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 Washtenaw County Historical Society 150 Year Exhibit
WCHS 150th Anniversary Exhibit

A special exhibit to celebrate the Society's 150th anniversary. The exhibit portrays the history of Washtenaw County using artifacts collected by the Society over the last 150 years. Some of the topics telling the story are: Indians, early settlement and land speculation, agriculture, ethnic groups, and their influence, the County at war, politics, transportation, universities and business.

In addition, an exhibit area tells the history of the Society from the first meeting on December 17, 1857 to the present. The house and its original owners are also featured.

Hours Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 12 - 4 PM and by appointment. Exhibit runs through September 23, 2007.

Portrait, John Monroe, first Director of Michigan Department of Transportation.
On table rail track, frog nails and tie from Railway and Interurban.
Orange Risdon's saddle used to survey Washtenaw County.
Horse feedbag.
Early settlers of Washtenaw County.
In cases, Ann Allen's fan and family Bible.
Collection of early gunpowder flasks. Collection of guns, bullets, and war items from Washtenaw County . Civil War officer's uniform, drum and fife.
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Washtenaw at war. Polk campaign flag and paraphernalia. Campaign souvenir strainer. (Lincoln, Grant, Colfax)
Travel suit, hat and suitcase. Chair from the Ann Arbor Train Station. (Gandy Dancer) J-Hop silk dress, fan & shoes, UM 1915. Lois Dohle Burnett wedding dress.
WCHS transition history and photos. WCHS book store.

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photos courtesy of Alice Cerniglia & Cynthia Yao, June 2007

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