Has Water Problem
State Preservation Meeting Set April 11-12
Schools Using 'Life Before Electricity' Box
Around the County
To Rent:  Parking Spaces - To Sell:  Birdseye Maps
Fans Donate $5,890 To Museum On Main Street
Briarwood Invitation, WCHS & YHS Artifacts Volunteer Staff Combine To Make Great Exhibit
Director Resigns
Reminder, Readers, Membership Dues Due
'Tea & Trains' Raises $650 On Nostalgia 'Trip'
Artifacts To Donate?

March 1997

Karen's Column:  Such Good News!  WCHS Receives $11,000 Grant To Restore Interior Of Museum On Main Street
Dumouchelle Gallery Appraiser Will Evaluate Hand-Carried Antiques Saturday, April 12
Story Of Washtenaw's Early Plant Nursery To Be Told March 16
WCHS Has 3,261 Points, New Goal To Be Set
The Story Of Ann Allen, Ann Arbor's First Lady
Among Lots Of Myths Of How Ann Arbor Was Named The Real Story Emerges From His Research
Captain Spares Barn, Goes On To Greater Things
Around The County
Well-Traveled 300-Year-Old Huguenot Bible, Ann Allen's Prize Possession, Presented To WCHS
April Topic Announced
How To Join
Artifacts To Donate?
What's It, Loan Box Making Rounds
Thanks, Ladies
Certificates Offered

April 1997

Karen's Column:  Wallpaper Removal Experiment Needs Volunteers, Architects Preparing Documents For MoMS Work
Slandering T.R.
WCHS Has 3,665 Points
Washtenaw Villages Grace Shackman's Topic April 20 In Saline
Annual Potluck Will Be At Former Ford Mill In Macon May 21
Nominated For 1997-98
Fruit Cultivation In Early Washtenaw County
'Edible' Wild Fruits Of Early Washtenaw
Leading 19th Century Fruit Varieties Grown
What's It?  Loan Box Making Rounds
Tomboy, Opera Singer Tied To Doll Given WCHS
How To Join
Artifacts To Donate?
Around The County
Historic District Meetings Listed
Certificates Offered

May 1997

Karen's Column:  Architects Complete Plans For Restoration, Mosaic Foundation Donates Rest Of Funding
WCHS Bus Tour Will Explore Parts Of Western Washtenaw, Jackson Counties Saturday, June 7
Annual Meeting At Macon Mill, Program On Ford Village Industries
Introduction To Four Washtenaw Villages
CRC Museum Open House Set Sunday, May 18
WCHS Has 26.5% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
Artifacts To Donate?
Thanks, Co-Sponsors
'What's It' Game Offered Schools, Groups
Congratulations, Pam
Around The County
Antiques Appraisals Huge Success
Need Volunteers For Art Fair Parking, Museum Shop Sales At Kempf House
How To Join

September 1997

Karen's Column:  Bids Due, Wallpaper Removed, Church Group Scrapes, Paints Fence Of Museum On Main Street
WCHS Again Invited To Do History Lane Exhibit At Briarwood Mall
September Program:  How To Tell If Antique Fake, Fraud, Or Genuine
Volunteers Needed At History Lane During Holiday Season
WCHS 1997 Bus Tour:  Shun-Piking To Jackson Via Scio Church, Brooklyn, Hanover
Scio Church
On To Brooklyn
Evolution At Clark Lake
On To Hanover
On To Jackson
An Economist Looks At Ford Village Industries
Art Fair Activities Raise $1,200 For WCHS
Certificates Offered
How To Join

October 1997

Karen's Column:  Completed Rough Electrical Work Bright Spot; Bidding On Interior Wall Repair Disappointing
WCHS Readying Book Of Old Ann Arbor Photos To Sell At Briarwood History Lane Exhibit 'Toledo:  Michigan Or Ohio?'  Toledoan's Topic October 19
Patricia Austin Resigns After 19 Years Of Dedicated Service
Restorationist Tells:  What Is Antique?  How Can You Tell If It's Genuine?
Old-Fashioned Sawyer's Job—It Was The Pits
New 'Old' Chair Fools Experts
'What's It?' Game, Loan Box Offered By WCHS
Artifacts To Donate?
November Program
Genealogy Society Plans Workshop November 8
WCHS Has 39% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
How To Join
Certificates Offered

November 1997

Karen's Column:  Opening Soon At Briarwood:  History Lane Exhibit
Ann Arbor Book Put On Hold, WCHS Will Offer 1896 Headlight Reprints At History Lane
Marianne Behler Will Talk About Preserving Photos November 16
WCHS Has 50% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
Have You Signed Up To Help At History Lane?
How To Join
By Rights, It Should Have Been Toledo, Michigan
Washington Irving Inspires City Name
State Line Splits Some Homes Down Middle
Michigan Lost Toledo War But Gained Two Peninsulas
'Good Fences Make Good Neighbors'
Around The County
Artifacts To Donate?
West Side Methodist 150 Years Old In 1997

February 1998

History Lane Exhibit At Briarwood Bigger, Better
In A Class By Herself
Patricia Austin Voted Honorary Life Member
Thanks To Volunteers Who Staffed Exhibit
Pam Newhouse Will Share Gettysburg Research At February 15 Meeting
Shopping Malls Will Be WCHS Topic March 15
Tips For Preserving Family Photos, History
Certificates Offered
Artifacts To Donate?
1880 Birdseye Map, 1896 'Headlight' For Sale
Preservation Conference
WCHS Has 63% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
Book Show, Fair April 5
Book Committee Gearing Up After Holiday Break To Produce 'Ann Arbor Revisited' Photo Book
Washtenaw--A Puzzling Name For Chippewa
Karen's Column:  House News:  WCHS Must Re-Bid Grant Work, Finish Work Begins On Museum Shop, Upper Rooms
WCHS Planning Stained Glass Tour June 13
'What's It?' Game, Loan Box Offered By WCHS
How To Join

March 1998

Hidden Original Doorway Of MoMS Discovered, House Now Thought Built In Just Two Phases
Early Malls The Topic, Arborland The Place Sunday, March 15
Appraisal Event Set Saturday, April 25
Nancy Bryk Joins Board
WCHS Has Louis Doll's Book About Glazier
Codori Farm At Gettysburg:  From Farmland To Battlefield Burial Ground In Three Days
Prep Schoolmates Meet Again
Where Was General Pickett At The Charge?
Rebel Yell?  No, It’s Yankee Huzzah
WCHS Dolls Go To Valentine Tea At Kempf House
Around The County
Have You Joined For 1998?
WCHS Planning Stained Glass Tour June 13
Note Of Thanks
WCHS Has 70% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
Ypsi's Automotive Heritage April Topic

April 1998

Re-Bidding On MoMS Work Successful, Look For Sign That Will Be Posted When Work Begins
Dumouchelle Gallery Reps Will Appraise Hand-Carried Antiques Saturday, April 25
Jack Miller Will Talk About Ypsi's Auto Heritage April 19
'Princess Diana' Beanie Baby To Be Raffled
Annual Meeting, Drawing To Be May 20 In Saline
Congratulations Ina, Mike--It's A Girl
Development Of America's Early Malls And Commercial Strips
Letter About "Princess" Beanie Baby Raffle Books/Map
Available Remaining Spring 1998 Programs
G. W. Pray Exhibit Dedicated At U-M
Have You Joined For 1998?
Artifacts To Donate?
Around The County
Stained Glass Tour Will Visit Historic Churches
WCHS Has 72% Of Points Needed For Memory Book

May 1998

Museum Shop, Smallest Room In House, Finished; Grant Work Officially Begun On Interior Jobs
Annual Meeting, Drawing To Be May 20 In Saline
Beanie Baby 'Princess' Raffle Now Licensed
Stained Glass Tour Will Visit Historic Churches
Ypsilanti Helped Put America On Wheels
Still The Largest
Ann Arbor Car--One Of A Kind
How To Join
Is Your Name On Our Signature Quilt Yet?
Thanks To Arlene Schmid For Work With Schools
Slate Of Nominees
Antiques Appraisals By DuMouchelle Gallery Another Success
Artifacts To Donate?
WCHS Thanks Businesses For Their Support
Church Celebrates Sesquicentennial
Around The County WCHS Has 74% Of Points Needed For Memory Book

September 1998

Karen's Column:  MoMS Grant Work Completed, Surprises Continue, Columnist Visits Kelloggsville, New York
'Ann Arbor In 1849 Gold Rush:  Letters Home' Russell Bidlack's Topic
Two Members Honored
WCHS Has 88% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
A Feast For The Eye:  A Sampling Of Stained Glass In Detroit
St. Anne's Second Oldest Parish In United States
Tomb Of U-M Co-Founder In Chapel At St. Anne's
Raffle Winners Told
No More Bus Tours?
WCHS Visits Saline Depot Museum, Red Caboose Before Annual Potluck At Presbyterian Church
Dayton Lures Kerry, Galen
Certificates Offered
Survey Comments
1998-99 Officers Elected
Around The County
How To Join

October 1998

Karen's Column: Before, After Pictures Show Progress; Thanks To Ella Our 'Gardening Angel'; Please Sign Quilt
Carpenter Tool Collector Will Speak October 18
WCHS Has 96% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
WCHS Needs Education, Museum Shop Chairs
November Topic Told
Ann Arbor's 49ers Found Hunger, Disease, Accidents Along Gold Rush Trails To California
I Won't If You Won't
They Didn't All Make It
Romance On The Trail
Old House Research
'Ann Arbor's First Lady', 'Historic Buildings' Authors To Sign Books November 5 At Nicola's Certificates Offered
Artifacts To Donate?
CRC To Get National Award
How To Join
Around The County

November 1998

Karen's Column:  Pat Thompson Volunteers For MoMs Garden Job; Still Need Education Chair, Quilt Signatures
Dr. Whitesell To Talk About Restoration Of Detroit Observatory
WCHS Remembers Carol Freeman
WCHS Has 100+% Of Points Needed For Memory Book
Antique Tools Shaped Wood With Elbow Grease
Mysterious J.Q. Hay Signed MoMs Doorpost
February Topic Told
One Chair Filled, One To Go
Judge Kellogg's Partner In New York Mill Later Settled In Webster, Converted To Universalism Around the County

February 1999

Detroit Observatory Restored To 1854 Appearance
Karen's Column:  Lots Of Details Need To Be Finished Before Museum On Main Street Opens; Need Handy Person
Speaker To Talk About History Of US-12, Sauk Trail February 21
WCHS Has Good Start On Next Knapp's Goal
Quilt Needs Signers
Tappan's Observatory Led Way To Modern Research University
Restoration Problems Include Old Mercury
French Snub Darwin, As 'Not In First Rank'
'Elegant' Mansard Roofs Condemned As Fire Hazard
Around The County
How To Join
Artifacts To Donate?
Preservation Network Conference In Monroe
What's It? Game, Loan Boxes Offered By WCHS

March 1999

Ruthruff Family Saw Hard Times On Ann Arbor's Wall Street During Pre-, Post-Civil War Periods
Interior Restoration Continues Apace, Lights Operable, Museum Opening Committee At Work See Early Images Of Great Lakes Country March 21 At Clements
WCHS Has 41% Of Points Needed For Next Goal
Sneak Preview Museum On Main Street
May 23rd Mark Your Calendars Now!
Mastodons, Indians, Trappers, Pioneers Followed Same Route
Tower, Spite Tower Overlook Irish Hills
Now That's Doing Real Land Office Business
Restoring Old Books WCHS April 18 Topic

April 1999

Karen's Column:  Come, Meet The Museum On Main Street--A Sneak Preview Sunday, May 23 Book Conservator Jim Craven To Talk April I 8 At U-M Bentley Library
WCHS Has 49% Of Points Needed For Next Goal
Images Of The Great Lakes Before Photography
Fanciful Flora
These Bears Were In The Dog House
Wall Street House Must Have Been Crowded, Lively When The Ruthruff Family Was Home Or Visited
What's It? Game, Loan Boxes Offered By WCHS
Annual Meeting June 16

May 1999

Karen's Column:  First Piano In Michigan West Of Detroit Featured At Museum Open House Dear Members And Friends Of The Washtenaw County Historical Society
WCHS Has 50% Of Knapp's Points Toward Goal
WCHS Annual Meeting Pot Luck Wednesday, June 16
Jim Craven Practices An Ancient Art:  CPR For Books
Correction:  Mix-Up Of The Two Lauras
Three Ruthruff Sons Served In Civil War
Chronology 1015 Wall Street
Certificates Offered
What's It? Game, Loanboxes Offered By WCHS
Artifacts To Donate?
Around The County
Two Signature Quilts:  A Bit Of Local Who's Who Of The 19th And 20th Century Names Congratulations, Peggy

September 1999

Susan Cee Wineberg:  WCHS Mourns The Death Of Editor Alice Ziegler
Karen Koykka O'Neal: Sneak Preview A Huge Success
1999-2000 Officers Elected New Directors-At-Large Appointed
Garden Report Pat Thompson
Around The County
Highlights Of The Annual Meeting:  Speakers Discuss Sprawl And Land Preservation Issues Wish List For The Museum
Geddes Letters Come Back To Washtenaw
Certificates Offered
Artifacts To Donate
Pancake Supper Will Feature Kellogg Flour
"What's It?" Game & Loan Boxes
Thanks to Our Volunteers & Donors
Art Fair Parking Gleans Over $600
How To Join
Next Month's Program
Beach Ball Fundraiser Underway
Knapp's Points New Coordinator

October 1999

Susan Cee Wineberg:  Pancake Supper A Success
Dale Leslie:  Dr. Aaron Edwards:  Ann Arbor's Heroic Pediatrician
"What's It?" Game & Loan Boxes
Artifacts To Donate
Harriet Arnow:  Some Musings On The Nature Of History:  The Clarence Burton Memorial Lecture 1968-69
Three Free Houses Available From City
Beach Balls Are Rolling
Happenings Around The County
County Groups At A Glance
Wish List For The Museum
Knapp's Points
Mark Your Calendars For Our Holiday Event
Certificates Offered
Scenic Drives From 1899
How To Join
Noon Lecture Series At Kempf House

November 1999

Susan Cee Wineberg Antique Toys On Display For The Holidays
Patricia Thompson:  The Garden Is Put To Bed
Docents Needed
Knapp's Points
Artifacts To Donate
David L. Lewis:  Henry Ford:  Legend, Legacy And Local Landmarks
Genealogical Society Meets
WCHS Program Schedule November 1999-June 2000
Local Businesses Support Our Newsletter
Happenings Around the County
How To Join
Detroit Observatory Has Lectures & Open Houses
Oak Boards Available

January-February 2000

Susan Cee Wineberg:  Open Houses Showcase Our Collections And Kwanzaa
Ted 1. Ligibel:  Henry Ford's Village Industries
Detroit Observatory Has Lectures & Open Houses
Wishes, Wishes, Wishes
Historic Building To Be Designated
How To Join
Susan Cee Wineberg:  Open Houses Showcase Our Collections And Kwanzaa
Beach Balls Still Have Some Bounce
Visit Our Museum Shop
Artifacts To Donate
WCHS Program Schedule
Memberships Being Renewed
Local Businesses Support Our Newsletter
Docents Needed
Around The County
Next Program

March 2000

Harry Bennett-Hatchet Man, Architect, Artist, And Animal Lover Mary Culver
Antiques In April
Attention Teachers!
Knapps Points Have Changed
New Items In Our Collection
Salem Bam Is Saved
Movies On A White Sheet Dale Leslie
Our Endowment Is Growing
WCHS Program Schedule
Two Board Members Resign
One More Business Supports Our Newsletter
Still Wishing
Around The County
Next Program

April 2000

Louis Wm. Doll, Ph.D.:  Frances Caspary, Soprano
African American Sites Tour Inaugurated
Are You Electronic?
The Story Of The Argus Camera Company-Joe O'Neal: Radios In The Winter-Cameras In The Summer
New Item On Display From Our Collections
Slate Chosen For May Elections
Another Sad Announcement
Tour To Midland Now With Bus
New Church History Out
20th Annual Preservation Conference
WCHS Program Schedule
Around The County
Next Program

May 2000

Antiques Appraisal A Huge Success
Next Program
June Trip
Knapps Points Have Changed
Want An Economy Bailer
How To Join
Alden Dow's Buildings In Ann Arbor-Grace Shackman:  Gardens Never End And Buildings Never Begin
Garden Grant Received
Alden Dow’s Ann Arbor Buildings
Farms Preserved In Washtenaw
Around The County
Cemetery Attacked

September 2000

We Are Exhibiting!
September Program
WCHS Members Tour Alden Dow Home And Studio In Midland
Pat Thompson:  Garden Update
JiffY Mix And Chelsea Milling:  A Holmes Family Enterprise For Over 100 Years
House Update
Events And Lectures
Mark Our Fall Program Dates
Kempf House Lectures Start
Summer Brings New Donations
Museum Shop Needs Manager
How To Join
Kudos And Applause
Attention All Teachers
Around Town
Around The County

October 2000

House Update
October Program
Presidential Politics With A Local Flavor
Mark These Dates For Our Programs
Museum Shop Still Needs Manager
Around The County
Around The State
Observatory Lecture Series Announced
The Tour De Sprawl Is Eye Opening
New Book Published On Huron River
Kempf House Lectures Continue
How To Join
Around The Town
New Exhibit Of Political Memorabilia
Knapps Points Move Ahead
Recent Donations
Attention All Teachers:  Loan Boxes & What's It? Game Available
Longtime Board Member Retires
2000-2001 Officers Elected
Do We Measure Up?

November 2000

Collecting Memorabilia Of Women In American Politics
November Program
Come Down And Visit
Around The Town
More Items Given To WCHS
Future Programs
Around The County
How To Join
Love Dolls?
The Garden Keeps A Bloomin'
Another One Bites The Dust
You Measure Up

February 2001

Northfield Harvest, Or All You Ever Wanted To Know About Northfield Township:  Wystan Stevens
February Program
Future Programs
Around The County
Around The Town
UM Detroit Observatory's Winter Lecture Series
Snow Hampers Xmas Open House
Judge Samuel Dexter's House To Be Sold By U-M
Panoramic Maps From Library Of Congress
New Member On Board
Lightning Rod Wanted
How To Join
You Really Measure Up!
Masonic Items Donated

March 2001

The Letters Of Washtenaw County Pioneer John Geddes 1825-1844: Dear Brother
March Program
Around The County
Around The Town
Future Programs
Loan Boxes Help Prisoners
Knapp’s Points Still Accepted
A Year Of Exhibits Planned!
Detroit Is 300

April 2001

New Exhibit Is Fantastic!
Museum Now Open
April Program
Washtenaw County Has A New Facility
Saline Celebrates Orange Risdon
Around The State
Knapps Points Update
Around The County
Future Programs
How To Join
Around The Town
House Update
Collections Keep Growing
Brainstorming Session Held
Geddes Family Update
Slate For Elections At Annual Meeting

May 2001

The House At 411 N. State By Louis Wm. Doll
May Program
A Tour Of The Detroit Observatory:  Dr. Patricia Whitesell, Director
House Update
Historic Travel Has A Web Site
We Are Winners!
How To Join
Around The Town
Around The Area
Future Programs
Help Park Cars During Art Fair
Around The County
More Exhibits Planned
Still More On John Geddes
"Do You Have A Few Hours To Spare?" President Pauline Walters Asks
Board Member Resigns
June Trip To Cranbrook
Recent Donations
Back Issues Of Impressions Needed

September 2001

Many Exhibits Planned
How To Join
September Program
Weddon Wows Washtenaw
The 2001 June Trip By Louisa Pieper
Annual Meeting Draws A Crowd
Lanterns And More Appear Over The Summer
New Volunteer A Great Help
WCHS Board News
Program Schedule 2001-2001
News From Collections Chair
Fund Raising Efforts Continue
Donation Helps Us Stay Open Longer
Around The Town
Attention All Teachers!
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
First Free Church Of Michigan In Superior Township
We Are Winners!
Website Being Created

October 2001

The Rentschler Farm Museum Saline, Michigan By Agnes Dikeman
November Program
A Taste Of Salt By Wayne Clements
Doris Ann Bach Estate Left To WCHS
Program Schedule 2001-2001
Around The Town
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
Your Museum
Oldest House?
Sad News
Winners Again!
Back Issues Wanted

November 2001

Museum Shop Has Lots Of Goodies
New Exhibit Debuts This Month
February Program
The Story Of Milan And The Hack House By Warren Hale:  Milan Area Historical Society
Your Museum
Around The Town
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
Program Schedule 2001-2002

February 2002

New Exhibit On Saline History
Volunteers Needed
March Program
Freedom Bound:  The Underground Railroad In Washtenaw County By Carol Mull
A History Of Chelsea From Residents' Memories By Cynthia Furlong Reynolds
Around The Town
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
Your Museum
Program Schedule 2002
We Need ...

March 2002

Upcoming Exhibits
Your Museum
April Program
The Story Of The Buffalo Soldiers By James T. Mays:  Parade Marshall
Program Schedule 2002
The Old Ladies Home Association By Louis Wm. Doll
Around The Town
Around The County
Website Underway
Program Coordinator Needed

April 2002

Annual Meeting To Be Held May 15
Dentistry At The University Of Michigan:  Tammy L. Szatkowski-Reeves Curator, Sindecuse Museum
Around The Town
Around The County
Donation A Nice Way To Remember Friends
Volunteer Opportunities
Beyond Washtenaw
Life Member Dies Former
Board Member Wins Award
Your Museum

May 2002

Love Wedding Dresses?
Katherine Dexter McCormick:  Dexter Native Who Helped Change The World By Rachel Szymanski
Garden News By Pat Thompson
Your Museum
Historical Museums In Washtenaw County (partial)
Resolutions July 2001-June 2002 Washtenaw County Historical Society
Bach Committee Recommends AXA By Tom Freeman, Chair, Bach Bequest Committee
Around The Town
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
Historical Consortium Is Productive By Louisa Pieper
Underground Railroad Tours This Summer
Gordon Hall Update By Paul Cousins

September 2002

Good Byes And Hellos At The Annual Meeting
Next Program
The Ypsilanti Water Street Project
Your Museum
Sad News
Around Campus
Art Fair Parking Helps WCHS
Program Schedule 2002-2003
Around The Town
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
Kudos And More
What Is It???

October 2002

Masons Of Washtenaw Exhibit Is A Big Hit
Next Program
Dr. Alvan Wood Chase And His 19th Century Recipe Book:  Janice Longone
Your Museum
Quote Of The Day
Love 19th Century Style
Automobile National Heritage Area (ANHA) Rolling Along
Graveyard Gatherings
Program Schedule 2002-2003
Do You Want To Be A Docent?
Washtenaw County Historical Society Annual Report
July 1, 200l-June 30, 2002
Income and Expenses July 1, 2001-June 30, 2002
Around The Town
Remember When
Around The County
Bumper Stickers Keep Us 'Rolling Along'
Happy 100th Birthday
Support The Impressions

November 2002

Museum Shop Has Lots Of Goodies
Next Program
'G' Stands For Geometry:  The Masons Of Washtenaw County
Jimmy Carter Memorabilia On Display
Your Museum
Remember When?
Future Programs
Around The Town
Around Washtenaw
Beyond Washtenaw
Beyond Michigan
Cooking A Husband
Old Fourth Ward Calendar For Sale
New Brochure In the Works
Webmaster Wanted
Open Houses For The Holidays

February 2003

Your Museum
The Mysteries of The Washtenaw County System, Unraveled | The Hon. Julie Creal Goodridge
New Exhibit Opened February 1
Future Programs
Around the Town
Around Washtenaw
Beyond Washtenaw
News You Can Use
Way Back When
University Doings
Website Work
Boulder On Michigan Avenue (US-12)

March 2003

Pittsfield and Northfield Townships Show Their Stuff
The Ryder Brothers “…We Will Stand Our Chance.” | Pam Newhouse
Future Programs
Around The Town
Around The County
Beyond Washtenaw
Your Museum
What Is It???
News You Can Use
Pittsfield And Northfield Townships…
University Doings

April 2003

Your Museum
The Michigan Firehouse Museum | Marcia McCrary
New Gardners In The Garden
The Impressions And Our Membership | Pauline Walters, President
News You Can Use
Around The Town
Historic District Commission Holds Retreat
Around The County
Remember When
Beyond Washtenaw
Annual Meeting
Union Cake

May 2003

Your Museum And Society
The Historic Old Fourth Ward And St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Around The Town
News You Can Use
Around Washtenaw
Beyond Washtenaw
Remember When

September 2003

Your Museum And Society
Consortium Has Many Successes
Program Schedule 2003-2004
Around The Town
Thank You
Around The County
Success At Art Fair
Beyond Washtenaw
Annual Meeting
Remember When?
Christmas Already
Sad News

October 2003

Russell Bidlack Dead at 83
Surprises In Preservation | Lorri Sipes AIA, Smith Group
Your Museum And Society
The Parker Hatchery Explained
News You Can Use
Next Program
Around The Town | Susan Wineberg
Around The County | Susan Wineberg
Beyond Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
Program Schedule 2003-2004
Remember When?
Support For The Impressions

November 2003

Your Museum
True Crimes And The History Of The Ann Arbor Police Department | Sergeant Michael Logghe
The Tragedy of Dr. Jay H. Herrick | Louis Wm. Doll
Around The Town | Susan Wineberg
Around The County | Susan Wineberg
Beyond Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
What Is It???
Program Schedule 2003-2004
News You Can Use | Susan Wineberg
Wish List | Pauline Walters, President
Remember When?
Support For The Impressions
Support Wanted For Impressions

February 2004

Your Museum
Tread Lightly On The Past: The Lower Town Historic District Proposal | Sabra Briere
Program Schedule 2004
News You Can Use | Susan Wineberg
Around The Campus | Susan Wineberg
Around The Town | Susan Wineberg
Around The County | Susan Wineberg
Beyond Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
Support For The Impressions
Remember When?
Next Program

March 2004

Your Museum
Ypsilanti’s Historic Buildings | Barry Larue
Volunteers Urgently Needed
Program Schedule 2004
New Exhibit Is Open
Around The Town | Susan Wineberg
Around The County | Susan Wineberg
Beyond Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
News You Can Use | Susan Wineberg
Next Program
Remember When?

April 2004

Your Museum
Annual Meeting
Saline From Early Settlement Through The 20th Century | Susan Kosky
Wander Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
Program Schedule 2004
Around The Town | Susan Wineberg
Around The University | Susan Wineberg
Around The County | Susan Wineberg
Beyond Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
News You Can Use | Susan Wineberg
Volunteers Still Needed
Remember When?

May 2004

Your Museum | Susan Wineberg
The Downtown Ann Arbor Street Exhibit Program: A Unique Look At Ann Arbor’s Cultural Heritage Through Transparent Frame And Wall Images | Raymond Detter, Louisa Pieper and Grace Shackman
Bidlack Memorial Service Set
Farwell | Susan Wineberg
News You Can use | Susan Wineberg
Around The Town | Susan Wineberg
Around The County | Susan Wineberg
Beyond Washtenaw | Susan Wineberg
Remember When?

September-October 2004

A Summer Summary | Judith Chrisman
The University Of Michigan: Where Do We Go From Here? | Susan Gott
A Piece Of The Past | Judy Chrisman
Program Schedule 2004-2005
Current Exhibit: The Last Battle | Alice Cerniglia
Volunteer Opportunities
Mission Statement

November 2004

A Piece Of The Past | Amy Rosenberg and Judy Chrisman
A Sad Loss | Judith Chrisman
Web Site A Work In Progress
The University Of Michigan: The History Of Gordon Hall | Gilbert Campbell
Historical Holiday Gift Suggestions
Speaking Of Washtenaw County Consortium
Holiday Exhibit Tables & Chairs | Alice Cerniglia
Volunteer Opportunities
Mission Statement

February 2005

History of Front Door Revealed | Edward Rice M.S., Historical Preservation, EMU
Salute to Board Member Peggy Haines | Patricia F. Smith, J.D.
Artrain USA – Debra Polich
o Sharing The World’s Greatest Artists
o Important Dates
o Railcar History
o ARTX101 Baggage Dormitory
o ARTX 102 & 103 – Twin Cars
o Artrain USA’s Exhibitions
o Artrain USA People
o Artrain USA Builds Communities
o Artrain USA Is A Catalyst
o A Week In The Life Of Artrain USA
Artrain USA: America’s Hometown Museum
Conservation of Tools | Amy Rosenberg, A Piece of the Past
President’s Letter | Judy Chrisman
Michigan Territory Washtenaw County | Alice Cerniglia, Next Exhibit
We Are Grateful For Volunteers
Program Schedule 2005
What Is It?
HOLIDAY EXHIBIT A Taste Of The Seasons
Volunteer Opportunities
WCHS Bylaw Change
Mission Statement

March 2005

Michigan Territory Washtenaw County 1805-1836, Alice Cerniglia
Future Goals for Museum | Judy Chrisman, President’s Letter
Michigan Theater Preserving Tradition of Excellence
Program Schedule 2005
Conservation Of A Saddlebag | Amy Rosenberg
Volunteer Opportunities
Old Reliable
Historical Gift Suggestions
Cobblestone Farm Is Open!
Not Fit To Print
Future Goals For Museum | Judy Chrisman, President’s Letter (cont. from pg. 7)
Mission Statement

April 2005

Annual Meeting and Potluck Supper
Tour Of The Bentley Historical Library’s New Addition | Sunday, March 20, 2005
Can You Help?
Slate of 2005/2006 WCHS Board Candidates
President’s Corner | Judith Chrisman
Conservation Of An Immigrant’s Sack | Amy Rosenberg
From The Mouths of Babes –
Mission Statement

May 2005

Conservation Of Medical Instruments | Amy Rosenberg
Lost Ann Arbor | Susan Cee Wineberg, 2005
o Life Revolves Around the Courthouse
o The University of Michigan
o The Transformation of Huron Street
Gordon Hall Update
President’s Letter | Judy Chrisman
Celebrate Michigan Log Cab Day | Sunday, June 26, 2005
Huron River Day 2005
Celebrate Key Anniversaries
Women’s Work & Style 1837-1914 | Alice Cerniglia
Upcoming Events
Mission Statement

September 2005

Annual Meeting & Potluck
Women’s Work & Style In Washtenaw County From 1837-1914 | Susan Nenadic, June 19, 2005
Future Annual Meeting & Potluck
Summer at MoMS | Judith Chrisman, President’s Letter
In Memoriam
Next Exhibit
Conservation Of A 19th Century Nightgown
Program Schedule 2005-2006
Volunteer Opportunities
Wander Washtenaw | Saturday, September 24, 2005
Mission Statement

October 2005

Our Collection Grows… | Judith Chrisman, President’s Letter
President’s House Through The Back Door
The Sewing Arts | Alice Cerniglia
Historical Gift Suggestions
Program Schedule 1005-2006
Mission Statement

November 2005

New Director and Donations! | Judith Chrisman, President’s Letter
Can You Help?
Trains And Trolleys Of Ann Arbor | Laura Bien; H.Mark Hildebrandt, Speaker
o A Teen Salvages the Past
o The Early Days
o The Interurbans
o Dangerous Transportation
o End of The Interurbans
The Sewing Arts | Alice Cerniglia, WCHS Museum On Main Street October 26, 2005 –January 18, 2006
In Memoriam
A Glimpse Of A Winter Of Yesteryear
Membership For 2006
Volunteer Opportunities
Historical Gift Suggestions
Program Schedule 2005-2006
Mission Statement

February 2006

The Year-End Brings Many New Donations! | Judith Chrisman, President’s Letter
“Campus Trails And Trials Of Fifty Years Ago” | Arthur Pound, Excerpt From 1953 Impressions
The Earhart Manor | Laura Bien; David Kennedy, speaker
About The East Delhi Bridge | Alice Cerniglia
“Campus Trails And Trials Of Fifty Years Ago” | continued from page 1.
Program Schedule 2005-2006
Mission Statement

March 2006

Antiques Appraisal Fundraiser Approaching Fast! | Judith Chrisman, President’s Letter
Cobblestone Structures Of Washtenaw County | Laura Bien; Grace Shackman and Patricia Mahjer, speaker
Mark Your Calendar
19th Century Cobblestone Buildings In Washtenaw County
Humorous Tidbits Gleaned from Chapman’s 1881 “History of Washtenaw County”
19th-Century Coursed Cobblestone Buildings In Michigan
Program Schedule 2006
Mission Statement

April 2006

President’s Letter | Judith Chrisman
WCHS Annual Meeting
“Names On The Land” | Laura Bien; A Talk by Jeff Mortimer
Annual Meeting & Election | Sunday, May 21, 2006
Upcoming Historical Events
Do You Have Some Time To Spare? Some Talent To Share?
Family Tree – Suitable for Framing
Program Schedule 2006
Mission Statement

May-Sep 2006

Judy’s Letter | Judith Chrisman
WCHS Meeting
History Of WCHS & GSWC | April Talk, Judith Christmas and Marcia McCrary
Coming Exhibition
May Annual Meeting And Potluck Supper
Looking For Holiday Lights
In Memoriam
The Flapper Era And Modern Times: 1920s Washtenaw County | Lisa Klionsky, Current Exhibit through September 10, 2006
Donations For The Garden
Wander Washtenaw Passport To History
Join Us At Our Sunday Programs
Upcoming Exhibitions
Mission Statement

October 2006

A Message from Our President | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Looking For Holiday Lights
The David R. Byrd Center | September Talk
Announcement of Events
Home Again
100 Years of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan | Current Exhibit, September 27 – November 15, 2006
New Facilities
In Memorium
Do You Have Time to Spare? Some Talent to Share?
Historical Gift Suggestions
Join Us at Our Sunday Programs
Mission Statement

November 2006

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Sesquicentennial Plans
Germans That Came to Washtenaw in the 1800s | Grace Shackman
Around The County Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events (cont.)
Lights, Ornaments and Trees | December 2, 2006 to January 17, 2007
Join Us at Our Sunday Programs
Mission Statement

February 2007

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Future Exhibitions
Newletter Corrections
Ann Arbor Early History | Louisa Pieper
Coming Exhibition: One-Room School Houses of Washtenaw County
New Books in Our Museum Shop
Sesquicentennial Plans
Around the County: Upcoming Events
Historical Gift Suggestions
Join Us at Our Sunday Programs
Mission Statement

March 2007

1857 is Coming! | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Ann Arbor High School Band will Celebrate Centennial in 2014
One-Room Schoolhouses | Linda Chapman
Historical Gift Suggestions
Around the County: Upcoming Events
One-Room Schoolhouse of Washtenaw County Current Exhibit
Join Us at Our Sunday Programs
Mission Statement

April 2007

Alice Ziegler’s Legacy | President’s Letter Richard L. Galant, PhD
In-Kind Donations
Carnegie Libraries: Then and Now | Constance and Charles Olson, Jr.
One-Room Schoolhouse Open House
Exhibit at mallets Greek Library
Upcoming Events
Only an Eighth Grade Education
Annual Meeting
Mission Statement

May 2007

Special Recognition | President’s Letter Richard L. Galant, PhD
Seeking Newsletter Person
Restoration of Dixboro United Methodist Church
Sesquicentennial Exhibit
The Gardens at 500 N. Main | Sue Kosky
Around the County: Summertime Events
Digging the Museum Flagpole Hole and Hanging the 2’x10’ Banners | Photos Pauline Walters
Join Us in Celebration
Mission Statement

September 2007

Events Mark WCHS 150th Anniversary | President’s Letter Richard L. Galant, PhD
Holiday Memories | Alice Cerniglia Museum Director
New Board Members, WCHS
Join us at Our Sunday Programs
Volunteer Opportunities
Editor’s Note
Annual Meeting and Potluck Supper
Upcoming Events September 2007
Saline Area Historical Society Update
Sunday Programs
Mission Statement

October 2007

Programs Throughout the Year | President’s Letter Richard L. Galant, PhD
Ann Arbor Cooks Exhibit Open House
Another Ann Arbor | Carol Gibson, Lola M. Jones
Upcoming Events October 2007
Beyond Washtenaw
What Does Your Mailing Label Tell You?
Thanksgiving | Alice Cerniglia Museum Director
One-Room School Holiday Program at Weber Blaess | Saline, Michigan
Museum on Main Street Gift Shop: Your Holiday Shopping Place for Unique Gifts
Program Schedule 2007-08
Mission Statement

November 2007

Winter Holidays Exhibit | President’s Letter Richard L. Galant, PhD
Unbuilt Michigan | Fred Mayer
Editor’s Note | Patti Smith
The Museum Shop at the Museum on Main Street
Sugar Plum Fairy to Visit Kempt House Museum
Kempf House Museum
In Memoriam: Shaw Livermore
The History of Hanukkah | Alice Cerniglia
Upcoming Events
Saline, Michigan: One-Room School Holiday Program at Weber Blaess
Holiday Memories Washtenaw County
Program Schedule 2007-08
Mission Statement

February 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Wystan Stevens’ Tombstone Tour | Wystan Stevens
Leap Year Traditions | Alice Cerniglia
Volunteer Opportunities
Valentine’s Day in Washtenaw County | Alice Cerniglia
Around the Town
Program Schedule 2008
Mission Statement

March 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Ann Arbor Guide to Architecture | transcribed by Patti Smith, with assistance from Anita Toews
Lloyd, I Hardly Knew Ye | Dale Leslie
Kempf House Museum
Tecumseh Area Historical Museum
Kempf House Museum Noon Lecture Series Spring 2008
Volunteer Opportunities Wanted
Program Schedule 2008
Mission Statement

April 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
WCHS Website | Jan E. Tripp
Mystery of the Red Dot
Working Out: The Employment of Women in Washtenaw County: 1823-1914 | Susan Nenadic
The Kitchen 1830-1950. On exhibit at the MOMS from March 15-May 18, 2008 | Alice Cerniglia Museum Director
Kempf House Museum
Simon’s Spot in Ann Arbor’s Backbone | Dale R. Leslie
The Sutton Schoolhouse
Upcoming Events
Fundraising for the Impressions
Mission Statement

May 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
The Light Stations on St. Helena Island Heritage Worth Preserving | Dick Moehl and David Ferguson
Our Thanks to Donors
2008 Calendar of Events
Kempf House Museum
Saline Area Historical Society
Mission Statement

September 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Come and experience a story…
June 2007 – May 2008 Resolutions
Thank You!
The Summer Exhibition: Tying the Knot – Weddings
The Ann Arbor YMCA from 1858 to 2008: Serving the Ann Arbor Community for 150 Years
Upcoming Events
Mystery Donation
Work Opportunity
Antique Novy Family Carriage Donated
Help Tell the Story!
Make Note – Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

October 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
The Ann Arbor YMCA from 1858 to 2008: Serving the Ann Arbor Community for 150 Years
Thank You!
In Memoriam
Mystery Items Revealed
Upcoming Events
Make Note – Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

November 2008

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Winter Exhibition
The Fox Gravel Pit: Ancient Botany & Geology | John Russell
Upcoming Events
Kempf House Museum
Dexter Area Museum
Saline Area historical Society
Thank You!
1999 Grand Opening Picture
From an Ann Arbor News Article Dated 1968 “RememberWhen?”
Make Note – Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

February 2009

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
The University of Michigan Medical School 158 Years and Counting | David A. Bloom, M.D.
Eliza Mosher Leaves Mark at U of M
What is Homeopathy?
19th Century Leaders in Bacteriology
Thank You!
From Letters in the Ziegler Papers Way Back When WCHS Continues Search for a Home | Susan Wineberg
Record Numbers Attend Holiday Exhibit | Judy Chrisman
Upcoming Events
Make Note – Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

March 2009

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
Exploring the Archaeology of Wall Street and Lower Town | Professor Henry T. Wright
WCHS Wish List
Exhibit Chronicles Washtenaw County Immigration
Membership News | Pauline V. Walters
Thank You!
Way Back When | Susan Wineberg
Upcoming Events
Make Note – Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

April 2009

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
How We Traveled | Kathleen Dow, Head of Archival Processing and Cataloguing, and Curator of the Transportation History Collection
Museum Shop Books For Sale
Way Back When Pontiac House Dated by Dendrochonology | Susan Wineberg
Georgina Sanz’s Story
Upcoming Events
Make Note – Dates to Remember
Thank You!
Mission Statement

May 2009

President’s Letter | Richard L. Galant, PhD
WCHS Annual Meeting to be Held in Milan
Michigan and Ohio: Birth of a Rivalry | Don Faber
We Have Winners! | Susan Nenadic
Report of the Nominating Committee | Jay Snyder and Cynthia Yao
Membership | Pauline Walters
Thank You!
U of M Students Experience History of MoMS
Volunteer Opportunities Available at the Museum on Main Street
Upcoming Events
Addendum to the 2008 Annual Report: Endowment
Mission Statement

September 2009

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
Murder, Mayhem & Mischief Come to Town
Front Yard News
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Volunteer with us: Contribute Your Time
Washtenaw Stories Art Fair Celebrates 50 Years
Off the Shelf Not Just Another River Town
New Consortium Brochure in the Works
And They Are Still Coming!
Learned at the Exhibition
Make Note Fall Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

October 2009

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
MoMS Hosts Exhibit Open House
“Whad’Ya Know?”
Applause!! Applause!!
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Front Yard News In the Garden
A Cold Case Relived at WCHS Lecture
Large Paper Cutter Needed
Courthouse Comments in Perspective
Crime by the Numbers
From the Current Exhibit It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Way Back When From the Ziegler Files | Susan Wineberg
From Our Collections New Additions to Society Collections
Upcoming Events
Kemph House Museum
Off the Shelf All About Webster Township
WCHS News | Pauline Walters
Make Note Fall Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

November 2009

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
Still Time to Explore 19th Century Crimes
WCHS Welcomes New Docent
Here’s the Answer
Holiday Exhibit to Return to MoMS
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Ann Arbor’s Main Street Earns Recognition
World War II Nurse Shares Her Story
Off the Shelf Rentschler Family Cookbook Makes Great Gift
Murder, Mayhem and Mischief Crime Stories: More Than a Circus
Did’Ja Know?
Way Back When: When Speeding Could Cost You a Buck
Upcoming Events
Saline Area Historical Society
Make Note
Mission Statement

February 2010

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
New Exhibit Debuts at MoMS
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Volunteers Needed for Scanning
New Storm Windows are Up!!!
Enjoying the Holidays at MoMS
Way Back When From the Ziegler Files: A Mini Museum at Lurie Terrace?
Membership 2010
Browsing: A Sampling of Books for Sale in the Museum Gift Shop
Riding the Rails on the A2RR
Upcoming Events
o Kempf House Museum
o Saline Area Historical Society
o Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County
o Cobblestone Farm Association
Make note Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

March 2010

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
If Buildings Could Talk
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
MoMS Attendance Triples
New Hours at MoMS
‘Thanks for the Memories’
Membership Report
Way Back When: Celebrating Women’s History Month Circa 1901
WCHS Welcomes New Board Members
Preservation Network to Hold Meeting in Ann Arbor
Back Stories of Local Architecture
Make Note Dates to Remember
Wedding Bells at MoMS
Mission Statement

April 2010

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
Take a Stroll Through History
Use it or Lose it: Historic Preservation in Washtenaw County
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Spring Arrives at MoMS
House Restoration Reveals Local History
Off the Shelf Good Reading: ‘Down by the Depot in Ypsilanti’
Way Back When: Houses of Steel
People of Northfield Township Continue to Care For St. Pat’s
1526 Pontiac Trail Photo Album
Upcoming Events
o Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County
o Kempfh House Museum
Slate Nominated for 2010-11
Mission Statement

May 2010

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
Great Day for a Walk
Annual Meeting Report
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
In Our Garden
Our Newest Acquisition
Off the Shelf Michigan Man Makes Good
Crossing Lake Michigan by Train
Check Out the Historical Washtenaw Area Attractions Brochure
Mission Statement

September 2010

Museum on Main Street What’s Inside
Displayed Quilts Preserve County History
Chelsea on Display
Washtenaw County Historical Society Leadership
President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Help Solve This Mystery!
Endangered Buildings Need Help
T-Shirt Quilters Wanted
Upcoming Area Events
o Sale Area Historical Society
o Kempf House Museum
o Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County
Make Note Dates to Remember
Mission Statement

October 2010

Who Built My House?
What’s Inside
The Spotlight’s on Chelsea!
The President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
October Updates
“Sharing the Recipe that is Chelsea”
That’s My House! | Brian Williams, Associate Archivist Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan
Cornice Returns Help Identify a Pease House: Three Pease Houses in a Row!
A Step Back in Time A Free Walking Tour of Historic Ann Arbor
New Books in the Museum on Main Street Gift Shop
Electric Trolleys of Washtenaw County
October Events
Women’s Suffrage
Save these 2011 dates!
Upcoming WCHS Programs

November 2010

The View from The Big House
What’s Inside
The President’s Letter: The View from Our House | Leslie Loomans
November Updates
53 Years Ago: Memories of Fielding H. Yost November 1957
The Little Brown Jug College Football’s Oldest Trophy
Give the Gift of History!
Washtenaw County Historical Consortium November-December Events
WCHS Monthly Program: November
Mark Your Calendars For
Have you seen this button?
Exhibit Wish List
Electric Trolleys of Washtenaw County
Save these 2011 dates!
Upcoming WCHS Programs

February 2011

When Women Won the Vote
What’s Inside
The President’s Letter: Area History Overlaps Counties
“What’s It?”
What Did Washtenaw County Vote Against Suffrage, not once but twice?
What your mailing label can tell you about your membership status: 20xx/Member 20xx
Renew Your Membership!
Liberty Awakes!
Seven Local Leaders Suffragists who Made a Difference
Thank You
Exhibit Sponsors
February Program: Electric Trolleys of Washtenaw County
In Memoriam of WCHS Members
February-March 2011 Events
Michigan History Day – Saturday, March 19 | Jan E. Tripp
You are Invited to February’s Program
Save these dates WCHS Programs February-April, 2011
Citizens of Washtenaw County… We Need Your Civil War Items!

March 2011

Electric Trolleys in Washtenaw County
What’s Inside
Behind the Lines: The Civil War – Michigan & Washtenaw County
The President’s Letter: Focus on WCHS Board Members | Leslie Loomans
Anne Ella Carroll: A Military Genius | Susan Nenadic, WCHS Board member and retired teacher
How to Research, Write and Publish a Book
Mary Vogel’s Black Silk Wedding Dress, June 1885
March-April 2011 Events
Save these dates WCHS Programs March-April, 2011
Michigan and Washtenaw County Life in the Civil War

April 2011

Get a Closer Look… Behind the Lines
In This Issue
How to Successfully Research, Write and Publish a Historical Book
The President’s Letter: Rally Round the Flag on Main Street | Leslie Loomans
Lauren Cook: Women Who Served in the Civil War | Susan Nenadic, WCHS Board member and retired teacher
The Garden on Main Street is Blooming!
Michigan and Washtenaw County Families in the Civil War
May-June Events Visit Your Community Museum
You are Invited to the Annual Meeting
Slate Nominated for 2011-2012
WCHS Members: Thank You!
Membership Benefits

May 2011

There is a lot Happening this Summer at the Corners of Main & Kingsley & Beakes!
In This Issue
WCHS 2011 Board Election Results
The President’s Letter: Washtenaw County Summer Quest | Leslie Loomans
Help Fence Us In!
Michigan in the Civil War with Tom Collier
Do YOU Have Civil War Family Artifacts?
“A Step Back in Time”
Garden Volunteer Needed!
Enjoy History and Summer at Washtenaw County Parks!
Memorial Day 2011 was Special at MoMS
Celebrate the 4th of July Weekend at the Museum on Main Street

September 2011

WCHS Fall Educational Programs Start Sunday September 18
Mark Your Calendars
The Museum Fence has been Restored
Your Membership Does Make a Difference
In This Issue
The President’s Letter: Preparing for Autumn on Main Street
Thank you to our fence donors for being a Friend of History
Where Notable poets and authors lived the quiet life in Ann Arbor Memories and musings | Dale R. Leslie
154 Years of Keeping Local History
There are lots of ways you can help the WCHS continue to grow and serve the community
“A Step Back in Time”
Impressions by Email
Summer at the Museum on Main Street
Civil War Exhibit ends October 23
MoMS Needs Help with the Garden
The Gift Shop welcomes our New Coordinator
September 2011 – Programs & Events Around the County
Visit the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum
Fallen Women & Female Felons
October Book Talk

October 2011

Fallen Women and Female Felons | Susan Nenadic
Holiday Exhibit Opens Saturday November 26
In This Issue
The President’s Letter – October 2011
“Christmas – Past to Present” Opens Saturday November 26. Bring the Family!
Membership Matters
Impressions by Email
Meet WCHS Volunteer: Adriana Maynard
Fall is a Great Time for Washtenaw County’s Award-Winning Heritage Driving Tours!
Civil War Exhibit Closes this Month
Planning to Make a Difference
October 2011 – Programs & Events Around the County
Museum Gift Shop Sale!
Book Talk & Signing
Friends of History & Fascinating Books – Meet at The Museum on Main Street!
Local History Books Make Great Gifts for Family Members, New Neighbors and Good Friends
Book Order Form
Webster Township

November 2011

Margaret Leary Brings the Story of William W. Cook to Life
In This Issue
The President’s Letter – November 2011 | Leslie Loomans
Membership Drive – Each One, Reach One!
Cook’s Buildings
Comments from Visitors to the Civil War Exhibit
Share Your Christmas Memories and Pictures
Impressions by Email
What’s on your mind?
Art Show Invitation
John Geddes
November-December 2011 – Programs & Events Around the County
Christmas Past to Present
Culinary Chat in Chelsea

February 2012

Bad Habits: Drinks, Drags, and Drugs in Washtenaw County History | Diana Mankowski
In This Issue
The President’s Letter – Achieving a Vision | Les Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
New Class on Local Architecture Starts this March at WCC
2012 WCHS Programs Begin
Special thank you to Exhibit Contributors, Students and Vendors
Renew Your membership, Join the WCHS or Shop Online!
A Conversation in Chelsea About Cooking Ephemera | Beverly Willis
WCHS Endowment Fund News
WCHS Program – March 18
Impressions by Email
What’s on your mind?
We Remember Past Friends
History Programs & Events Around the County
The Washtenaw County Historical Society – 2012 Programs
The Underground Railroad in Michigan
Wicked Washtenaw County

March 2012

Exploring Washtenaw County History | Beverly Willis
In This Issue
The President’s Letter | Les Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
Upcoming Exhibit at The Museum on Main Street – Opens May 27
Renew Your membership, Join the WCHS or Shop Online!
Mark Your Mark on our Online Map, or on the Exhibit Memory Wall
Michigan’s Role in the Underground Railroad | Beverly Willis
Impressions… Hard Copy or Email?
Watchman of the Tracks
History Programs & Events Around the County
The Washtenaw County Historical Society – 2012 Programs
Bad Habits: Drinks, Drags, and Drugs in Washtenaw County History
WCHS Members are invited to the Annual Meeting

April 2012

The Baldwin Hill House in North Burns Park | Ellen Ramsburgh
In This Issue
The President’s Letter | Les Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
WCHS Educational Program Report
The Baldwin Family on Hill Street | James Baldwin Parker
Historical Homes The Baldwin Hill House
Local Recollections Dale R. Leslie Watchman of the Tracks
2012 WCHS Memberships:
Programs Events Exhibits
Around the County
New Exhibit Opens this Summer at the Museum on Main Street

May 2012

Early Residents Built a Lasting Foundation | Ellamary Sheridan Kane
In This Issue
The President’s Letter | Leslie Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
Hooked: Addiction, Culture Society
o Drug Exhibitionism: Alcohol and Drug History in a Local Museum | Michelle McClellan
The Life of John Lucas through the eyes of Ellamary Sheridan Kane
2012 WCHS Annual Meeting
Programs Events Exhibits
Around the County
Check out our new exhibit at the Museum on Main Street: Streets, Roads and Stories in Washtenaw County

September 2012

New Exhibit coming to the Museum on Main Street
Message from the President | Leslie Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
New Exhibition Track System
The Flag is Flying Once Again
2012-2013 Program Dates
Artifacts & Collections
Twenty years … Two Brothers and their Letters | Pauline Walters
Geddesburg & Parker Mill
The Mill is Open for Public Tours on Weekends in the Fall
Summer Exhibit: What’s in a Name? Streets, Roads & Stories of Washtenaw County
Do You Enjoy Working in a Garden? MoMS Needs You!
Your Invitation to Historical Activities Around the County
New Exhibit This Fall!
WCHS October Exhibit & Program

October 2012

Rest in Peace The Washtenaw Way of Death
Message from the President | Leslie Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
Then & Now Dr. Chase’s Steam Printing House, 1864-1868
You Have a Positive Impact
Annual Renewal for 2013
Certificates Offered
2012-2013 Program Dates
WCHS Educational Program Notes | Mike Mitchell
Do you enjoy public speaking with a focus on history?
Mystery Pictures From Ann Arbor
Local History Digital Resources Available Online at AADL.org
Help preserve our past for future generations
High Steppers: The story behind the picture
Good Books Make Great Gifts!
Browse and shop on-line at www.WashtenawHistory.org
Your Guide to Historical Attractions Around the County
WCHS November Program Exhibit Talk

November 2012

The Heart & Soul of the WCHS
WCHS Program Notes Detroit Music Before Motown
Membership Renewal Time
Message from the President | Leslie Loomans
Washtenaw County Historical Society
Then & Now – Kerrytown and Two Local Mayors
The Garden is Ready for Winter
The New Museum Bike Rack
WCHS October Program Notes: Detroit Music Before Motown | Diana Mankowski
This was a joint program with the Annual meeting of the Friends of the Bentley Library
Washtenaw County History from A to Z at www.WashtenawHistory.org
“Where did you go on your first date?”
2012 Sunday Afternoon Educational Programs
WCHS Mystery Photo on Facebook

February 2013

When Spring Blooms on Main Street
What’s Your Story?
Making History Fun for Families
WCHS Membership Coordinator Opportunity
Message from the President | Les Loomans
Historical Photos Tell a Community Story; State Street Past to Present | Judy Chrisman
The View from “Buttercup Hill” | John Kilar
Reader Feedback
Remembrance - Through Music and Imagery | Diana Mankowski
Explore Local History Online
Mystery Object Identified!
MoMS current exhibit has been well attended
If This House Could Talk... | Susan Wineberg
Step Back in Time; A Walking Tour of Historic Ann Arbor
Winter 2013 – WCHS Educational Programs
o Unforgettable Dinnerware
o Book Talke & Signing with Karen Simpson

March 2013

2012 WCHS Annual Report; Highlights our Society’s Vision
Spring Exhibit Opens April 14
Garden Volunteers
Message from the President | Les Loomans
How you can support the work and mission of the Washtenaw County Historical Society
The Dinnerware Museum; Educational Program Report | Diana Mankowski
An Inquisitive Mind is a Powerful Tool; An Interview with University of Michigan Alumnus Dr. Richard English | Quinn Kane
Explore Local History Online at www.WashtenawHistory.org
"Rural Barns" and "A Farm"
Girl in a Feed Sack Dress"
Marriage and Divorce in the 19th Century
Recent Acquisitions: Building on the Clements Collections
The Allmendinger Organ Company
Courtship & Dating Changes Over Time | Susan Nenadic
Act of Grace; Book Talk & Signing | Karen Simpson

April-May 2013

Courting, Dating & Playing: Social Recreation in Washtenaw County Since 1830
Message from the President | Les Loomans
Conservation Work at WCHS: Repairing the Past For Today’s, and Tomorrow’s Visitors | Molly Baumkel
An Act of Grace - Revisited; Educational Program Report | Diana Mankowski
The Allmendinger Piano and Organ Company: An American Success Story | Susan Wineberg
Explore Local History Online at www.WashtenawHistory.org
An Insightful and Historical Perspective Offers a New Look at Local Architecture | Grace Shackman
Stop and Check Out the Blinking Railroad Lights in Saline
The Origins of The Dinnerware Museum; There’s an Ann Arbor Connection that’s more than 100 years old | Margaret Carney
Annual Meeting Picnic!

June 2013

Congratulations to the Preservationist of the Year!; Pauline Walters
2013 Historic District Commission Awards
Message from the President | Les Loomans
You are invited to a Birthday Party, Saturday July 20
Summer Hike & Tours at Parker Mill
Huron River Day at Gallup Park, Sunday July 14
We will miss Tom Dodd
Middle Street Business in Chelsea, 1900 [photograph]
Do You Remember Drake’s Sandwich Shop?
The Garden on Main Street at the corner where E. Kingsley meets Beakes Street
It was a Picnic in the Park | Diana Mankowski
What’s New at the WCHS Gift Shop
Thank You for Your Feedback
Have a Great Summer

September 2013

The Legacy of Michigan Football; Collection of a Superfan
WCHS Fall Educational Programs Start Sunday September 22
Message from the President | Les Loomans
Argus Cameras: Pioneers in American Photography
Museum Bike Rack lined with Historic Bricks
Geddes Family Letters: Between the Brothers
You Can Help Endow the Future of Local History in Washtenaw County
Quarterly Impressions: A New Look in 2014
Summer Exhibit was Fun: Courting, Dating & Playing
Michigan Football History Online
October at the Kempf House Museum
Heisman Trophy Winner Tom Harmon | Megan Boczar and Alicia Juillet
Reader Feedback
Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in the nation [photograph]
WCHS Collections: where your historical artifacts are treasured, preserved and shared with purpose
Recently Donated Items
WCHS Collection List is Available Online
WCHS Fall 2013 Educational Programs & Exhibits

October 2013

Washtenaw’s First Families
Argus Cameras: Pioneers in American Photography
Message from the President | Les Loomans
What a Washtenaw County home like ours might have used for heat in 1892 [image]
Balancing the Budget
Why Join the Washtenaw County Historical Society?
2014 Memberships
Fall County Event Information is at Your Fingertips
A 114 Year Road Trip - Ann Arbor to Texas
Get an Up Close Look at Coffin’s Hudsons in Ypsilanti’s Automotive Museum
On this day in history – November 11, 1918
The History of Michigan Football; September Program Notes | Diana Mankowski
Fall 2013 Educational Programs & Exhibits
The Legacy of Michigan Football!; You are Invited to the Current Exhibit at the Museum on Main Street

December 2013

Three Courses of a Delicious Dinnerware Feast on Main Street
Save the Date for the WCHS 2014 Educational Programs
Message from the President | Les Loomans
Thank You from the Museum on Main Street
Students Have the Opportunity for a Hands-on History Lesson
What is It? Stop by and see if you can figure it out!
Museum Visitors Loved the UM Football Exhibit
Argus Cameras: A Snapshot of Local Success
Wrap Yourself in the History of Washtenaw County this Winter!
“Three Courses” is Open Now Through Mother’s Day 2014
Guess Who Invented the Automatic Dishwasher?
Ghost Hunting: The Difficulties one Encounters when Researching Nineteenth Century Women | Susan L. Nenadic
The Dinnerware Museum has “Popped Up” at the Museum on Main Street!
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